Weekly Roundup!

It’s Ben a pretty busy week as the pools are open again. However some of the restrictions have been lifted so now you can’t book a spot in the pool but have to fight for a lane that you get to share with three other people.

I’m proud of myself as 1,675m is the farthest I have been able to swim so far. Despite the smoky haze outside from wildfires that were oddly absent when people couldn’t camp.. I managed to get in one cycle but that is mostly because of Pokémon Go Fest! So I went out in the smoky outside for a quick cycle before hiding back in the house.

As usual the days where I swim, are the days when all my rings close and my watch is the happiest with me. I’m still making homemade smoothies at home with some matcha mix after I’m done. I do like all the options the store has in the frozen fruit aisle. My last bag of fruit was a watermelon and peaches mix if I remember correctly.

Stay healthy everyone!