Weekly Roundup!

It’s time for another weekly roundup! It’s been an interesting week as the mask requirements has been lifted in some places while still be required in others. I’m going to admit that I love being maskless in stores but then I’m fully vaccinated so there is less risk for me. More importantly though the pool has opened up again which means I can go swimming again!

I managed 54 laps the first two swims and 59 laps on my last swim for the week. I needed to wake up all those muscles that have been asleep since December when the pool closed due to the pandemic. I’m exhausted after my swims but they are completely worth it. There’s been some construction lately so my bike path has been ripped out, so between that and the heat there hasn’t been much cycling to be done.

You can tell the days I swim because I go way over the move and exercise goals on those days without breaking much of a sweat. After I get home, I make a matcha smoothie to replenish my energy and nutrition. I make mine with 3% milk, frozen raspberries and frozen mango with a scoop of matcha.

Staying healthy is hard work especially if you have chronic medical issues that make it even harder. So wherever you are on your health journey, I wish you all the best!