Weekly Roundup!

Well the weather has definitely been better this week, I started off with a bike ride on Monday and actually went over 50km! That’s a personal record for me by the way.

The weather continued to be pretty nice all the way around so there was extra workouts including today’s cycle of over 40km.

You can see where I needed to recover after the very long bike ride.

This is a more visual view and as you can see some days were a bit short of the goal. It’s okay, I needed to rest and I also had some business on my Facebook page that needed to be addressed. I also managed to finish recapping Psych Hunter episode 25 which means I’m getting closer to finishing the recap of the series.

I love cycling past the off leash dog park and saying hi to all the puppies that like do take a dip in the river to cool off on a hot day. I hope you are all staying healthy as we wait for vaccinations and lockdowns to be lifted.


  • Looks like you had a very good bike ride!

    • Autistic Goblin

      I did! I can’t wait to go for another one. I have to remember to take pictures though as sometimes I forget and the posts are more fun when there are nice pictures added.