Connie Manning: The Bully

Connie has come after me before. In Fact she goes after a lot of advocates, what’s sadder though is that she has a cult like following that thinks everything she does is peachy keen.

This was a post about my Autistic Goblin Facebook page it’s pretty clear who they are targeting and why. I’m not into their little mean girl cult, or the fact that they target Autistic Advocates.

Screenshot while she was blinking.

She calls us bullies, but let’s look at the evidence. After I shared a post about Connie and CalmWear this was the comment that came on my feed.

I shared truthful and easily verifiable information, but that didn’t stop her from trying to bully me. In fact her followers were every bit as bad. (Link to my first Connie Blog at the end of the blog)

Hmm.. if I were a depressed person that comment would have been really damaging. Luckily I’m mentally healthy but the mere fact that Connie supported that comment it just.. well it says a lot about a person doesn’t it?

It comes as no surprise then that she supports Next For Autism, Sia and Autism Speaks. In fact she called Autistics that stood up and advocated against it radicals.

Now anyone that’s remotely visited my little page called Autism Speaks Is Evil will understand why it’s a hate group.

And here we have Connie once again bashing those that are self diagnosed. If you think a diagnosis will stop her hate, well..

Clearly she has issues with other countries as well judging by that statement.

Now she lives in Canada, and there are very few Psychologists that can do an assessment. It’s a very strict process with confidential tests which is why I can talk about my feelings during the test but not the test itself as that’s illegal. So no it’s definitely not an online assessment.

Hmm.. But you just said that most of those self diagnosing were false, and attacked someone that was diagnosed. When you, an Advocate for an Autistic Child (not an Autism Mom as your not Autistic) have no training or authority to question someone else’s diagnosis or to even ask for it.

Connie’s comment on Fiona’s goblin post which let’s be honest was just plain mean, they just don’t like the fact that I call them out on their shit. Connie enabled her son to stalk a woman and that’s not okay. She then tried to blame the victim of her son’s harassment.. also not okay.

For the record Stalking has nothing to do with Autism or Autistic people and everything to do with someone not respecting boundaries. I told my psychologist about Connie and she was concerned for my safety. I told her that I’m the Autistic Goblin and I’m pretty good at staying safe.

I will not be silenced by bullies. This is my website, my space and if you don’t like it, leave.

Photo Credit: Emergent Divergence

Connie Manning CEO of CalmWear: Enabling Stalking

Connie Manning CEO of CalmWear

UPDATE: I’m not the person you think I am but keep it up with accusing other people of being me.

So they get to talk all kinds of shit about me, but I’m not allowed to defend myself?? Facebook you are dropping the ball.

Connie fails to realize that the place I use to do my blogging has rules for people to comment or like on a post. That’s okay I’ll post some stats for her. Since it’s clear she doesn’t know anything.

I was just threatened by Fiona O’Leary with the cops. She claims that I’m harassing her when she, used my website to get my Instagram account info and send a threatening voice message. Real mature, you also sent them to the wrong place. Please get a life and leave me alone, I have banned and blocked you both on every platform I can. I know boundaries are hard for you, but please learn some.


Also you can see where a person did post their diagnosis papers but was still bullied.

Below is a gallery of some of Connie’s bullying for the record. Also proof that she creates fake accounts and pretends to be Autistic to push her Ableist agenda. She’s pro ABA and even defends the vile Fathering Autism YouTube Channel. Which was so clearly abusive, I found it very difficult to watch a video.

The one I did watch was where they pushed the Autistic daughter past her limits, then complained when she was aggressive. I’ll admit if they did to me what they did to her I would have slapped them.