Connie Manning CEO of CalmWear: Enabling Stalking


Fine, We’ll Talk About Autism and Misogyny – worth reading.

Okay so first off did you even get consent from your Son to tell this story?? Secondly as someone that had a stalker in High School (why I keep my shit locked down tight) as even when I graduated in between 2002-2004 (vague for safety) he contacted me on a business Facebook page around 2018, again in 2019 and spammed me so much shit about wanting bikini photos and crap that Facebook marked him for spam. I couldn’t leave the house, I was terrified. The thing is that the woman, might have done what I did, break up with a guy, try to be friends, but he just won’t back off and take no for an answer.

I suspect my stalker was on the spectrum himself, but we spoke to the councillor, did mediation to get him to give me some space.. no it didn’t work. He left a million messages on my answering machine (not voicemail because cell phones were different then). He would stand outside of my classroom while class was in session. The school NEVER punished him, even though they knew he did it to other women. I never could get the others to come forward because they were too scared.

How the ever loving F U C K you thought it was okay to take him to her place of her business was just messed up. She ran and hid for heaven’s sake! I don’t blame her for calling the cops, I blame you the parent for encouraging unwanted behaviour when she made it clear she didn’t want to deal with him. She doesn’t have to deal with that shit and no person should ever have to. The shine didn’t wear off, her feelings probably changed which is normal. Connie people like you are the problem.


Included picture to prove Connie is Conversations With Chevy

And here we can see where she backtracks a bit to erase the name of woman and tries to make it sound like she was just a mean person instead of acting rational. Let’s be clear that this NOTHING to do with Autism and every bit to do with the behaviour Connie encouraged after knowing the woman cut ties with her son, by driving him to her workplace to harass her.

Connie didn’t respect the boundaries the woman put up to protect herself. Instead she violated that. It’s no surprise given how often Connie Manning bullies the Autistic community. (I have a full photo album of proof on my Facebook page of that).

Connie’s response on Facebook when someone commented about that the stalking and teaching her son boundaries to keep everyone healthy and safe.

Let’s break this down for Connie,

He showed up at her work after she cut all contact with him, in fact she ran and hid when he came into her workplace. She calls the police to say that he’s been harassing her. She unblocks him to call him a stalker (and constant harassment sounds exactly like stalker behaviour) and to tell him to get fucked.

By Connie’s own words Chevy is “stuck” on her, she really means fixated. Also in her original post she said Chevy wanted to give V a Valentines gift and was really upset when he couldnt… what are the odds that’s the real reason he was there, not to return something but to try and give her that “gift”?

It turns out that Chevy is diagnosed as ASD leave 1 that means that according to Canadian Law he requires minimal support. This also means that under the DSM4 He would have been diagnosed with Asperger’s because he can blend in and function well with NeuroTypical people.

After I made a Facebook post calling her out on the fact that her son legally doesn’t require much support she posted this.

The mere fact she has a team when most people aren’t even lucky enough to have a psychologist diagnose them.. is well disturbing. Especially because under Canadian Law Chevy can and should be advocating for himself.

I have added a useful link that was provided to me below.