Connie Manning CEO of CalmWear

This lady is just wow in not in a good way. Trigger warnings up people because the pictures of her comments on my Facebook page are just plain nasty.

Before I get into that though let’s take a look at her personally and the best way to do that is with her tweets. Meet Connie a Warrior Mom that uses the puzzle piece on her profile page. As anyone that follow me knows, this symbol has been REJECTED by the Autism Community itself and anyone advocating for people with Autism have changed to more acceptable symbols like the Autistic Self Advocacy Network’s symbol for example.

So She’s already off to bad start by offending anyone that has autism with her profile puzzle piece but that’s the least of what she’s done.

Quirky.Stimmy.Cool wrote this 2 years before CalmWear

In this photo we can clearly see that she’s advocating for people with autism to BLEND IN. Yeah that’s known as masking and it’s extremely harmful to the neuro-divergent. In fact if people remember the animated Disney film Mulan just after the matchmaker scene, she sings the song “Reflection” which is all about the struggle to blend in. The best part of the movie is when the song gets reprised at the end showing that you don’t have to hide who you are inside.

So now we have her with a symbol that inspires hate as well as advocating for masking behaviour. I’m definitely not impressed so far, but then the meme below that was actually stolen from Quirky.Stimming.Cool who posted the exact same words TWO YEARS earlier and no they didn’t give her credit for it either. They did however slap a white male screaming face behind the words though.

Now this tweet and quite a few more like it are taking aim at self diagnosed people with Autism. Getting a formal diagnosis from doctors can be extremely expensive here in Canada and depending on your circumstances it may just not even be worth it. For instance if you’re 50 years old what is a formal diagnosis going to change in your life? Other than understanding who you are which after doing the research you will have already done. A formal diagnosis is just a piece of paper much like a marriage certificate. You can be married to someone in every way that matters but if you don’t have a marriage certificate the government won’t recognize the bond.

Worst Tweet Ever

Grant me the serenity to deal with someone that claims to support people on the spectrum and yet supports the horrible representation in Sia’s movie. Just I can’t even…

Let’s move in before I throw up after that shall we? Okay honestly it doesn’t get any better from there. On my Facebook page known as Autistic Goblin I shared a post Conversations with the Chevy Chronicles

And wow I got attacked pretty quickly after that. However I saw nothing in the article that went against her very own tweets.

I did ask her to point to some facts about what in the article was so offensive and slanderous but I didn’t get any actual information or facts to back up her claim. As we’ve seen her twitter profile backs the article completely.

Then her supporter also attacked me. They fail to see how they are the ones actually bullying me someone who was formally diagnosed by Doctors. In fact the article had screenshots of Connie and what she’s said. Seriously who argues with photographic evidence??

Now the fact that she is the CEO of CalmWear is also a fact. She has a son on the Autism Spectrum is also a fact. The article I shared had a lot of facts but Connie just like Trump doesn’t see it that way. Threatening me, her friend claiming I have rich parents, this is just so wrong on so many different levels. I didn’t block their names out because if you say stuff like this you had better own it.

My parents by the way are both Canadian Armed Forces Veterans. My Dad worked with UN overseas to protect people so I take my support of the military very seriously. I’m Autistic, I’m the child of military parents and above all else I’m human and deserve to be treated like one.

UPDATED: Connie Manning likes to pretend that she’s Autistic on fake profiles to push her agenda. Thanks to investigative work by another Autistic advocate we have proof of her doing this.

Photo Credit: Quirky.Stimmy.Cool