Psych Hunter: Episode 13

We start off the episode with looking at Yi Heng’s conspiracy map. Then the camera shows us a house door opening leading to the creepy dining room where a bunch of people look on edge around the dining room table. Then the clock sounds and we see a bunch of dead bodies followed by the calendar saying it’s October 14th. A quick flash of Jiang Shuo’s memorial tablet with the date October 15th.

Roll those opening credits.

The trio arrives at the dock where Mu Qing quickly points out some giant bones. Jiang Shuo says that the bones appear to belong to the creatures they saw in the water last night. Jiang Shuo says they must all be careful as they don’t know what’s going to happen next.

Jiang Shuo also apologizes to the other two saying that it’s all his fault as Liu Zhi had originally targeted him. Now Mu Qing and Qin’er ended being dragged into it too.

Mu Qing just shakes her head while Yi Heng says that Liu Zhi is targeting all of them. Yi Heng says that Liu Zhi knows that Jiang Shuo has lost his memories, Yi Heng is guilt ridden and he even knows about Mu Qing’s torment. Yi Heng says that none of them could have been spared since the very beginning.

Yi Heng says that although they are the prey in Liu Zhi’s game that doesn’t mean that they can’t also be the hunter. Yi Heng tells Jiang Shuo not to worry, as he won’t let anything happen to him. Mu Qing also tells him not to worry as no matter what happens in the future they will face it together.

Mu Qing then sees a house in the distance and since they can’t go back, she suggests checking it out. The others agree and off they go.

They approach the creepy looking house and Jiang Shuo knocks on the door. There’s no answer so Jing Shuo pushes on the door, opening it. From the entryway we can see a familiar dining room although it doesn’t look very sinister right now.

Jiang Shuo heads towards the dining room and we can see he’s remembering it as the creepy dining room. Yi Heng wanders into the room and steps on an expired chocolate bar. Yi Heng comments that someone must have been living there a while ago. Mu Qing checks out and old record player and notes that it’s very dusty here, so it must have been abandoned for awhile.

Yi Heng calls Jiang Shuo over as he has found a large blood stain under the table. Yi Heng says that there must have been a homicide there. However he can’t figure out why there isn’t any trace of a police investigation. When Jiang Shuo doesn’t come over or respond, Yi Heng calls his name again.

Jiang Shuo is looking a bit off as he remembers that night a year ago. His memory of being in the creepy dining room and Liu Zhi’s voice saying that it all depends on this instant whether you can leave this place alive. Liu Zhi’s voice says to make a move, move quickly.

We then see flashes of dead bodies in the dining room. Jiang Shuo then runs off while Mu Qing calls out to him.

Jiang Shuo runs up the staircase and down a hallway. He gets flashes of the house as it was a year ago. Jiang Shuo continues to walk down the hallway until he reaches a door with his name on it. Jiang Shuo goes to open the door when another memory hits. This time he remembers being in the room and opening a desk drawer to leave an invitation, he also remembers marking the calendar as October 14th.

The memory sequence over, Jiang Shuo enters the room. Sure enough the calendar is left exactly the way he remembers it. Jiang Shuo walks over to the desk to open the drawer, he finds not only the invitation but a dagger as well.

Jiang Shuo picks up the dagger and runs his finger along the edge. Just then Mu Qing calls his name from the hallway. A moment later she finds him in the room still holding the dagger. She asks him why he’s holding a dagger, then tells him to put it down. When he doesn’t, Mu Qing grabs it, and sets it on the able.

Yi Heng goes to touch the dagger when the invitation catches his eye and he looks at it instead. Mu Qing asks Jiang Shuo what’s wrong but he doesn’t know, he wants to know what’s going on. Yi Heng holding the invitation says that is father received one as well. In fact it’s exactly the same, does Jiang Shuo remember anything?

Jiang Shuo admits that he remembers something but he can’t remember the specifics. Jiang Shuo doesn’t know if it’s a dream or something else. Yi Heng asks how Jiang Shuo got the invitation but Jiang Shuo says how is he supposed to know? (Amnesia can be a pain). Yi Heng tells him to think again. Jiang Shuo asks why Yi Heng is staring at him? Yi Heng insists that Jiang Shuo think again, doesn’t he know how important this is to to him?

Yi Heng asks Jiang Shuo if he really doesn’t remember anything or if he has other ideas? Jiang Shuo is angry now because what other ideas could he have? Jiang Shuo asks what’s wrong with Yi Heng since Jiang Shuo only entered this room. Yi Heng says that’s fine then he wipes the dagger with a cloth revealing blood. Yi Heng asks Jiang Shuo to tell him why there is a dagger with blood on it, in his room.

Yi Heng says that if Jiang Shuo really can’t remember anything then he had better think again, because Jiang Shuo knows how these things.. Jiang Shuo interrupts Yi Heng saying that’s enough. Jiang Shuo accuses Yi Heng of not trusting him. Jiang Shuo tells Yi Heng that he can just investigate it then. After all they both arrived on the boat together, does Yi Heng think Jiang Shuo wants to be there?

Mu Qing tells them both that’s enough. She says that they both know it’s Liu Zhi’s trap so why are they bickering? Mu Qing tells Yi Heng that they still don’t know what’s going on, there’s no point in being hasty with Jiang Shuo. Yi Heng says that he also hopes this is Liu Zhi’s trap alone, implying that Jiang Shuo is somehow in on it. Yi Heng brushes past Jiang Shuo as he leaves the room.

Jiang Shuo looks at the invitation, turning it over to see Liu Zhi’s mark.

Yi Heng wanders down the hallway and finds a room with his name on it. Yi Heng enters the room and the calendar here is also marked October 14th. Yi Heng looks around the room, he notices that a fire had previously broken out in this room.

On the desk Yi Heng finds his father’s pen. A memory of Yi Heng telling his father that the ring he gave him was too big, it should be given to his brother as he sets the ring down on the invitation. Back in the present Yi Heng puts the pen in his shirt pocket. He continues to investigate the room and finds his father’s journal.

Yi Heng flips through a few pages of the journal before realizing that his must have been his father’s room last year. He goes back to the door, inspecting the name plate, he is able to move it and sure enough his father’s name is underneath it.

Back in Jiang Shuo’s room, Mu Qing is pacing the room. Jiang Shuo says that Liu Zhi used all kinds of ways to get them to the island. What exactly is Liu Zhi’s goal? Jiang Shuo wonders if it is really to kill him? Mu Qing suggests that they go and discuss it with Yi Heng. Jiang Shuo tells her that if he was really the only survivor from back then, he wants to know what happened too.

Jiang Shuo says that whenever he looks at the dagger, he gets an ominous premonition. Jiang Shuo says that he fears that he is related to everything behind this. Mu Qing tells him to stop letting his imagination run wild. She tells him that if he feels uncomfortable here, they can head back to the boat.

They head back to the dock but the boat is gone. Mu Qing wonders where the boat has gone but Jiang Shuo says that it must be Liu Zhi as he wants to trap them all there. Mu Qing asks whaat they should do when they both hear a gunshot in the distance. Jiang Shuo grabs Mu Qing and tells her they should go check it out.

In the house, Yi Heng hears the gunshot too. He grabs his father’s journal and heads out to investigate.

As Jiang Shuo and Mu Qing run into the forest they Yi Heng approaching. Mu Qing asks him why he’s there. Yi Heng tells her that he heard a gunshot then goes silent. Mu Qing looks at Jiang Shuo but it’s clear he’s still mad at Yi Heng.

Mu Qing tugs on Jiang Shuo’s sleeve so he admits that they heard the gunshot too. Just then two men run up to the group, the man in white begs them to save him as the other man is trying to kill him. Seeing that the other man has a gun, Jiang Shuo steps in front of Mu Qing to protect her.

The other man calls the guy hiding behind Yi Heng, Takeuchi and tells him that he didn’t expect to find the man with the gun there right? Takeuchi tells the group that this man is a murderer and wants to kill him. Mu Qing recognizes the man with the gun as Ren Qiang the bank robber.

Mu Qing quickly relays this information to Jiang Shuo. Ren Qiang tells Takeuchi that he knew this day would come. Jiang Shuo quickly tells Ren Qiang to calm down and show mercy, let’s talk about it first. Jiang Shuo tries to grab the gun while he’s talking. Ren Qiang just pushes him away and aims for Takeuchi. Yi Heng gets in the way and the gun itself doesn’t fire.

Ren Qiang curses the faulty gun and tosses it to the ground. He then tries to go after Takeuchi but Yi Heng stops him. Another familiar person shows up begging Ren Qiang to show mercy. It’s Mr. Feng and he thanks them for saving his translator. Ms. Yan Hong is right behind Mr. Feng. Mu Qing asks them why they are there.

Mr. Feng is surprised to see Ms. Yuan and says that she must have received an invitation like they did. Ms. Yan Hong says that they have no idea how they ended up there. Jiang Shuo points out they must all be there because they received an invitation. Takeuchi says that it’s ridiculous then asks if there is any boat nearby.

Yi Heng says there are no boats at the moment, then asks if they have seen anyone else on the island. Takeuchi says that they haven’t seen anyone but, they did see a lot of wild beast footprints. Takeuchi suggests going somewhere safer to talk. Yi Heng says that since it’s going to get dark soon they should head back to the villa.

It’s clear that the newcomers didn’t know about the villa. Yi Heng tells them to follow him. The others quickly follow after but, Jiang Shuo grabs Mu Qing’s arm and warns her to be careful. Mu Qing tells him that she will and not to worry. They then follow the rest of the crew.

In the Villa they all sit at the dining room table. Jiang Shuo thinks to himself about how Ren Qiang wants to kill Takeuchi because of personal grudges. Takeuchi and Yan Hong are both on Feng Miao Xuan’s side. Mu Qing knows Feng Miao Xuan and Yan Hong. Qin Yi Heng is also acquainted with Feng Miao Xuan including Jiang Shuo himself.

Jiang Shuo continues to think to himself that all seven of them are more or less acquainted with each other. They also received an invitation from Liu Zhi. Just what is Liu Zhi is planning by gathering them all there?

Yi Heng begins the conversation by saying an old friend sent him an invitation and he was knocked out soon after. When he regained consciousness he was already on the island. Mr. Feng says that after they were knocked out they were on the island. They walked around and realized it was uninhabited island.

While Mr. Feng is talking, Jiang Shuo is having head issues like another memory is trying to break through. Mr. Feng continues to talk saying that they walked around some more and found this villa. Mr. Feng says that the villa is haunted. Mr. Feng wonders who exactly is Liu Zhi? (We want to know too!)

Yi Heng says he doesn’t know who Liu Zhi is either, he does know that he is a tough opponent though. Yi Heng says that they can only take it one step at a time now. Mr. Feng points out that there is no food or water what exactly does Liu Zhi want to do?

Yi Heng says that he assumes Mr. Feng has seen the large bloodstain at the feet of the table. Yi Heng says that something terrible has happened there. Yi Heng says that Liu Zhi probably doesn’t just intend to trap them. Mr. Feng asks Yi Heng how he know that.

All of a sudden a voice comes through like on an old radio complete with static. The voice says a bunch of stuff that sounds like nonsense. Mu Qing asks what it means and Jiang Shuo just tells her to understand that it’s the gate of Hell.

Liu Zhi’s voice then welcomes to this evil entrapment and calls them sinners. The voice ends his speech by saying that if there is someone brave among them that can dispel the sins among them, they can leave the island alive.

Liu Zhi’s voice stops and for a few moments they look ponder what it said. That is until a painting drops from above their heads. Ms. Yan Hong asks what the painting is, as it is terrifying. Ren Qiang says that the painting reflects what the voice has just said.

Ren Qiang says that when it strikes midnight tomorrow, it’s going to depend on their fate whether or not they can leave the island alive. Mu Qing Calls out to Jiang Shuo but he’s looking elsewhere his mind filled with a memory. The memory shows that he was wearing a mask, when he hangs up the mask we can can see Liu Zhi’s hand on his shoulder.

Back in the present we see that Mu Qing calls his name a couple more times before asking if something’s the matter. Jiang Shuo doesn’t answer her. Everyone at the table watches him get up and go towards a mask hanging up on a coatrack. Yi Heng beats him to the mask and grabs it first.

Takeuchi thinks he’s figured out what the message has said. He thinks that they need to find and capture him to leave the island alive. After all he has killed so many people. Ms. Yan Hong agrees with Mr. Takeuchi after all if Miss Yuan and rest hadn’t helped Mr. Takeuchi would have died at his Ren Qiang’s hand.

Ms. Yan Hong then goes on to say to Mr. Feng that they can’t wrongfully accuse a good person even though they still don’t know exactly what Liu Zhi meant. However she says that the convicted criminal is definitely a sinner.

Mr. Feng says that what Ms. Yan Hong said made sense. Yi Heng interrupts though saying that it’s a trap. Yi Heng goes on to say that if they are really going to go against one another, they will fall into his trap. Yi Heng says that the most important thing now is not to find the sinner, but to find the mastermind because that’s the only way they will escape the island.

Yi Heng asks if everyone understands. Mr. Feng says that Dr. Qin does have a point, but none of them have been there before. Mr. Feng says that they have no idea where to start even if they wanted to look for the mastermind.

Yi Heng says that’s not necessarily true as he has a newspaper report from before stating that there’s someone else who doesn’t spread the teachings of mind-reading technique. Yi Heng then turns and asks Jiang Shuo if he has any remembered anything.

Jiang Shuo asks what’s with the random tidbit? He tells everyone that Yi Heng knows he lost his memories. Yi Heng counters with the fact that Liu Zhi is also an expert in the mind-reading technique. Jiang Shuo asks Yi Heng what he means by that. Everyone else is starting to stand up.

Yi Heng says that he means if anyone there is familiar with Liu Zhi, doesn’t mean that it easier for them to find his hideout or the person behind this. Jiang Shuo walks closer to Yi Heng and accuses Yi Heng of not trusting him.

Yi Heng says that it has nothing to do with trusting him. This concerns the life and death of everyone there. Yi Heng asks him again if he truly doesn’t remember anything while tapping the mask against his arm.

Mu Qing tells Yi Heng that he should know what kind of person Jiang Shuo is, after knowing him for so long. Mr. Feng says that they don’t know what kind of person Jiang Shuo is but they believe in what Dr. Qin has said. Takeuchi is quick to agree with Mr. Feng, he also adds that they can’t leave a dangerous person here.

Mu Qing tells them to shut up as Jiang Shuo isn’t a bad person and they can’t treat him unjustly. Jiang Shuo tells her to stay out of this as it doesn’t concern her. Jiang Shuo tells Yi Heng it’s all up to him then, and leaves the room.

Yi Heng stares at the mask running his fingers along the top where the mark of Liu Zhi is. Mr. Feng asks if he is alright. Yi Heng says that he is fine and that they should retire to their rooms to rest. He warns them to stay alert though. Everyone leaves the room while Yi Heng stays looking at the mask thinking about Jiang Shuo.

Jiang Shuo enters his room with Mu Qing. Mu Qing asks him if he is okay. Jiang Shuo thanks her for believing in him. Mu Qing tells him that she knows he’s not that kind of person. Jiang Shuo says that he doesn’t know what he was like before he lost memory though. He doesn’t even know what’s happening now, could he have really been there before?

Jiang Shuo wonders why he can only remember some things here and that mask. Jiang Shuo says that he has illusions from time to time besides they donn’t what Liu Zhi’s next step is. He’s really worried that something bad might happen.

Mu Qing is quick to tell that nothing bad will happen. If it gets any worse they could build a raft and light it up to let the raging fire burn the villa to the ground. There would be nothing Liu Zhi could do about it.

Mu Qing says that she can climb trees, face hardships, hunt and even go out to sea. When the time comes Jiang Shuo can just follow her lead. Jiang Shuo can’t help but laugh. Jiang Shuo says that today Qin’er is.. but Mu Qing interrupts him to say that Yi Heng is just worried about his father.

Mu Qing says that Yi Heng grew impatient so he targeted Jiang Shuo. She asks him not to take it to heart. Jiang Shuo shakes his head saying that he meant Yi Heng wasn’t like this before. Jiang Shuo says that he doesn’t know why but Yi Heng is behaving strangely today.

Jiang Shuo says that’s it enough and Mu Qing should go have a rest. She should stop crouching in front of him this late at night as they don’t know what else will happen tomorrow. He tells her to go back and save her strength. Mu Qing says she will go but he rest too. More importantly she says that he shouldn’t think too much.

He says he won’t and tells her not to worry about him. Mu Qing leaves the room and Jiang Shuo looks at the invitation. While he’s checking out the invitation someone runs past his door. Jiang Shuo picks up the dagger and goes into the hallway to investigate.

He goes past Yi Heng and Ms. Yan Hong’s rooms not seeing anything, he continues walking. A door suddenly opens and Jiang Shuo prepares to defend himself but it’s just Ren Qiang. Jiang Shuo relaxes as Ren Qiang asks him what he is up to. Jiang Shuo tells him that he heard someone outside his room so he came to investigate.

Ren Qiang says that Jiang Shuo must be trying to harm him, sneaking around likes this. Ren Qiang says that maybe he should kill Jiang Shuo first so he can feel assured. We can see Takeuchi peeking through a crack in his doorway watching the two of them.

Mu Qing comes from the down hall just as the two are about to fight telling them to stop it. Mu Qing tells Ren Qiang that he will fall into Liu Zhi’s trap if he attacks Jiang Shuo. Takeuchi closes the door to his room no longer interested. Jiang Shuo says that he just happened to walk by Ren Qiang’s room, why is he so nervous?

Ren Qiang simply states that he doesn’t trust any of them. Ren Qiang then backs into his room and closes the door.

Mu Qing and Jiang Shuo meet up in the dining room to see if either one has found anything. Jiang Shuo says that finding nothing, is like finding a big something. After all, there was a big commotion just now however only Mu Qing came out to take a look. Jiang Shuo says that’s really suspicious.

Jiang Shuo looks up at the painting overhanging the dining room table and a flash of memory of his dream hits him. Just then Mu Qing hits him in the chest and tells him to look, the mask is gone. They hear a crashing sound and Jiang Shuo says they should go take a look.

They leave the dining room to see a mysterious figure jumping out the window. Mu Qing wants to chase after him, but Jiang Shuo says that she should go inform the others instead and he will go chase him. Mu Qing tells him to be careful. Before Jiang Shuo leaves the kitchen to go out the window he’s hit with another memory of seeing Yi Heng’s father in that room. Jiang Shuo shakes his head out of the memory and goes out the window after the mysterious figure.

Meanwhile we see flashes of Yi Heng in his room, Mr. Feng with Ms. Yan Hong in a room and Takeuchi near a window in his room while Mu Qing walks down the hallway.

Jiang Shuo has made it into the forest when he hears the old clock chime. So can everyone else including Mu Qing in the hallway. After hearing the clock sound, Jiang Shuo runs back towards the villa.

Jiang Shuo now back in the villa calls out for Mu Qing. He walks down the hallway and knocks on her door. When there’s no response, he keeps walking until he sees an open door. Jiang Shuo heads to that room and finds Mu Qing on the floor. He asks if she’s hurt and she says her head hurts a little.

Mu Qing asks him if he is okay. Jiang Shuo is quick to reassure her that he’s fine. Jiang Shuo helps her up and she tells him that if she finds out who hit her, she will not let that person off the hook. Jiang Shuo tells her that someone came into that room.

Jiang Shuo and Mu Qing go to check out a large chest. Jiang Shuo opens it and Mu Qing screams. Ren Qiang is dead inside the chest. Jiang Shuo quickly closes it and tries to take Mu Qing out of there. Unfortunately the others heard Mu Qing scream and come running in asking if they caught the thief.

Jiang Shuo tells them that someone broke in and knocked Mu Qing unconscious. Mu Qing backs him up as she tells them about seeing a mysterious man with a mask downstairs. Mu Qing says that she came upstairs to notify everyone which is when she was knocked unconscious. She says that when she woke up, she was in this room.

Mr. Feng asks her is she is alright. Mu Qing says that she’s fine, she just needs to sleep it off. Mr. Feng tells her to have a good rest. Jiang Shuo says that he will help Mu Qing and sets her down on a chair. Jiang Shuo then tells the group that they should go and discuss what they know of the mysterious person.

Takeuchi says that the room is in such a mess that everyone should help clean up so that Ms. Yuan can sleep without worry. Mr. Feng says that the mysterious person is more important than cleaning the room. Jiang Shuo is desperate to get them out of the room so he agrees that discussing the new leads he has found is more important. Yi Heng looks suspicious though and quickly goes to the chest to uncover Ren Qiang’s body.

Jiang Shuo tells Yi Heng that how dare he screw him over. Yi Heng accuses Jiang Shuo of the murder. Takeuchi is quick to board the accusation train claiming Jiang Shuo killed Ren Qiang. Jiang Shuo says how could he have killed Ren Qiang? Takeuchi says that he saw him looking for Ren Qiang with a dagger in his hand.

Jiang Shuo tells the group that he herd a noise outside his room and went to check it out, he brought the dagger to protect himself. Jiang Shuo says that he didn’t have any reason to kill Ren Qiang. Yi Heng asks him why he tried to cover up the murder if he’s really innocent then bring some proof to convince everyone.

Jiang Shuo says that fine he will prove that he didn’t kill Ren Qiang and asks the others to follow him. Mu Qing calls out his name and then quickly follows him. The rest follow with Takeuchi and Yi Heng being the last tot leave the room.

Jiang Shuo leads the group to the dining room. Jiang Shuo tells them that he has three presumptions. First he tells them to take a look at the painting of the seven circles of hell hanging above the dining room table. He tells them it depicts the seven sins of the world and their punishments for each sin.

The sins are listed as deception, theft, greed, lust, dishonour, wrongful death and murder. These will be sent accordingly to the Mountain of Knives, Hell of Rockfall, Hell of Poisonous Viper, Hell of Scissors, The Pool of Blood, Hell of Oil Cauldrons and some other hell. ( that the English subbed didn’t sub properly so I don’t know).

Jiang Shuo says that his first presumption is that the owner of the villa is the murder. His goal is to let them die one after the other according to those punishments. Ren Qiang died in cement, which belongs to the Earth element so he was sent to the Hell of Rockfall for theft. Mu Qing says that although Ren Qiang was wanted by the police for theft and confessed before he escaped, he didn’t have motive for committing the crime based on the police investigation. Thus Ren Qiang provided a false stamens to the police.

Mu Qing says that the crime Ren Qiang actually committed was deception. Jiang Shuo says that it’s possible Liu Zhi is the owner of the villa. Jiang Shuo says that Liu Zhi framed him after Liu Zhi had murdered Ren Qiang. Liu Zhi’s objective would be to start an internal conflict among the group so they would turn against each other.

Takeuchi says to put the painting aside for a moment. No matter what, someone has already died. Takeuchi wants to know how Jiang Shuo guessed Liu Zhi’s intentions and why should they trust him.

Jiang Shuo scoffs at that but says that if they assume he has guessed it wrongly, they don’t have to believe him. Jiang Shuo would like to ask them, why should he believe that Takeuchi didn’t kill Ren Qiang after Jiang Shuo left and put the blame on him.

Jiang Shuo says that he only happened to go past Ren Qiang’s room on the way down following Mu Qing. How could Jiang Shuo find the time to go upstairs and kill Ren Qiang? Jiang Shuo says that even if he had the time, Ren Qiang wouldn’t open the door for him. On the other hand, he would open the door for Takeuchi since Ren Qiang wanted to kill him in the woods.

Also when everyone was gathered in the dining room, Takeuchi suggested they all kill Ren Qiang. So Jiang’s second presumption is that Takeuchi killed Ren Qiang and moved his body to frame Jiang Shuo. When Takeuchi bumped into Mu Qing as he came downstairs, he knocked her unconscious. Takeuchi says that it’s pure slander as he woul never kill anyone. Takeuchi claims Jiang Shuo is speaking nonsense.

Jiang Shuo says fine, Takeuchi didn’t kill anybody. Jiang Shuo then points out that the mask in the back is missing. Jiang Shuo says that he and Mu Qing saw a mysterious man jump out the kitchen window. Jiang Shuo says that he went after that person and told Mu Qing to notify the others but she was knocked unconscious. Jiang Shuo asks the group who knocked out Mu Qing?

Jiang Shuo says that the same person that knocked out Mu Qing is the same person that is trying to frame him which is his third presumption. Everyone here could be the killer which also means that no one is safe. Takeuchi wants to argue but Mr. Feng tells him to stop as they already lost one person. Mr. Feng says they will all be in danger if they don’t find the villa’s owner. Mr. Feng says they must all calm down if they don’t want to fall into the trap.

Yi Heng says that it’s too early to make final judgements. Yi Heng goes on to say that it’s true the owner of the villa has an agenda. However Yi Heng says that the owner of the villa is among them. Mr. Feng asks Yi Heng for clarification. Yi Heng says that there is something he has been hesitant to say but someone is now dead.

Yi Heng then turns to Jiang Shuo and asks him if he is still going to claim amnesia. Mu Qing asks Yi Heng what he means since Jiang Shuo has always been with her. Jiang Shuo tells Yi Heng to cut to the chase.

Yi Heng tells Mu Qing that she has said that she always been with Jiang Shuo. So Yi Heng asks her where was she when Jiang Shuo went after the masked man? Mu Qing can’t answer that because she has already said they split up so she could warn the others. Yi Heng points out that means she has no way to prove whether Jiang Shuo actually went after the masked man or took advantage of this time to kill Ren Qiang.

Yi Heng says that the killer was also able to keep his kill and movements from them right under their noses in the villa. It proves that the killer is familiar with the layout of the villa but the rest of them have just arrived there. While Jiang Shuo has been there before. Mu Qing wants to know how Yi Heng knows that Jiang Shuo has been there before.

Yi Heng says that he has proof and pulls out a picture of Jiang Shuo and the other missing people from a year ago standing in front of the dining room table.

Yi Heng says that after the island Jiang Shuo returned to Changshan wile the rest had disappeared. One year later and Liu Zhi has brought them all to the island. Moreover Liu Zhi has an apprentice. His unique mind-reading skill has been passed down. Yi Heng then asks Jiang Shuo why he can only remember the mind-reading technique when he has lost all his other memories.

Mu Qing says that doesn’t mean Jiang Shuo was the one that killed Ren Qiang. Yi Heng says it proves that he has the precondition to kill Ren Qiang. Jiang Shuo comes closer to Yi Heng to ask him why.

Takeuchi says they should kill Jiang Shuo or else everyone will die. Mu Qing asks Takeuchi what he is trying to do as they are the only ones on the island. She tells him that they can’t force an unlawful confession out of Jiang Shuo. Yi Heng suggest isolating Jiang Shuo and handing him over to the police after they escape the island because it will guarantee everyone’s safety.

Takeuchi agrees to this. Mu Qing goes to defend Jiang Shuo but he grabs her arm and tells the others there’s no reason for them to do it, he can leave by himself. Mu Qing calls out to him, promising that she will prove his innocence. Mr. Feng tells Mu Qing that this is a reasonable measure and she doesn’t have to worry. Mr. Feng points out that if anything happens after Jiang Shuo has been isolated it will prove his innocence.

Rolls those credits because that’s the end of episode 13!