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Under The Power: Episode 13

Shi Fan taps Jin Xia on the shoulder with his fan hard enough to cause her pain. He then says that since Field Commander Lu is being so reasonable, he won’t take his precious subordinate. Shi Fan then points out that Jin Xia is wounded, he says that he has some ointment on his boat and inviting the two of

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Ingredients: Episode 13 Willingness

Tops is studying a cookbook pretty hard. Time passes and whatever is going on seems to be taking him a good deal of time. Marwin eventually comes over to offer him a glass of water and ask how it’s going. Marwin even asks about the mess on the table and Tops admits that it’s flour. Marwin asks if there is

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Psych Hunter: Episode 13

We start off the episode with looking at Yi Heng’s conspiracy map. Then the camera shows us a house door opening leading to the creepy dining room where a bunch of people look on edge around the dining room table. Then the clock sounds and we see a bunch of dead bodies followed by the calendar saying it’s October 14th.

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