He’s Coming To Me: Episode 7 Part 2

At night back at Thun’s apartment, the two of them are hanging out on the balcony. P’Med asks Thun how he knew that P’Med would be at the Tomb. Thun flirts back saying that it’s because he’s great.. and P’Med just asks him for the truth. Thun admits it’s because he knew that with the electronic incense turned off, the only place P’Med could be is the tomb.

P’Med rolls his eyes as he realizes how obvious that was. Thun then asks if P’Med missed the apartment.. so P’Med says that of course he did since he lived there for a few months. Since Thun didn’t get the answer he was looking for, he tries again by asking P’Med if there was anyone that he missed.

I’m pretty sure P’Med is just teasing Thun when he says that he missed everything. P’Med also says that he wants to sort out his unfinished business. Thun sees his chance to possibly get the answer that he’s been looking for so he asks if P’Med considers him to be part of his unfinished business.

P’Med then asks if he has to pay respects to the guardian angel of the home (Thun’s Mom) but Thun says that he’s already taken care of that.. however he has two other guardian angels that they need to worry about. P’Med asks if Thun is talking about Golf and Prince. They both laugh before Thun shocks P’Med by telling him that he plans to introduce P’Med to his friends.

Later that evening Thun and his friends are playing cards. Thun asks Prince what’s going on between him and Praifah. Prince claims that nothing is going on between them before asking if Thun is okay. Thun reassures Prince that he’s fine before telling Prince to make a move.

Golf interrupts saying that Prince can’t make a move because he’s only suited to be a secret admirer.. like the second male lead in a Kdrama (ouch!) They continue to play the game until Thun wins again. The others can’t believe it, Thun says that it’s because he’s smart but Golf says he would find it easier to believe that Thun was using black magic!

Thun says that of course he’s using black magic then offers for the other two to give it a try. He’s actually just using P’Med to peek at their cards of course. Since his friends don’t know about P’Med.. Thun tells them to pick two cards while he’s not looking to test his black magic. Thun then just repeats what P’Med tells him shocking his friends with the correct answer.

Golf demands to know how Thun is managing to guess their cards. Thun asks Golf if he remembers the story about P’Med that he told him earlier. Prince is confused so Golf tells him that Thun has a pet ghost named P’Med. Thun then tells them both that P’Med is in the room with them.

Golf tries to move away from where he thinks P’Med might be.. only to actually move closer to P’Med (hahaha!) However Thun still has to prove P’Med’s existence so he gets P’Med to hold a card up in the air freaking out Thun’s friends. (It’s no penny up the door.. but it works).

Prince is handling it a bit better than Golf but both agree that they don’t want P’Med to show himself. Thun says that they watch too many movies because P’Med looks just like any other regular human. Golf is still scared but manages to overcome his fear in order to ask P’Med for the winning lottery numbers.

It’s short lived courage though as both Golf and Prince claim that they have to leave to use the bathroom.. (pretty sure there’s one in the apartment). P’Med teasingly asks where they are going but of course they can’t hear him. Thun and P’Med both laugh though.

A little while later and they are still laughing at the reactions of Thun’s friends. P’Med then calls Thun a cheater but Thun says that he never claimed to be a good person. P’Med then asks for his share leading Thun to ask how much does P’Med want. P’Med says to forget about it because it won’t be useful to him anyway.

Thun asks P’Med what he wants and promises to get it for him. P’Med doesn’t answer though. Thun promises to never let P’Med go away again. P’Med reminds him that he will have to go away one day though but Thun doesn’t want to talk about it.

P’Med says that Thun should go to bed but Thun wants to stay on the floor next to P’Med. P’Med says that Thun has been spoiling him since he came back. Thun says it’s because he experienced life without P’Med so he’s making sure he does what he wants to do and says what he wants to say.

Thun then tells P’Med to go to sleep as they have to be up early tomorrow. P’Med wonders where they are going so Thun tells him that they are going Praifah’s house. P’Med doesn’t understand why they would be going there until Thun mentions the family’s name and that they are going to that house. (Same family name as P’Med)

This leads us back to last bit of episode 7 part 1 where the two are standing outside the house with Thun asking if P’Med is ready. They both nod to signal they are ready but after Thun enters the property.. P’Med is hesitant. Thun suggests that P’Med wait at the gate while he goes on ahead.

Thun meets an older woman inside (Auntie Nom) and after greeting her says that he went elsewhere and brought back a souvenir for Praifah which is how Thun ends up inside the home. Thun starts snooping around the home. Thun’s investigation doesn’t turn up anything and inpatient Praifah texts Thun to ask where he is before Thun can check out a cabinet.

Once Thun enters Praifah’s room she demands to know what his real reason for being there is, since he never buys people anything before. Thun asks Praifah if she’s truly that sceptical of him. Praifah tells Thun that if even he had a change of heart towards her, it’s too late. They go back to teasing each other like siblings when Thun says that Praifah looks awful without makeup and gets hit with a pillow.

Thun says that he’s never been in her room before and it’s big like the ones he’s seen in TV shows. Praifah asks him if he regrets dumping her as she is the sole heir and will inherit it all. Thun then says that Prince is very lucky. Thun then starts asking about who lives in the house but Praifah says it’s just her and grandpa since her Mom is in the US.

Praifah says it’s just been her family in the house since she was a small child. Thun then asks if she has a cousin named Med. Praifah thinks about it for a minute but can’t recall any family member named Med. Praifah wonders why Thun is asking so he covers quickly saying that his mom was curious since she had a friend with the same last name.

Praifah admits that she wondered the same thing but she asked her grandpa about it once. Thun eagerly asks what her gramps said but Praifah doesn’t answer, wondering again why he’s so curious. Praifah says there are no other family members, just her, gramps and Auntie Nom.

Praifah says that Auntie Nom isn’t related to her, she’s the maid. Praifah says that Auntie Nom treats her like her own child even defending her against gramps when Praifah was caught playing in the wooden room. Thun asks about the room so Praifah says that he passed on his way up, it’s behind the cabinet.

Gramps is very possessive of the room even though it’s empty. To keep Praifah out, he told her that there was a snake in there. Thun wonders what is really in that room but Praifah says that it’s empty and just the same as every other empty room in the house. Praifah says that Thun sure does ask some strange questions today.

Praifah leaves Thun alone so she can go take a shower. Thun runs downstairs to check out the cabinet but is caught by the maid. Thun claims that he was just looking for the bathroom.

After the maid leaves.. Thun tries again but makes enough noise that the maid can hear him. Thun changes tactics by grabbing a photograph out of the cabinet instead. The picture was folded over so one person didn’t show up in the frame.. and that person is P’Med!!

The maid was drawn by the noise so Thun hurriedly takes a photo of the photo on his phone before rushing to put everything back. He manages to make it before Auntie Nom shows up but she’s suspicious of him. Auntie Nom asks what Thun is looking for, didn’t he have to use the bathroom?

Thun quickly claims that he wasn’t looking for anything and the he already went to the washroom. Thun tries to smooth things over by saying the house is pretty big and it must be tiring to clean. She’s still suspicious so Thun quickly leaves the house. Once outside he checks the photo he took on his phone and stares at the picture of P’Med.

That’s the end of He’s Coming To Me: Episode 7 Part 2!