The Lovely Writer: Episode 12 Part 3

Tum visits his sister at the modelling agency, he tells her that they need to talk. Tum is quiet at first so P’Tarm tells him to just spit it out already as she doesn’t have all day. Tum tells her that he wants to resign. P’Tarm says that she refuses to let him quit since what happened wasn’t a big deal. Tum reminds her that he doesn’t have a contract with her so she doesn’t have to pressure him. P’Tarm doesn’t believe that he wants to quit, so she asks him to tell her what he wants. Tum says that he already told her what he wanted. His sister tells him to quit being so childish. Tum says that’s why he’s quitting, because he will always be seen as a child in her eyes.

Tum says that leaving the modelling agency will make him more of an adult. P’Tarm complains that he can’t just leave her like this, since they built the company together. She asks how the company will survive without him. Tum tells his sister to quit acting like he’s so important because she can find someone to replace him anyway. P’Tarm wonders how Tum could not be important, as no one can be like him so of course he’s important to the company. P’Tarm asks Tum to stop getting so worked up. Tum says that she’s lying but P’Tarm insists that she’s telling the truth. Tum says that if he’s so important, then when has she ever listened to him? Tum tells P’Tarm that she’s been forcing him ever since he was in school and when he started working, she forced him to quit and join her company.

Tum says that he wants to have his own life, doesn’t she understand that? Tum asks if he’s only important because he always caves in to her, is that what she means by him being different than the others? P’Tarm demands to know why he let himself be forced then, Tum says it’s because he loves her. Tum asks if his sister even notices it though, she replies that she does. He asks his sister to let him live his own life but P’Tarm says that she’s worried about him because he’s weak. Tum points out that they are both weak. His sister says that he’s really bold for saying that to her.

P’Tarm finally agrees to let Tum resign from the company if that’s what he truly wants. She says that if that’s all that Tum came over to say, then he can leave. Before Tum leaves though his sister reminds him that he can’t resign from being her little brother. Tum leaves the agency and is just outside the doors when he receives a call. Tum says that he’s taken care of everything on his side, Nubsib says ok then Tum asks Nubsib what he’s going to do now. Nubsib says that he doesn’t know and asks for some time, Tum says ok then asks Nubsib if he’s doing okay. Nubsib replies that he’s okay so Tum shouldn’t worry. Tum tells Nubsib to take care of himself then hangs up the phone.

Gene is typing away on his laptop at home on the deck when Jab joins him. Gene is a bit jumpy so his brother comments on it and asks why. Gene admits that he’s having writer’s block. Jab asks Gene how he’s going to deal with it but Gene doesn’t know. Gene then asks his brother if Nubsib has been home at all but Jab just silently shakes his head no. Jab takes a drink then asks Gene about the novel he’s writing and where he gets his ideas from. Gene says he gets his ideas from the truth. Jab says that if that’s the case then why doesn’t Gene go back to where he made the memories. Jab says that something good may show up if he does.

After that talk Gene wanders around coming to the same door that Nubsib had been eavesdropping on when they were children after Gene and the other kids abandoned him to play console games. In fact adult Gene is replaying that memory in his head. Gene goes into that room and the screen goes white. Another flashback starts, this time of when Gene’s Mom met Nubsib’s mom for the first time after the two boys had been playing together. In the flashback young Gene and Nubsib are holding hands, while Adult Gene watches and it’s clear that he wishes to hold Nubsib’s hand again.

Another flashback this time of the boys sleeping in the same bed. Adult Gene is sleeping in the same position as his younger self but there’s no Nubsib beside him, just empty space. Gene hugs himself on the bed as he tries not to cry.

That’s the end of The Lovely Writer: Episode 11 Part 3! Just one last part to recap!