The Lovely Writer: Episode 12 Part 1

Tum knocks on Gene’s door but is surprised by how bad Gene looks when he opens it. Tum asks if Gene is okay. Gene doesn’t answer, instead he walks into the kitchen while Tum follows. Gene asks why Tum is there, so he tells Gene that he is there to take Gene to the press conference. Gene asks about Nubsib so Tum tells him that Nubsib is already there, in fact Nubsib is getting his makeup done.

Tum says that Gene just disappeared though, so Tum was worried and came to get him. Tum gently tells Gene to go get dressed as the traffic is bad today and they’ll be late. However Gene looks depressed so Tum asks him again if he’s okay, Gene says that he is. Gene gets up to go get dressed when Tum tells him that Nubsib is right about P’Tarm wanting to renew Nubsib’s contract, it’s all planned out. In fact Tum’s sister has already spoken to the channels about Nubsib and Aoey starring together in another project, she’s pushing it so that they can make money off the ship for a long time. Gene tells Tum not to worry about it as it’s too late anyway, then he leaves the room.

Nubsib is in the bathroom trying to prepare himself mentally/emotionally for the press conference. He leaves the bathroom but ends up coming face to face with Aoey in the hallway. Nubsib asks why Aoey isn’t out celebrating his victory. Aoey tells Nubsib that he didn’t want things to turn out this way. Nubsib says that someone like Aoey definitely planned this, and if he had a bit more strength then he would be punching Aoey in the face. (I would pay to see that!) Aoey changes tactics saying that he didn’t mean for it to go this far, Nubsib points out that Aoey just admitted that he did indeed want all of this to happen.

Aoey says he’s sorry but Nubsib tells him that he knows exactly who Aoey is. Nubsib says that Aoey wants everyone’s attention, but does he have to go this far? Nubsib says that Aoey has come this far because he hurt other people’s feelings. He says that Aoey must be pretty proud of himself. Nubsib goes to leave but Aoey grabs him saying that they aren’t done talking yet.

Nubsib says that it’s over though. Aoey says that about the current situation, he’ll help Nubsib out. Nubsib switches gears by hugging Aoey and thanking him, telling him not to be scared that Nubsib will hate him so much that it won’t appear as if they are in love. Nubsib says that he can fake it because he’s a professional. Nubsib turns the acting up a notch telling Aoey that he loves him. (It’s very cruel but given what Aoey has done, he has more earned than earned it.) The hug was even captured by some fans on the staircase. Nubsib tells Aoey to look at how believable he was just now, then he leaves. After the fans leave, Aoey starts to crumble.

Gene is sitting in a chair in the dressing room zoning out, Tum calls his name a few times before practically yelling his name into Gene’s ear. Tum asks Gene if he is ready. Gene says that he is so Tum says that he will take him out to the front of the press conference as they should be almost done setting up.

Aoey is alone in his room after getting his make up done so he checks Twitter hashtags for the press conference. The fans are demanding to know the truth while saying that it will determine whether or not they watch the drama series. Tiffy comes into the room and sits in the chair in front of Aoey wihtout saying anything. Aoey asks her if something is wrong. Tiffy tells Aoey that from now on, he’ll have to take care of himself. Aoey asks why, but Tiffy just says that today is the last day that she will be taking care of him.

Aoey demands to know what he did wrong, is he paying her too little? He offers her a pay raise. Aoey keeps upping the amount of money he’ll pay her as he begs Tiffy to stay with him. Tiffy tells him that it’s not about the money and that he knows very well why she’s leaving him. Aoey holds her hands as he begs her to stay. Tiffy stands up, rubs his head and tells him not to cry or he’ll mess up his makeup. She reminds him that he hates it when his face is a mess. Just before Tiffy leaves him, she tells him to clean his face before he comes outside as the conference is ready to start now.

The press conference begins and the only people smiling at the table are the producer and P’Tarm. Fah says that the reason they are holding the press conference is because of the rumours circulating on social media that have upset many people. Fah starts the introductions at the table but it takes Gene a moment before he introduces himself. All the press talk over top of each other making it very noisy. P’Tarm says that they will only be taking one question at a time so that they can hear the question. The first question is about how Nubsib and Gene got so close to each other.

No one answers the question right away, Nubsib and Gene’s family are together watching the conference on TV. Gene says that he became close with Nubsib because he wrote the novel and the drama series people wanted him to look over the character. Fah says that they did indeed ask Gene to look over the character for all the actors. A reporter asks why Gene is only close with Nubsib then, Aoey hurriedly says that he’s also close with Gene. A reporter then asks Aoey about his livestream that went viral. The reporter says that someone had commented that Aoey only did that to break up the SibGene ship, does Aoey have anything to say about that?

Aoey says that first he has to apologize for his livestream as he didn’t think it through. Aoey says that he didn’t think that things would escalate this far and that it’s his fault. Aoey’s sister is watching the press conference on her cell phone. Aoey says that if he could go back in time, he wouldn’t have done the livestream. Aoey’s sister quit watches after she hears that though.

Another reporter asks about the rumour that Nubsib and Gene are living together, is it true? Gene admits that Nubsib lives with him and that they sleep in the same room. A reporter asks how that came to be. Nubsib says that he had some trouble with his modelling agency.. that’s when P’Tarm interrupts saying that she will answer that question. P’Tarm says that the problem with the agency was that they ran out of room because of all the new talent they had. She says that they didn’t have a room for Nubsib but luckily they were old friends with the writer, Gene and he was kind enough to help Nubsib out. That’s why Nubsib stayed with Gene while the series was being filmed.

P’Tarm hopes they understand that people that live together will also go to a lot of places together and it isn’t that strange. The next reporter asks the question everyone really wants to know the answer to, what exactly is Gene and Nubsib’s relationship? No one says anything for quite awhile, the reporters make a lot of noise and Gene & Nubsib’s family watch at home very tensely. Nubsib finally speaks up saying that there is no relationship between him and Gene, they’re just really close. Gene confirms it, saying that Nubsib is just like a brother to him.

The reporter asks why Gene was so startled then. Gene tells them that he’s not a celebrity so he never had to be in a press conferences like this. Nubsib says that Gene is actually friends with Tum, then explains that Tum is P’Tarm’s brother. Nubsib says that they go to a lot of places together and apologizes for the confusion that was caused by it. Nubsib tells all the fans both of the novel and the series not to worry as he’s meant to be with Aoey. P’Tarm then leans over to Gene and tells him that this is the moment that he has to smile big for the camera. So Gene tries really hard to smile.. but someone should remind Aoey and Nubsib that they are meant to be happy. Aoey does try to smile near the end but Nubsib still looks pretty miserable.

That’s the end of The Lovely Writer: Episode 12 Part 1!