The Lovely Writer: Episode 11 Part 4

Aoey is texting from inside the meeting when Tiffy offers him some comfort. Outside the meeting, Tum is pretty stressed when Gene shows up. Gene asks about Nubsib and Tum says that he’s been talking to Tum’s sister for awhile now. Tum leads the way to the meeting with Gene close behind him. Tum announces Gene’s arrival to everyone at the table.

Nubsib demands to know why Tum brought Gene there. P’Tarm enters the room and says that she told him to. Nubsib asks everyone if this isn’t going a bit overboard, but Fah (Producer) says that it isn’t, because Gene is involved in this too. Fah says that it’s for Nubsib, Gene and the benefit of the channel as well. Nubsib points out that none of this was in his contract though. P’Tarm tells Nubsib that he doesn’t have to bring up his contract as she knows what’s up, but that Nubsib should remember that it’s all connected.

Gene asks the table what they are going to talk about. P’Tarm asks about the day Nubsib was doing his photoshoot at the beach, Gene was there wasn’t he? Director Mai says that normally there wouldn’t be too much of an issue since Gene is friends with Tum. P’Tarm says that it’s not uncommon when people share moments that fans will ship them, especially if there are photos or videos. Fah speaks up again saying that the problem is that the drama series is airing right now, and people need to believe in the storyline. That means that Nubsib and Aoey are together, not Nubsib and Gene.

Fah says that the channels need to use the ship of Nubsib and Aoey to promote the series for good ratings. However, when problems like this happens, the channels get angry at the team, demanding to know how they could have let this happen. P’Tarm brings over her tablet and shows one of the pictures to Gene. It’s a collage of pictures with the caption reading “Writer screws actor, a dream come true for BL fans”. P’Tarm says that she’s not trying to rub Gene’s nose in it but she has to show him the evidence so that he can see the problem.

Tiffy wants to know what the plan is going forward. P’Tarm says that they can’t do much about the past, but she brought Nubsib in so that she can tell him what they are going to do, she brought Gene in for his cooperation. P’Tarm says that eh problem already happened, if they don’t solve it then shit will hit the fan. Gene says he understands but looks very uncomfortable and subdued. Nubsib looks like he wants to comfort Gene. Fah lays out the plan. From now on Gene and Nubsib can’t do anything together. They can’t comment on each other’s photos, no photos of them together and they can’t be together at all that way there will be no photos for the press. Tiffy says that the plan basically boils down to them letting things go quiet on their own.

Fah says yes, and that the channel will be promoting the series by themselves. As for Nubsib and Gene being together, the channel will hold a press conference. Nubsib says that he can’t do all that because Gene is his boyfriend. Nubsib wonders how the others could expect him and Gene to not be together. P’Tarm says that Nubsib must not understand what they all just said after all, they are trying to solve this problem for him. P’Tarm reminds Nubsib that she had told him in the beginning that he shouldn’t have a boyfriend right now. Nubsib fires back saying that his contract didn’t specify that he couldn’t have a boyfriend. (Some contracts in Asia actually do have this though).

P’Tarm says it’s not that Nubsib can’t have a boyfriend, it’s that he shouldn’t have a boyfriend. She reminds him that he already should know that teen male celebrities and models, especially those in BL series, if they want to have fans and remain popular they have to set these kinds of matters aside. Aoey tries to speak up, pretending to be shy saying that he doesn’t think that it needs to be so extreme Fah says that it does, otherwise Nubsib and Gene will just sneak around with each other (Nubsib definitely would!) Director Mai agrees with her, and if the two snuck out.. someone would see it.

Director Mai points out that they aren’t asking the couple to break up but just to be apart during the series and promotions. Afterwards the couple can be as close as they want, they can even live together. Director Mai points out that’s what couples in the entertainment industry do all the time and they have no issue with it. Gene looks terrible, Nubsib is pissed and Aoey tries to make it about him saying that he’s sorry and that he didn’t think it would be that big of a deal. Fah tells him that’s it too late for apologies, she doesn’t want to be mean, but could he at least think before doing things?! Aoey simply nods.

P’Tarm tells Nubsib that he has to have a care for all the fans that follow him because of them, they have jobs and money, he shouldn’t forget about that, in the end the contract means nothing. Nubsib says that he will cancel his contract then. P’Tarm asks if Nubsib has to be so difficult by threatening to cancel his contract just because of his boyfriend. P’Tarm reminds him that he only has 4 months left on his contract, if he cancels now then he’ll have to pay a fine. Nubsib doesn’t care though and is willing to pay any price. P’Tarm doesn’t understand why Nubsib is making such a big deal out of it when they are only asking the couple to separate for a bit, not break up. She says that things were going so well, does he really want to throw his future away like this? Aoey is sulking.

P’Tarm says that Nubsib is famous right now, he shouldn’t throw away all the opportunities that everyone has given him. P’Tarm tells the couple not to contact each other that way when the press asks, they can claim that it’s not true and that it was all a misunderstanding. Nubsib yells at them that they are being very selfish. Nubsib says that he will be brutally honest with them, that they should think about the real reason they want Nubsib to separate from Gene because it’s not for his benefit but theirs. Nubsib says that from everything he’s heard so far it’s not for someone else’s benefit but theirs. (It’s very toxic).

P’Tarm finally gets really angry with Nubsib but Gene says that’s enough. Gene tells everyone that he will follow the plan that was laid out. Nubsib can’t believe that Gene’s going along with though. P’Tarm starts to calm down though as realizes that Gene understands. Director Mai tells everyone to calm down as there’s no other way to solve the issue. Gene again confirms that he will follow the plan, then leaves the room. Nubsib is going to go after him, but he is stopped by P’Tarm as he’s told that they need to talk. Nubsib wonders what else they could talk about, since talking with P’Tarm has already exhausted him. He demands to know if she’s tired from talking so much, then he leaves the room.

P’Tarm can’t believe the way that Nubsib talked to her. She orders Tum to make sure that Nubsib shows up to the press conference. Tum sighs then leaves the room. Not long after everyone else leaves the room except for Aoey, he stays behind to cry. Later Tum talks to his sister outside saying that she’s gone too far this time by trying to break up Nubsib and Gene. P’Tarm defends herself saying that she wanted them to separate not break up. Tum tells his sister that he knows her too well and that the next time this happens, she’ll try to break them up again. Tum tells her that she’s too selfish.

P’Tarm demands to know what kind of person does he want her to be. She says that Nubsib is something that they can sell and Nubsib is young so he has plenty of time to get a boyfriend. Tum points out that she is only trying to break them up for her own selfish reasons. P’Tarm reminds Tum that everything they have in this life is because of her and what she does. P’Tarm sarcastically says that’s why she paid for Tum’s tuition, because she’s selfish. She reminds him that everything he owns, is because of her. Tum says that he can’t take her side when she’s being like this towards Nubsib and Gene. Tum asks if his sister even has feelings or is human. P’Tarm says that he can’t place all the blame on her for what happened, it’s his fault too. Tum wonders how he could have stopped them from becoming a couple.

P’Tarm asks Tum if he thinks that she doesn’t know that he was spending all his time chasing after Tiffy, instead of looking after Nubsib. The two fight some more and then Tum goes too far saying this is why her husband dumped her ass. P’Tarm slaps him hard across the face (he deserved that). She dares him to slap her back or punch her since he believes that she’s so terrible. Tum says that he’s just a talent manager not a celebrity so she should stay out of his personal business.

Elsewhere Nubsib is still chasing after Gene. Gene quickly wipes his face before Nubsib catches up to him. Nubsib tells Gene that there is no reason to do what the others in that room wanted them to. Nubsib points out that their ultimate goal is to break the couple up. Gene asks what does Nubsib want him to do then? Gene says that Do already put so much into the series that they probably want to profit from it. Gene says that no one would have wanted something like this to happen. Gene sniffles as he tells Nubsib that he doesn’t want to be the person who lets his love life interfere with his work.

Nubsib says that it has nothing to do with them being a couple though, as it doesn’t make his work any worse, he can still work. Nubsib tells Gene that he doesn’t think that they should listen to those people in that meeting. Gene says that those in the meeting seem to care, the fans care and Nubsib has to care about them as it’s his job. Gene asks if Nubsib doesn’t understand that he has to be with Aoey right now instead of him because of his job. Nubsib says that he knows and he doesn’t want the series made form Gene’s novel to be problematic either.

Nubsib says that he’s happy to be at home with Gene if he agrees to what the others want but, then the next time they will make other demands and force them to agree to it. Gene reminds Nubsib that he’s a celebrity and that’s how it is. Nubsib says that Gene can call him selfish but he never wanted to be a celebrity and he’s only doing this series because of Gene. Nubsib says that if the series is going to cause problems between them, then he doesn’t want to do it anymore. Gene asks what is Nubsib going to do then? Nubsib says that he will cancel his contract once the series is done. Gene tells him no though.

Nubsib reminds Gene that he doesn’t have to worry about money and reminds Gene of what he told him back home. Nubsib tells Gene that he is worth so much more and that Nubsib just wants to be with him. Nubsib says that no matter how much it costs, he’ll pay. Gene says that Nubsib has his work, his own savings, then asks how long Nubsib has stopped asking money from his parents? Gene says that Nubsib doesn’t have to stop because cancelling his contract is more than 10 or 100 thousand baht ($376- $3,765 CAD). Nubsib asks if Gene is really okay with them being like that, keeping their relationship a secret and letting people think that Nubsib is with Aoey.

Nubsib says that Gene is always like this, always giving in to what other people want. Nubsib yells that Gene cares more about other people’s feelings than Nubsib’s feelings. Gene says it’s because he cares about Nubsib that he has to do this. Gene reminds Nubsib that it’s about his future, they aren’t in their own little world like when they were kids. Nubsib asks Gene if that’s what he really thinks. Gene sniffs and says that Nubsib must progress on his own path because Gene wants to progress in his own field as well.

Nubsib reminds Gene of his promise to face conflicts together. Gene says yes but it would be easier if this were a novel because in reality this is the best choice. Gene and Nubsib both cry but Nubsib hugs Gene telling him not to cry. Gene starts to pull away and Nubsib begs Gene not to leave him. Gene tells Nubsib that they should just end it here, then pulls away completely from Nubsib, leaving Nubsib to cry out his name.

Tum shows up at Tiffy’s door but doesn’t say anything right away so Tiffy closes the door, accidentally catching Tum’s hand. She invites Tum in but wonders why he’s so quiet. Tum hugs Tiffy and starts to cry.

Gene starts packing up stuff which is when he finds the pink dragon that Nubsib had hidden in the closet. Gene takes it out of the closet and sits on the bed crying. He turns the dragon over, so he can see the stitches as the dragon had to be repaired after Nubsib broke it when they were younger. Gene holds the dragon tight to his chest as his body is wracked with sobs.

Nubsib comes into the Condo and holds Gene’s hand for a moment as Gene continues to cry. The moment is short lived because Gene pulls away to leave but stops for a moment. Nubsib reaches out to him but his hand pauses in the air just long enough for Gene to actually leave him. Nubsib sits in front of the couch to cry.

Gene’s Dad finds Gene alone and crying on the dock. His dad asks Gene if there’s anything that he wants to say but Gene just goes for a hug. While Gene continues to cry, hugging his dad, Gene says that he finally understands everything his father told him. Gene’s Dad tells him to just cry and let it all out.

Roll those end credits! That’s the end of The Lovely Writer: Episode 11!