The Lovely Writer: Episode 11 Part 3

Gene enters Bua’s office and asks why she wanted to see him. Bua was facing the window but she turns around after a few moments to tell Gene to take a seat. Bua asks him if he’s seen the news, Gene nods. She tells him that sales are plummeting and that the publishing house is in a tough spot, then asks Gene if he knows why.

Gene complains that he’s just a writer not a celebrity so why should his personal life matter? Bua tells him that right now he’s like a celebrity and whether it’s good or bad feedback it reflects on the publishing house, and thus the sales. Gene apologizes to Bua saying that he didn’t think that this would happen. Bua says that she understands that Gene thinks that love is just between two people, however his relationship right now affects a lot of things like the publishing house’s sales. Bua tells him to take a look at how things are going, if it doesn’t approve then things are going to be very bad.

Bua says that she is also getting pressured by the drama series people as they tell her that she should manage her people better. Bua asks Gene to deal with his relationship. Gene wonders why it’s up to him since the publishing house forced him to write a BL novel, how much money did they get from that? Gene says now the publishing house is pressuring him again, and he’s the only one responsible. Gene tells Bua that he doesn’t think that’s fair.

Bua reminds Gene that he knows very well that life isn’t fair. After all, there are people that didn’t do anything but are being affected by Gene’s relationship with Nubsib. Bua gently tells Gene that he’s being selfish. She says that if she could have solved the problem for Gene, then she already would have. Bua says that only Gene can solve this problem now. Bua apologizes to Gene but she asks him to understand both her and the publishing house.

Gene says it’s not like he has a choice in the matter anyway. Bua puts a hand on his shoulder to offer some small comfort as she tells him to weigh it all out, the decision on what to do is his. Gene tells Bua that he also brought Hin’s novel with him, Gene leaves it on the desk telling Bua that she should read it. Gene then leaves the office.

After Gene leaves the office, Bua sits down in the chair. It’s clear that she wishes she could do more for Gene and hates the fact that she can’t. Meanwhile Twitter is still exploding with fan rage over Gene’s relationship. Some people are accusing Gene of writing a BL novel just to snag the lead actor, other twitter accounts say that Aoey is better looking than Gene and that Nubsib has poor taste in men. Still another Twitter account accuses Gene of seducing Nubsib away from Aoey. It’s really nasty stuff. Nubsib is reading all this nasty stuff online.

Later that night in bed, Gene reaches out to Nubsib as he’s facing away from him. Nubsib turns around to face Gene and Gene apologizes thinking that he woke up Nubsib. Nubsib says that he can’t sleep then asks Gene why he’s still awake. Gene asks the Nubsib the same question instead of answering though. Neither one seems ready to talk about the issue though, so they cuddle closer together in bed.

The next morning Gene wakes up alone in the bed. His phone rings, so Gene asks if something is up. It’s Tum and he says that he’s at the Entertainment Building, he asks Gene to come meet him there as Tum’s sister wants to talk with Gene. Gene is confused by that, so Tum tells him that it’s about Nubsib and that Tum’s sister has already called Nubsib in. Apparently since Gene is Tum’s friend, his sister wants to talk to Gene too. Gene noticing the empty spot in the bed asks Tum if Nubsib is with him. Tum says that Nubsib is talking to his sister, and Tum snuck out of the meeting to call Gene. Gene tells Tum that he’ll come right over. After that phone call, Gene checks the notifications on his phone. He got texts from Aoey asking if everything is okay since the series called Aoey in.

That’s the end of The Lovely Writer: Episode 11 Part 3!