The Lovely Writer: Episode 11 Part 2

Inside Gene’s condo, Gene asks Hin what’s going on. Hin is reluctant to talk about it though, so he points out that he brought Gene some snacks. Gene however knows that something is wrong, so he tells Hin to stop being awkward and just say whatever he needs to say. Hin says that he’s actually there because of Gene, then he asks if Gene has seen the news. Gene admits that he has, so Hin asks if he’s okay. Gene tells him that truthfully he’s always known something like this would happen one day, so he’s okay.

Hin says that Aoey is pretty malicious though. Hin never thought that Aoey would have the guts to do something like that. Gene simply says that he’s sure that Aoey has his reasons for it. Hin asks Gene if he’s spoken to Nubsib yet, but Gene says no. Hin asks why, so Gene tells him that Nubsib has been acting like nothing has happened, so Gene didn’t have the guts to talk to him about it. He asks if that’s the reason for Hin showing up. Hin says that he’s just worried about Gene, but Gene asks him what Hin wants him to do about the situation. Hin remembers what Bua said about fixing the problem.

However Hin decides to tell Gene that he has no clue what Gene should do. Gene can’t believe that Hin would come all the way over just to make sure Gene had thought things over. Hin says that of course that’s it because he cares about Gene and doesn’t want him to overthink things or be stressed out. Gene says that Hin was the one looking stressed out, he thought for a moment that maybe Hin was being chased by debt collectors and came over to hide out with him. Gene thanks Hin for coming over to warn him, then teases him a bit. Hin can’t handle pretending everything is fine so he tells Gene that he has some work that he needs to finish for Bua and leaves.

Hin sits alone in front of his computer crying when his phone rings. His mom called him to ask how work is. Hin tells her that work is fine but his voice is still creaky from crying. His Mom asks why his voice sounds like that then, so he tells her that he has a fever. His mom tells Hin that if he’s not okay, then he can come home. Hin starts to break down as he tells his mom that he’s tired. His mom says that if he’s tired, then he should go get some rest. Hin says that he took a rest but it didn’t help, everything that he’s been working on is now crashing and burning. Hin says that he wants them to have better lives but he can’t even do that.

Hin’s Mom tells her son that she knows that he’s working hard to provide for the family, but that right now he should also think about himself. Hin’s Mom says that hearing him so sad makes her unhappy. Hin says that he’s just jealous of all the people that don’t have to struggle so hard and live a good life. His mom tells him that’s just how life is. His Mom says that as long as he’s tried his best, that’s what matters. She says that if Hin can get through this, then he’ll be great. Hin tells his Mom that he misses her and wants her to hug him. His mom tells Hin that she loves him then hangs up the phone. Hin starts to sob and delete some of the stuff on his computer.

Hin had left behind a copy of his novel at Gene’s condo, so Gene is reading it with an editing marker. Nubsib startles him and asks what Gene is up to. Gene tells him that he’s reading Hin’s novel and that he thinks it’s pretty cute. Gene admits that he never knew that Hin was a talented writer. Nubsib asks what the novel is about, Gene tells him that it’s about a writer and an editor-in-chief. Nubsib then asks Gene if the novel is so good, why doesn’t Hin take it to Bua? Gene tells Nubsib that Hin already had, but Gene says that he will bring it up to Bua himself.

Nubsib asks if Gene has almost finished his novel, Gene says that it’s almost finished but right now his character is facing the biggest conflict in the story and Gene doesn’t know how to write the story from there. Nubsib asks suggestively if Gene needs his help again. Gene calls him cheeky, and says that he’s on to Nubsib. Nubsib complains that he hasn’t even done anything yet! Things get serious when Nubsib asks Gene that if there is a big conflict, that they go through it together.

Gene pretends to not know what Nubsib is talking about saying that he was talking about his novel. Nubsib says that he meant both of them though. Nubsib reaches out to hold Gene’s hand and Gene kisses it. Gene then promises to Nubsib that they will deal with conflicts together.

That’s the end of The Lovely Writer: Episode 11 Part 2