The Lovely Writer: Episode 11 Part 1

The tweet gains traction fast as people blame Gene for Nubsib and Aoey not having very many couple moments lately. The is all over twitter with fans saying that the male lead is misbehaving and that the writer can’t keep it in his pants. Another twitter account accuses Gene of stealing Nubsib from Aoey.

Gene is blissfully unaware of all that though as he dries his hair before climbing into bed with Nubsib. He asks Nubsib to take a selfie with him. Nubsib asks if it’s for Instagram but Gene says no, it’s just a picture for his family. They pose for the picture, then when Gene looks at it on his phone, he complains that Nubsib always looks more handsome than him.

Gene suggests they try to make an ugly face selfie. Nubsib asks him how to do that so Gene quickly shows him before they take the photo. However even after taking a few ugly face photos, Nubsib still looks pretty good. Gene suggests they try taking more photos but Nubsib stops him with kisses.

Aoey however is well aware of what is happening on social media. Aoey makes an Instagram live video where at first he pretends that he’s going to be okay while holding back tears (all fake because he’s an ass!) Fans of course ask about the and if Aoey is upset about it. Aoey says it has nothing to do with it, but his fans are quite willing to trash talk Gene in Aoey’s comments section. Which of course leads to Gene’s fans saying that Aoey is faking his tears (they’re right!)

Aoey says that they should tweet those hurtful things to Gene. He also says that they shouldn’t judge what’s going on just by a few pictures online. Aoey pretends to break down as he says that if Nubsib and Gene have a few moments like that, he’s fine with that, but after something like this happens, and it keeps going on then it really upsets him and when it goes on like this, it’s not good for anyone. Aoey says that the truth is that Nubsib, Gene and him are all on great terms. (LIAR)

Someone asks Aoey what the status is between Nubsib and Gene then? Aoey breaks down in fake tears as he cries that he doesn’t know because he isn’t them and he doesn’t think that he has the right to meddle in their business. He cries and struggles to get the words out but he says that if Nubsib and Gene have those moments together, he hopes people don’t forget Sib-Aoey. Aoey also asks his fans to always support him like this. As soon as he ends the livestream, he wipes away the tears and goes back to being a cold manipulative bastard. Aoey goes to lie on his couch while the fans wage war on the internet.

Tiffy ends up texting Aoey asking if he’s okay and if she should come over. She texts that she’s worried about him and asks that he doesn’t stay silent like this. Tiffy texts him that if he doesn’t talk to her then she can’t help him. Aoey starts to cry for real this time but doesn’t respond to her messages.

At the publishing house Hin has brought Bua his finished novel for her to read. Bua asks Hin if he should really be trying to position himself now. She asks him what did she hire him to do? And what is he doing now? Bua yells that he’s not doing what he was hired to do, the stuff that was written in his job description. Bua demands to know if Hin even knows what’s happening right now? When Hin doesn’t answer her, she says that he doesn’t know what’s going on because he hasn’t been focusing on his job. Bua tosses a tablet towards Hin and tells him to check out the hashtag SibGene. She asks Hin if he knows how much this has been affecting sales.

Bua says that it’s been giving the publishing house a bad reputation, then again demands to know where Hin was while all this was happening. She wonders if Hin was even with Gene, did he warn Gene about this stuff? Bua tells Hin that she didn’t want to have to say this, but if he won’t do his job, then she will find someone else that will. Hin apologizes but Bua says that saying sorry just won’t cut it. When Hin asks her what she wants him to do, Bua says that he should be able to figure that out on his own, otherwise why did she hire him?

Him says that it wouldn’t be fair to Gene though. Bua says that whether or not something is fair is a matter of perspective. Bua says that the problem has already happened so it’s up to Hin to fix it, by whatever means necessary. Hin says that he’ll try, then goes to leave but Bua tells him to wait and pushes his manuscript back towards him. Bua says that she won’t read it unless Hin can fix the current issue. She asks him to understand that she’s getting pressure from upstairs as well.

P’Tarm phones Tum asking where he is. Tum says that he just had to stop at the gas station (he was leaving the bathroom). P’Tarm tells him to hurry and click on the link that she sent him. It’s a picture that says that a writer and actor are in a feud over the main lead. The next link P’Tarm sends him is the video that Aoey had streamed to his followers. P’Tarm asks if Tum has seen it yet, which he has. P’Tarm demands to know how Tum could have let this happen (he was the only one warning Nubsib about this!)

Apparently the channel called P’Tarm and chewed her out over this which is why she’s taking it out on Tum. P’Tarm blames Tum’s personal life for causing problems in his professional life and wonders why he won’t just grow up. Tum tries to explain but she cuts him off telling him there’s no need to say he’s sorry, she tells him that he just has to fix the problem.

Tiffy calls Tum.. and he realizes that it’s probably about the same issue. Sure enough Tiffy asks him if he’s seen the news. She asks why Tum and Nubsib had to do something like this. Tiffy then accuses Tum of being like the other scummy managers and that she feels stupid for believing him. Tiffy also tells him that she can’t get in contact with Aoey anymore, did Tum see the livestream and how sad Aoey was? Just like P’Tarm, Tiffy won’t bother to listen to what Tum has to say and tells him that they should end things here, then hangs up.

Meanwhile Nubsib and Gene still seem to be blissfully unaware of all the drama both online and off. Gene comes back to the room soaking wet as he fell in the pool so Nubsib gets off the bed and carries him into the bathroom. Nubsib claims it’s so that the floor doesn’t get all wet. Nubsib tells Gene that he should eat less so that he’ll be easier to carry. They bicker a bit before Nubsib gently puts Gene into the bathtub.

After the bath, Gene is drying his hair when he tells Nubsib that his condo is very irritating. Nubsib wonders how Gene can get annoyed by a condo, but Gene says it’s actually Nubsib that’s annoying, because his room is so big yet Nubsib chose to stay in the cramped room beside Gene’s room. Nubsib smiles and says he chose to stay there because it was right next to Gene’s room. That’s when Gene notices the dragon toy on the bed. He asks Nubsib if it’s the same as the doll that was in his car.

Gene asks why Nubsib is so fond of them since he has the whole family. Nubsib teases Gene asking if he’s jealous of the toys. Gene snaps back a denial which is when Nubsib admits that he was jealous of them. Nubsib asks Gene if he remembers but Gene has no clues. Nubsib says that back then they fought over the toy. Nubsib had gone into Gene’s room and saw how protective Gene was of the dragon so of course Nubsib wanted it. That’s when they got into a huge fight and Aunty Orn overheard it. Gene’s Mom secretly smuggled the toy over to Nubsib.

Gene remembers now and asks why Nubsib had to steal his stuff. Nubsib says that he didn’t understand why back then, but once he was older, he realized it was because he was jealous of the dragon. Gene at first doesn’t believe Nubsib but Nubsib says he was jealous of the way that Gene was so protective of the dragon. Nubsib says that he had wanted Gene to pay more attention to him instead of the doll. Nubsib then asks if Gene’s angry with him. Gene confusedly asks why, so Nubsib reminds him that it was his toy after all. Nubsib says taht Gene can play with the doll anytime he wants as long as he doesn’t give it more attention than he gives Nubsib.

Gene says that it’s no wonder, Nubsib has been jealous since he was a little kid. Gene tells Nubsib not to worry as Nubsib has all of Gene’s attention. The two share a couple of kisses before Gene’s phone rings. It’s Hin and he went to Gene’s condo but he’s not there. He tells Gene that he has to talk to him, when Gene asks if it can be done a different day.. he says no. Hin says that they must talk today as it’s very important. Gene tells Hin that he’ll come right over to his condo and that Hin should wait for him. Nubsib asks about the call, so Gene tells him. Nubsib offers to drive Gene to his condo but Gene says no, he tells Nubsib that they should be apart sometimes.

That’s the end of The Lovely Writer: Episode 11 Part 1!