The Shipper: Episode 12 Part 3

P’Way tosses the coin and loses the bet just as the doctors are giving up on CPR. Pan lies in the field where she fell, in her head she apologizes to Khett because he did so much for her but she didn’t care much for him. She says that even in P’Kim’s body, being so close to Khett she didn’t realize how he felt.

P’Way stares down at the coin in disbelief that he would lose the bet when a strange thing happens… the coin flips over on its own to show heads. In the hospital Pan’s heart starts beating again. Back at the church P’Way says that he knew P’Kim would watch over Pan.

The doctor comes out of the ICU to tell Soda and Pan’s Dad that Pan is alive.

In the field Khett has run over to Pan and tells her that if she has something to say to him, she should’ve called him instead of calling someone else. It turns out that Pan didn’t call Khett while running earlier.. she had called Soda. It was Soda that met with Khett outside of the ICU to tell him that he was the one that could bring Pan back. Khett asks her what would’ve happened if he had been late?

Khett helps Pan to get up and Pan confesses that she didn’t realize it was Khett. Khett asks if she’s dumb or stupid. Pan says that she doesn’t know when it started. Khett says it’s because she’s always had a kind heart that’s why she didn’t realize it. It starts a flashback to when the class was assigned a group project but because Khett skipped class a lot and didn’t have any friends, no one invited him to join a group. Khett noticed that he wasn’t going to get into a group and put his head down in despair. Pan noticed though, so she came over invited him to join her and Soda for the project.

In the present, Khett says that after that moment, he always popped up near Pan. We see a quick flashback of Khett making sure he gets the seat beside Pan. (Reminds me of P’Kim sitting beside P’Way)

In the present, Khett says that Pan is only one that really saw him. Khett says that he knows that he’s not the person that Pan dreams of, so all he can do is watch her from afar and help her get her better life. Khett says that he knows that’s not important to her.. Pan quickly says that it is now and goes in for a Kiss! (SMOOCHES!!!)

That’s the end of The Shipper: Episode 12 Part 3! Onwards to the Finale!