The Shipper: Episode 12 Part 2

The Angel of Death says that it’s a piece of cake, Pan just has to find someone that loves her. Pan says that’s the problem.. she tells the Angel to look at her, who would love someone like Pan. Thank goodness P’Way is there because he asks Pan if she’s really sure about that, then asks her to think about it.

P’Way tells Pan to think about it carefully, isn’t there someone that is always stays beside her and protects her?

A quick scene of Khett in the hospital hallway as he hears the doctor saying that they are doing the best they can, but there’s not much they can do for Pan.

P’Way tells Pan that there is someone that got yelled at just for protecting her. P’Way reminds her that this person also takes care of her friends because he knows how important they are to Pan. A quick flashback of Khett taking care of Soda after she was bullied. Then P’Way says this person even sacrifices what is important to him so that he can protect Pan. A flashback to when Khett actually fought with his hands to protect Pan from P’Off. P’Way says that this person fights for Pan so that she can have her own life back. A quick flashback to Khett’s most recent words to Pan about valuing her own life. That’s when Pan finally understands that Khett loves her. (FINALLY!!!)

P’Way tells Pan that Khett visited her body in the hospital everyday. P’Way tells her to hurry and go have her own love. It oddly mirrors what P’Kim asked her just before the accident. P’Kim had asked if she didn’t want to try and have her own love. Pan runs off while the Angel of Death cheers her on.. then yells for Pan to wait for her! P’Way stays behind, happy that he could help.

Pan continues to run then pulls out P’Kim’s phone to call Khett. The Angel of Death runs into some difficulties while trying to catch up and then remembers that she is the Angel of Death.. so why does she have to run? Khett’s in the bathroom splashing some water on his face when he gets the phone call from Pan telling him about True Love’s Kiss. So Pan keeps running towards the hospital with the Angel of Death struggling to keep up while Khett runs towards Pan’s hospital room.

Pan trips while running and the Angel of Death runs to her side. Pan can’t see her anymore though and wonders why. The Angel of Death is shocked..

Khett makes it to the ICU to see Pan’s Dad outside the ward with his cell phone. When he sees Khett.. he starts to cry. The doctors are still doing CPR on Pan’s body though!

P’Way enters the church and walks down the aisle. A strange coin (it might be a regular Thai coin.. I honestly don’t know) catches his attention so he picks it up. P’Way then asks P’Kim if he is near, then asks him if he wants to make a bet. P’Way says that if the coin is “heads” then P’Kim has to help Pan. P’Way throws the coin in the air..

That’s the end of The Shipper: Episode 12 Part 2!