The Shipper: Episode 12 Part 1

Pan tells P’Way that she’s been in P’Kim’s body all these times, but she has to leave it now. P’Way doesn’t understand what Kim is saying. P’Way grabs some more darts to throw at the board. Kim says that he knows what he’s saying is hard to believe. Kim asks P’Way to think about it, ever since the accident, Kim has been different and he knows that P’Way can feel it. Kim asks P’Way to think about it again, he knows P’Kim has changed. There’s a brief flashback to the piggyback ride after the BBQ where Kim says that he thinks P’Way is cool. In the present, Kim says the people around him have changed too, which is when a flashback of Khett telling P’Way that this P’Kim isn’t the one that he used to know.

In the present Kim says it’s because the others know that he’s not P’Kim but Pan. That’s when P’Way angrily tells Kim to shut up. Kim tells P’Way that he knows P’Way gets it. Kim says that it’s just that P’Way doesn’t want to accept that the person talking to him now isn’t P’Kim. P’Way demands to know if Kim isn’t P’Kim then where is P’Kim? Pan breaks the sad news to him that P’Kim is dead.

Pan says that she must return to her own body, she’s here now to tell P’Way the truth so that he can say goodbye to P’Kim’s body. Then she will leave it. Pan goes to leave but P’Way grabs her arm saying that he’s not saying goodbye because he refuses to live without P’Kim. P’Way says even if that means the soul inside isn’t P’Kim. (Selfish bastard!)

P’Way pulls Kim back and apologizes for being selfish but he’s never pictured his life without P’Kim. Kim says that he knows and that he thinks that P’Kim knew it as well. It’s why he thinks that P’Kim wrote on the tickets. Kim says that before he found the tickets, he kept looking for the best solution to all this or what other people wanted the most. Then someone talked some sense into Kim’s head reminding him of what P’Kim wanted the most, which is when Kim found the tickets. Kim hands over the tickets to P’Way and we finally see that one ticket if for P’Kim to Tokyo while the other ticket is for P’Way to go to LA.

Pan tells P’Way that what P’Kim wanted most was for them to follow their own path. She tells P’Way that P’Kim was determined to win the dart board game bet so that he could give P’Way his ticket and tell him that they can’t be together. We then see the Real P’Kim talk to P’Way saying that it’s not because he didn’t care about P’Way. The real P’Kim asks P’Way to remember how he had fought P’Way’s dad so that P’Way would have a chance to plan his own future. The real P’Kim tells P’Way that his future has to be his own choice. (I’m not crying!..*sob*) The real P’Kim says that he knows that they never imagined not having each other. The real P’Kim tells P’Way that they can’t take someone else’s future just because they want to be together.

The Real P’Kim says that even though they are far apart, they can still promise, which means that they truly love each other. P’Way is breaking down in tears. The real P’Kim tells P’Way that he really loves him. The real P’Kim says that’s why he did everything in his power so that P’Way could get his own future. The real P’Kim says that he hopes that one day P’Way will love someone the way that P’Kim loves him. The real P’Kim tells P’Way that’s why he has to let Pan live her own life and P’Way can only nod while tears stream down his face. The two hug as P’Way finally gets to tell the real P’Kim that he loves him.

The real P’Kim leaves and P’Way is left hugging Pan. He apologizes for holding her back. Pan says she understands that P’Way did it because he was in pain. P’Way thanks her for being Kim as she gave P’Way more time with him. P’Way also thanks her for giving him the tickets. He then asks how Pan will get back to her body.

This leads them to walking down the street where P’Way asks Pan what she means by she doesn’t know how to get back to her body. Pan says that she has no clue but the Angel of Death will tell her. P’Way asks if the Angel of Death is there now. Pan is about to say no, but a strange wind blows and she changes her to answer, saying that the wind means that Angel of Death will be there soon. Pan doesn’t even complain when the Angel of Death does her whole introduction routine.

The Angel of Death is surprised that Pan let her go through the whole routine without interrupting. Pan says it’s because it’s the last time that the two will see each other. The Angel says that she’s so touched that she just wants to hug someone, then uses the excuse to hug P’Way and Pan quickly kicks her away from him. P’Way is trying to figure out what happened since it looks like Pan kicked the air beside him. P’Way asks if the Angel of Death is there. The Angel says that she’s not just there but she’s going to kiss P’Way, Pan kicks her before she gets the chance though.

Pan tells the Angel that she’s going to go back to her original body which makes the Angel of Death truly happy for her. Pan asks the Angel of Death how to do it. The Angel puts on her reading glasses and reads from the ancient book. The first way was to kiss your original body which Pan already did so that won’t work. The only other way for Pan to return to her original body is “true love’s kiss”

That’s the end of The Shipper: Episode 12 Part 1!