The Shipper: Episode 11 Part 4

Kim returns to his room at home. While he’s practicing his new permanent role as Kim, he goes over to the bookshelf to study. Which is when he finds an envelope that contains tickets with the . Kim looks at the dartboard for a moment, then Khet comes rushing in demanding to know what Kim is up to. Kim angrily tells Khett to get out of his room. Kim tells Khett again to get out of his room however, Khett tells Kim to stop pretending to be P’Kim. Kim pretends he doesn’t know what Khett is talking about. He asks Khett about the post it notes and if Khett had put them on his wall. Kim tells Khett that he’s already told Khett many times to stay out of his room and not to touch his stuff.

Kim tells Khett to stay where he belongs and Kim will do the same. Khett says that P’Way told him about how P’Kim always saw his brother deep down. Kim curses P’Way, Khett says that Kim almost had him fooled into thinking that he was P’Kim. Kim asks Khett how he could possibly anyone other than himself. Khett tries a different tactic asking Kim what he remembers. Kim says he woke up in his room, with all the post it notes. He says someone else seems to have lived his life for awhile which is why Khett feels so comfortable entering his brother’s room. Khett asks Kim to throw a dart then. Kim sighs.

Kim throws three darts and all of them hit the bullseye. Khett asks him to do it again which is when Kim asks Khett what’s wrong with him. Khett says he should be the one asking Kim that, does he really think that Pan isn’t important. Khett demands to know if Kim honestly thinks that he’s doing the right thing. Khett demands to know why Kim keeps putting other people’s happiness before his own. Khett tells Kim that it doesn’t matter how hard other people try to protect him, if he won’t try to protect himself.

Khett asks Kim if he truly thinks things will be okay if he becomes P’Kim. Kim still pretends that he doesn’t know what Khett is talking about. Khett tells Kim that he doesn’t know what will happen next but he’ll keep Pan’s body alive as long as possible in case Pan changes her mind. Khett says that Pan has been in Kim’s body for so long, he asks her to think about it. He asks her if she honestly thinks that P’Kim would want this, then Khett leaves the room.

Alone in his room, Kim takes another look at the contents of the envelope and finds that P’Kim was hiding another secret.

Kim calls P’Way to their storage room hangout to talk. P’Way wonders what was so urgent. Kim suggests they play darts now, but P’Way wants to know if he’s sure because P’Way is very good at it. Kim just silently hands P’Way the darts and the game begins. Kim ends up losing both times so P’Way teases him that he doesn’t want to go to Tokyo anymore. Kim says that he doesn’t, he says that he doesn’t want to go anywhere with P’Way. Kim says that he had originally wanted to stay for P’Way and Khett as he thought everyone would be happy if he did it.

Kim says that it wasn’t until someone asked him what P’Kim really wanted that he knew he had to see P’Way to tell him that he’s not P’Kim, she’s Pan. Then we see Pan instead of Kim standing there.

Role those end credits! That’s the end of The Shipper episode 11! There’s only one more episode left to recap!