The Shipper: Episode 11 Part 3

After seeing Khett’s grief for P’Kim, Kim leaves and goes to the hospital. There he sees Pan’s Dad arguing with someone about money. Pan’s Dad doesn’t have any to spare especially with Pan now in a coma. The jerk says that Pan’s Dad hasn’t changed, his wife has been dead and now her daughter is his burden and that’s why Pan’s Dad can’t go anywhere. Pan’s Dad warns the jerk to never speak like that again. The jerk says that Pan’s dad isn’t the only one that is suffering, the people around him are suffering too.

The jerk says that others are in debt in order to help out Pan’s dad and that he only said what he said because he wants Pan’s dad to have a better life. Pan’s dad says that he knows, but he can’t go anywhere while Pan is lying there. A little while later, Pan’s Dad speaks with the doctor saying that he doesn’t care how much it costs, they have to do their best for Pan. Kim sneaks into Pan’s room and tells his original body that she is either someone people are waiting for, or a burden. Kim says that without Pan, Pan’s dad’s life might be better. Kim cries as he says that the person that should be dead isn’t P’Kim. He then calls for the Angel of Death.

The Angel doesn’t show up but Kim asks if he can trade his life for P’Kim’s. A monarch butterfly flies into the room, Kim holds out his hand and it lands there for a moment. The butterfly flies away and Kim follows it outside to the Angel of Death.

The Angel says that she heard his wish and asks if that’s what Kim truly wants. Kim just nods.

The next day Kim sees Soda on the chairs in the hospital hallway. Soda is talking to her mom on the phone about getting documents that are needed. After Soda hangs up she tells Pan/Kim that she found a doctor in Germany that specializes in this kind of condition. Soda tells Kim not to worry about the expenses as Soda’s mom has that covered. Soda says that she’s just going to go get the paperwork. Kim grabs Soda’s sleeve and tells her that she doesn’t have to do anything. Soda is confused, so Kim lies to her saying that things turned out this way because Pan is dead. Kim says that it was Pan’s name in the death book since the beginning. There’s a flashback where Kim asks The Angel of Death if he can exchange Pan’s soul for P’Kim’s but the Angel says all she can do is change the name in the book, P’Kim’s soul can’t come back. The Angel of Death changes the book so it now reads as Pan being dead.

The Angel says that P’Kim’s soul can never come back, all that can happen now is that Kim truly becomes P’Kim and replaces him. In the present Soda says that she refuses to let Pan go. Kim says that Pan’s time is up but he was glad to have had a friend like Soda. Kim tells Soda to live happily and just asks Soda not to forget Pan. Soda starts to cry as she says that of course she won’t forget Pan. Kim says goodbye and goes to leave but Soda quickly runs up to give him a back hug.

Soda asks Pan if she has to go, can’t Pan stay with her? We see Pan instead of Kim as she asks Soda if P’Kim can’t have his life back, sine he has Khett, P’Way and his family waiting for him and he’s their ship. She asks Soda if she remembers what a Shipper’s love is. It’s to make their ship happy. Pan says that she’s doing it for Soda then she peels Soda’s arms off her and we see Kim instead of Pan as he walks away from Soda. Soda calls out Pan’s name as Kim leaves.

Kim is alone in the stairwell sobbing as he says he’s sorry to Soda. He says that he’s sorry to leave Soda like that. The Angel of Death silently comes and sits down beside him. The Angel offers Kim a tissue, as he cries that this is so hard. The Angel of Death says that she knows, as she’s seen it many times. The Angel says that everything has its own path. She asks again if Kim is sure that this is what Kim chose. The Angel is reluctant to snap her fingers but after a brief flashback montage of Pan’s memories.. The Angel snaps her fingers.

Pan’s body flatlines and Soda call Khett as he runs into the hospital. Kim watches as he runs past them. Khett runs up to ask Soda what’s happening since Pan said she would go back to her body today. Soda tells him the lie that Kim told her about Pan leaving so that P’Kim could come back. Khett tells Soda to stay there as he will go talk to Pan/Kim.

That’s the end of The Shipper: Episode 11 Part 3!