The Shipper: Episode 11 Part 2

Khett is waiting for Kim, he tells Kim that they have to talk. Khett says that he heard everything. Khett knows all about the choice that Kim has to make, whether he stays in P’Kim’s body or goes back to Pan’s body. When Kim nods, Khett says that the decision is easy, Kim should go back to Pan’s body. Kim however is reluctant because if he does that.. Khett says that he knows, but he’s the one that has to live with that and not Kim.

Kim says that Khett will never see his brother again then. Khett says that Pan might be in P’Kim’s body but she’s not P’Kim. Khett says that other people might not know, but he does and so does Soda. He then asks Kim what will happen with Pan’s dad if she stays as Kim. Khett reminds Kim that Pan’s father has been waiting for her to wake up, and have dinner with him. We get a quick flash of Pan’s Dad with Soda waiting outside the ICU. Khett then asks Kim what about Soda, since she’s still waiting to write more fan fiction with Pan.

Khett takes Kim’s hands and tells him that he needs to stop thinking about other people. He should stop thinking about Khett and P’Way. Khett tells Kim that what he should be thinking about, is his own life. Khett wipes away Kim’s tears and tells him that he will deal with P’Way for him. Kim wonders about Khett which is when Khett asks him for a favour.

The next morning, Khett tells Kim that his mom always wanted to have family photos. However, every time they took photos.. P’Kim was never there. Khett asks for Kim to pretend to be P’Kim one last time. Once Kim is ready, Khett calls his mom. Khett’s Mom is surprised that Khett called her so late at night (where she is), but is happy to see her boys together and not fighting. Khett says she should take a family photo now, so his mom wakes his dad up. Khett also tells his parents to say whatever they want to say as there isn’t much time. It was a lot for Kim though so after the photo is taken he walks away. Khett’s parents tell Khett to thank Kim because at least this once, Kim looked them in the eyes. (Their relationship seems as rocky with P’Kim as Khett’s).

Khett says that he will talk to his parents later and hangs up. He then walks over to Kim who’s crying and gives him a hug. Khett tells Kim that it’s okay, he can go back to Pan’s body now and that he will take it from here.

Some time later, Khett seeks out P’Way in storage room. P’Way wants to know what Khett wants now. Khett asks P’Way if he has a backup plan in case he can’t go study abroad with P’Kim. P’Way is confused and wonders why he wouldn’t be able to go with P’Kim. Khett lies and asks what happens if his brother gets into a different school, but P’Way says that he’ll just follow P’Kim wherever he goes. P’Way honestly says that he’s never pictured his future without P’Kim. Khett asks P’Way what happens if P’Kim goes somewhere that P’Way can’t follow. P’Way jokes about P’Kim going to someplace like Mars and Khett says it’s something like that. P’Way says that he would study very hard and join NASA in that case.

P’Way tells Khett very clearly that there is no place that P’Kim can go, that he won’t follow. P’Way wonders why Khett is asking, is he worried about his brother? P’Way asks Khett what kind of brothers are they anyway since the younger one always asks about his older brother and the older brother always keeps an eye on his younger sibling but never says anything. (Awww P’Kim kept an eye on him!) Apparently P’Kim told P’Way about Khett skipping classes to be a hair dresser, in fact P’Kim complained about it a lot. P’Way says that the brothers act like they don’t love each other, yet they take care of each other from afar.

P’Way tells Khett that he has to stop being so tight lipped, and to stop pretending to be okay when he’s not okay. P’Way tells Khett that he has to go with his feelings. P’Way puts his hand comfortingly on Khett’s shoulder before leaving. After P’Way leaves, Khett has a harder time holding back his tears.

Later at home, Khett looks at the post it notes in P’Kim’s room full of information that was supposed to help P’Kim when he returned. He then takes the broken RC plane parts in the box and talks to P’Kim’s photo. He says that although he couldn’t keep the plane, he always kept the manual. Khett says that he always wanted to enter P’Kim’s room and fix the plane with him. Khett says that he could have bought a new plane but it wouldn’t mean anything to him. Khett says that what matters to them is the chance to fix the plane together.

Khett says that although he didn’t get the chance, he’s going to fix the plane anyway. Khett says that he wants P’Kim to know that he doesn’t want them to be broken like the plane. Khett starts to cry as starts to fix the toy plane. Khett fixes the plane, then flies it around the room for a bit before making it land. He tells P’Kim that the plane can fly just fine now, then Khett breaks down sobbing. Kim watches his friend’s grief from the doorway.

That’s the end of The Shipper: Episode 11 Part 2!