The Shipper: Episode 11 Part 1

Kim and Khett make it to the hospital to see the doctors performing CPR on Pan’s body. Pan’s dad demands to know what’s wrong with his daughter, but the doctors don’t answer him, and tell everyone to leave. The group waits in the hallway, Pan’s dad sits in a chair while the trio of friends stand a fair distance away. Soda asks Kim why his original body isn’t responding. Khett doesn’t understand either since Pan’s body has been healthy when Kim returned to it last time. Kim says that he has no idea.

The trio watch as Pan’s body gets rolled out on a gurney. The doctor tells Pan’s dad that there were internal complications and he can’t guarantee that Pan is out of the woods. The doctor says that they are transferring Pan to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) so they can monitor her better. The trio of course overhear the conversation but wait until Pan’s dad leaves before they say anything. Khett says that this isn’t funny and demands for Kim to tell him what happened. Kim says that he doesn’t know which is when a wind blows papers off the nurse’s desk. Kim says he’ll be right back and runs outside.

Outside Kim meets with the Angel of Death and asks what’s going on. The Angel of Death is oddly more subdued than her usual peppy self, she says that she doesn’t know how to tell Kim about it. Kim says that the Angel should just say whatever it is, all he asks is that she doesn’t lie to him. The Angel reminds Kim about he told her how he switched back to his original body and then P’Kim’s body collapsed. Kim remembers and says that’s when he had instructed her to find P’Kim’s soul. Kim wonders what that has to do with Pan’s body being so weak now. The Angel says that where P’Kim’s soul is, that is the answer.

The Angel of Death says that it was just supposed to be a body swap issue but the other person never woke up. She says it’s because P’Kim’s soul was never in Pan’s body. The Angel of Death says that Pan’s body has been soulless for too long and now the body can’t take it anymore. (So unlike Supernatural there’s a time limit to how long a body can be soulless). Kim is confused so he asks for clarification so the Angel of Death tells him bluntly that P’Kim is dead.

So P’Kim actually died in the accident but his soul stayed in limbo instead of moving on. Kim laughs it off and accuses the Angel of Death of lying to him. He tells her that he won’t fall for it and that she should tell him what’s really going on. When the Angel is silent, Kim yells at her to say it’s an April Fool’s joke or to say anything at all but not to be silent. The Angel of Death says that she wishes it was a joke too but it’s not. The Angel says she took both of them to heaven by mistake, then pushed them both back down to Earth. However P’Kim never left that place.

Kim still doesn’t want to believe it, so the Angel pulls out her death book, she says that day they thought the Angel was only supposed to take the dog and that the other pages were blank. The truth is that two pages stuck together.. the dog’s page and P’Kim’s. The Angel shows Kim the page, and we see that P’Kim found out the same thing himself a little while after Pan’s soul returned to Earth and he was left alone in limbo.

Kim tries to deny it, he asks if the Angel knows how many people are waiting for P’Kim to return. A flashback of Khett saying how he wants to repair his relationship with his older brother. Another flashback of P’Way saying how he wants to see P’Kim everyday. In the present, Kim cries and tries to wipe P’Kim off the death page. The Angel of Death grabs his hand telling him to stop it as they can’t change anything. Kim doesn’t believe that, he says that Angel of Death has magic powers and must be able to do something.

The Angel of Death asks Kim if he seriously wants her to do what she is capable of. When Kim says yes, she tells him that the only thing she can do now is change the name of the dead. (So Pan instead of P’Kim). However that wouldn’t bring P’Kim back, it would just stick Pan inside his body forever and her body would die. The Angel of Death says that if Kim wants that, she can do it. The Angel of Death gives him 3 days to think about it. Kim asks if that’s all she can do, giving him the choice of which body he wants to be in for the rest of his life? The Angel insists that’s all she can do, and as far as she can go. She then leaves Kim alone to think.

That’s the end of The Shipper: Episode 11 Part 1!