The Lovely Writer: Episode 10 Part 4

The next day Gene is at a cafe, he snaps a quick picture of his food & drink sending it as a text to Nubsib. He tells Nubsib that he will meet him after class, as he’s waiting for Hin at a cafe nearby anyway. Nubsib texts back an agreement to meet at the cafe. A moment later Hin shows up saying that he hasn’t seen Gene in a long time and he was missing Gene.

Hin asks if Gene already sent a picture to Nubsib but Gene just tells him to Fuck off. Hin says that’s harsh, then teases Gene saying that Nubsib is his. Gene plays along saying that if Hin wants him, he can have him. Hin says that since Gene said that, he can’t cry if Hin actually does get Nubsib. Gene says that Hin is very annoying so Hin asks about Gene’s manuscript. Gene says that he’s almost finished as he’s nearing the end. Hin then asks about the special chapters and how many Gene wants to write. Hin suggests maybe 5 or 6 chapters and Gene agrees with him that it sounds about right.

Hin then goes on to say that there should be some NC scenes, he suggests that they break it up into two scenes. Gene is shocked that Hin wants two scenes, Hin says that if Gene finishes by the 18th then the book will be done in time for the book fair. Hin says that Bua requested the scenes to be hot and steamy (does she ever ask for anything else?) Noticing that Gene is making faces, Hin says that since they are special chapter, the scenes have to be extra spicy.

Gene says that he understands but he’s not sure how to execute it nicely in writing and link it to the plot. Hin suggests that Gene send it anyway and maybe Bua can help when she edits it. Gene nods then starts to pick at his food. Hin asks Gene if he’s read Hin’s manuscript that he sent. Gene says that honestly he hasn’t read it yet. Gene suggests that Hin upload his story to an internet website. Hin wonders if that’s truly a good idea, but Gene reminds him that’s how Gene started out. Hin says that he will try it but doesn’t seem that enthusiastic about it. Hin’s mouth goes wide in surprised and Gene asks what’s wrong. Nubsib is behind Gene!

Gene gets startled by Nubsib’s sudden appearance and ask how he got there. Nubsib says that Gene sent him a picture so of course he came. Gene says that he only sent a picture of the cake, yet Nubsib was able to find him from that? Nubsib says that the cafe is close to his university so of course he knew where it was. Hin teases Gene that the two are attached at the hip, which earns him a kick under the table and Gene telling him to shut the hell up.

Hin then suggests that Gene should get Nubsib to help him write the NC scenes and pretends that it just slipped out. Gene tells Hin to shut up, but Nubsib is very interested. Gene says that it’s nothing and changes the subject asking Nubsib to help him eat the cake. Nubsib teases Gene by asking if he’ll feed it to him. Gene tells Nubsib to eat it himself but Nubsib gets whiny saying that if Gene won’t feed it to him, he’s not going to eat it. Gene says that Nubsib can go pay for the cake and Hin’s stuff too. Nubsib says that he’ll go pay, how much cake does Gene want? Nubsib says that he will always pay for Gene. Hin immediately orders a bunch of cake but Nubsib points out that he Hin isn’t Gene so he’s not paying for Hin’s stuff. Hin complains that Nubsib is being mean.

Later at the condo, Gene has his duffel bag packed and looks at his phone to check the time. He yells at Nubsib to ask if he’s finished packing yet or else they are going to be late. Nubsib comes out of his room with his bag saying that’s he done. Gene grabs his duffle bag saying that they have to hurry to beat traffic or else they will miss their flight. Nubsib tells him to wait a moment so Gene asks what did Nubsib forget? Nubsib says he didn’t forget anything it just seems that Gene is more excited for the trip than he is. Gene says that he’s not excited, he’s just scared that they are going to be late.

Nubsib says that since they are going to go to the beach where it’s hot Gene should remember to put on sunscreen lotion (cue the product placement ad) Nubsib does the ad then lovingly puts some of the sun screen lotion on Gene’s face. Nubsib reminds Gene to put on sun screen lotion even when he’s not around so the sun doesn’t steal Gene’s cuteness. Gene says that Nubsib is going to make him hurl, and tosses Nubsib one of the bags, telling him to hurry up or they’ll be late.

The resort looks lovely.

Gene walks around the resort but Nubsib startles him by showing up. Gene asks Nubsib if he has to work, Nubsib says that he does but then asks Gene where he’s going. Gene says that he’s going to go swimming, he had already texted Nubsib. Nubsib asks him if he can’t wait until there is more shade but Gene says that he’s wearing sun screen. Nubsib says that Gene may have sunscreen but Gene doesn’t have him. Gene asks if Nubsib isn’t going to let him go swimming then. Nubsib asks if Gene to wait until his photo shoot is over so they can go together. Nubsib then squishes Gene’s cheeks.

Tum happens to be walking by and curses at them both telling them to be more careful. He asks Nubsib what he would’ve done if it hadn’t been Tum walking by but someone else. Nubsib rolls his eyes saying that it would fine, which makes Tum curse at him. Gene complains to Tum that Nubsib won’t let him go play in the water. Tum doesn’t hear Gene as he thanks Nubsib for paying for his room as it’s much nicer. Tum then asks if Gene said something but Gene says no. Tum tries to drag Nubsib away so they don’t keep the crew waiting, but he can’t move Nubsib. Nubsib tells Gene to wait for him so they can go play together. Only then is Tum able to drag Nubsib away from Gene.

Nubsib is distracted all throughout the photoshoot as he tries to look for Gene. The make up artist has to do a touch up but Nubsib won’t stay still which earns him a scolding.

Gene meanwhile is laying near the pool with his MacBook, AirPods while eating some toast with jam. Gene puts down his toast when he gets a phone call. It’s Hin, so Gene asks him how his story is doing that he posted on the website. Hin says that he probably won’t write anymore. Gene is worried so he asks why Hin would stop writing. Hin says that he has writer’s block and can’t seem to finish his story. Gene says that he should just write and upload it, he has uploaded it right? Hin says that he has but he sounds depressed. Gene guesses it’s because someone left a nasty comment. Hin says that someone did leave a nasty comment, but also that no one is really reading his work either.

Hin says that it’s mostly just people leaving mean comments. Gene puts away his MacBook and asks how Hin is feeling. Hin says that he doesn’t feel like writing anymore. Gene asks Hin to really think about it, does he still want to be a writer? Hin says that he does but when he sees the results, he doesn’t think that he’s cut out for the profession. Gene asks if anyone left a positive comment on Hin’s work. Hin admits there were some positive comments, but not a lot of them. Gene points out that this means that some people liked his work. Gene suggests that Hin go over his story again but this time as if he’s reading one of Gene’s novels.

Hin asks how to do that so Gene tells him that when he reads Gene’s works, he reads it with a reader’s perspective and sees mistakes that Gene misses. Gene says that when Hin started out working for him, Gene had so many blind spots and it was because of Hin that his novel got considered. Hin argues that it’s not the same, Gene says maybe but has Hin even tried yet? Gene tells him to try first and if it doesn’t help then Gene will help him. Gene says that there has to be a way. Hin says that he’ll try that. Gene says that when Hin is finished writing his novel, he should take it to Bua so it can be published. Since Hin is a total insider, it shouldn’t be hard. Hin says he’s not good enough to be published yet but Gene tells him not to look down on himself.

After all of Gene’s words of encouragement, Hin hangs up the phone and makes a face at his laptop. Hin sighs then goes to grab a notebook to start taking notes from some of the critical comments. Hin sighs again but he seem to be in a better headspace regarding his writing now.

Back at the resort, Gene is typing away on his MacBook when Nubsib finds him. Gene asks if he’s ready to go play in the water then, but Nubsib just holds out his hand. Gene is confused and asks Nubsib about it. Nubsib is apparently holding out his hand for the sunscreen. Gene complains that Nubsib should have just said so instead of holding out his hand. Nubsib starts to apply the sunscreen to Gene’s body.

Gene complains that Nubsib is taking too long, doesn’t he want to go play in the water? Nubsib picks Gene up and carries him into water. The two spend a lot of time splashing around and just having fun at the beach. However, they are not being careful and just as Tum warned Nubsib.. they were caught on camera by a fan which was promptly uploaded to social media and hash tagged.

Roll those end credits! That’s the end of The Lovely Writer: Episode 10!