The Lovely Writer: Episode 10 Part 3

Later that night Gene is on his phone while the first episode of Bad Engineer plays. Nubsib comes over and asks him what he’s doing. Gene says that he’s making an Instagram story post because it’s the first episode of the drama. Nubsib wonders why Gene hasn’t dried his hair yet but Gene says that his hair will dry on its own. Nubsib then asks Gene to take a picture of him as Tum needs it for a client. Gene tells him to wait so they can watch the drama together first. Gene’s phone blows up with notifications as fans notice a familiar voice in Gene’s Instagram story, they notice that it’s Nubsib.

Nubsib wonders if Gene is going to watch the show or just play with his phone. Gene says that he’s going to watch the show and puts down his phone. (The drama is giving major SOTUS vibes). Gene points out Aoey as Nubsib’s friend, which Nubsib reminds him that he already knows. When Nubsib’s character shows up, Gene says that the lead character is such a badass he wonders who the lead actor is. Nubsib teases him back wondering who wrote it. Gene tells him to pay attention to the show, since he’s starring in it. Nubsib says that he will watch it when his boyfriend is starring in it and then he won’t look away from the screen.

Gene says that Nubsib is teasing him again and Nubsib asks if he’s making Gene blush. Soon it’s a commercial break so Nubsib tells Gene to hurry and take the photo. (this is a product placement ad). After a few photos, Nubsib begs Gene to put the mask on for him. Gene complains that Nubsib is being fussy but he does agree to do it.

Nubsib teases Gene while he puts the mask on Nubsib. Gene tells Nubsib that if he doesn’t stay still then the mask won’t stay on properly. Once the mask has been appropriately applied, Gene laughs at Nubsib, Nubsib wonder if Gene is pulling a prank on him. Gene says no. (The mask makes him look like b horror movie villain). Gene takes a few photos of Nubsib with the mask on for Tum. Gene hands the phone back over to Nubsib so he can look at the photos. Nubsib complains that he’s not as handsome with the mask on. Gene points out that no one can see Nubsib’s face, then teases him saying that Nubsib looks like Casper’s ghost. Nubsib punishes him with kisses and tickling.

Later that night, Gene is at his desk looking at his MacBook. Nubsib comes into the room and asks what he’s up to. Gene says that he’s writing about the conflict of coming out of the closet to one’s family. Nubsib asks if Gene is writing a sex scene which earns him a glare from Gene. Nubsib says that he will help Gene write a sex scene. Gene turns back to the computer telling Nubsib to quit talking rubbish.

Nubsib demands to know why Gene is so cute. Gene says that he’s not being cute, he’s working. Nubsib pulls Gene’s chair closer so he can nuzzle and tickle Gene. That’s when Nubsib’s phone rings. It turns out to be Tum and he asks if Nubsib has seen what’s been happening on Twitter. Nubsib admits that he has, Tum says it’s people speculating that it’s Nubsib’s voice in Gene’s Instagram story and it’s making Tam very unhappy. Tum says that he’s already Tam that he’s there too (he’s not.) Tum warns Nubsib to be more careful.

Nubsib wonders if there is anything else to talk about, so Tum mentions that the summer shoot is on the 6th. Tum says that he’s already booked the flight and the room. Nubsib asks Tum if he can book another room. Tum asks if the extra room is for Gene, and of course Nubsib says yes. Tum wonders what people will say if they see Gene and Nubsib sharing a room. He warns Nubsib to be careful especially with the staff. Nubsib tells Tum to book a room far from everyone else then. Tum says that might help, and that he’ll book it.

Nubsib hangs up the phone and Gene asks if it was Tum that was calling him. Nubsib confirms it and Gene wonders why Tum is calling Nubsib. Nubsib skips over the Twitter part of the conversation and says that he has a photoshoot at a beach coming up, he then asks Gene to come with him. Gene asks why, doesn’t Nubsib have to work? Nubsib points out that he won’t be working all night and day, so Gene should come with him. Nubsib pulls Gene’s chair closer to him as he begs Gene to come with him, doesn’t Gene want to play in the sea? Gene thinks it over. Nubsib begs some more and eventually Gene agrees to the beach with him.

That’s the end of The Lovely Writer: Episode 10 Part 3!