The Lovely Writer: Episode 10 Part 2

Nubsib eagerly awaits Gene downstairs. Gene’s Dad opens the door and comes down first though. Nubsib greets him, Gene’s dad comments that the moment he gives Nubisb permission, he shows up. Gene’s dad says that kids these days really get quite eager, Nubsib can only smile and agree. Gene’s dad tells Nubsib that his dad had already texted him, so the coast is clear, he also tells Nubsib to take good care of Gene. Nubsib says that he will take the best care of Gene. Gene’s dad tells Nubsib that he had better stick to his words then leaves.

Gene is partway down the stairs to Nubsib when his dad passes him and gives a quick shoulder pat of support. Jab is standing at the top of the stairs watching everything. Gene finally descends the rest of the stairs to Nubsib and asks him why he’s there. Nubsib says that he was so excited from what he overheard that he had to come right over. Gene is a little embarrassed that Nubsib overheard his conversation with his father. Nubsib doesn’t care though and goes straight for a hug. Gene is a bit reluctant though since it’s right in front of the house. Nubsib also wants to kiss but Gene says not out there and suggests going inside first. Gene then hugs Nubsib back.

Gene’s dad and Jab continue to watch from the top of the stairs, while Gene’s mom is watching from the balcony. Gene’s mom snaps a quick picture or two of the couple hugging and texts it to Nubsib’s mom. Nubsib’s mom quickly texts back a heart emoji and says that they should attend aerobics class together tomorrow. Jab even apologizes to his dad but his father says that he understands and tells his son to do better. Gene finally realizes that the couple has an audience and pushes Nubsib away a bit embarrassed.

A little while later on the balcony, Nubsib comes to give Gene a back hug asking him if he wants to go back today. Gene says that he was thinking of staying for two more days but tells Nubsib he can go first if it’s too difficult to go and come back. Nubsib thinks a moment, then says that he will wait and go back with Gene. Gene asks about how the business stuff is going and Nubsib says that it’s coming along. He asks if Gene doesn’t believe in him. Gene says that of course he believes in Nubsib.

Gene breaks away from the back hug to turn around as he asks what Nubsib would do if Gene’s dad didn’t agree for them to be together. Nubsib says that he wasn’t worried because Gene’s dad is a reasonable person. Gene wonders what would have happened if it hadn’t been that easy, what would Nubsib trade for him. Nubsib says that Gene’s dad isn’t a businessman like his, so he wouldn’t trade anything for his son because Gene is worth so much more than that, Nubsib agrees with Gene’s dad on that. Then there’s more hugging.

Elsewhere, Tum uses his phone to find Tiffy kickboxing at the gym. Tum goes to the other side of the boxing bag and holds it while Tiffy kicks. Tiffy finally acknowledges his presence by asking him what kind of prank does he want to pull now? Tum says that he really likes her. Tiffy hits the bag a bit more before stopping to say that she doesn’t find that very funny. Tum once again tells her that he’s not joking, he’s serious and he likes her.

The two of them end up in the boxing ring, where Tum insists he’s serious and Tiffy insists that he must be joking (I’m so over this.. between her thinking he was gay, and now this.. it’s the same run around.) Tum begs her to listen to him (she hasn’t before, why should she now?) but Tiffy tells him to quit joking around and playing with other people’s feelings. Tiffy goes to kick him again but this time he grabs her leg and they both fall down. Tum doesn’t let her up and says again that he really likes her. She yells at him to stop it because he’s gay. Tum frustrated says he’s not gay and never was (she assumed he was gay because he spent time with Gene and they are close friends. A lot of people can’t tell the difference between close friendship and a romantic relationship these days..)

Tum demands to know why everyone assumes he that is gay (great question!) He asks Tiffy how many times must he tell her that he’s not gay. He also demands to know how many times he has to say that he likes her before Tiffy actually believes him. Tiffy pushes Tum off of her and tell him that’s enough because she doesn’t want to hate him more than she already does.

Tiffy gets up to leave and Tum tells her that she’s the only one that he thinks about all the time. Tum says that he can never finish what he wants to do when they’re together and just her smile makes him sway. He says that no matter what she does, he likes her. Tum says so what if he looks gay, he likes her. He kind of raps it, which makes Tiffy smile and laugh. She finally says that she will believe him. Tum goes in for a hug and Tiffy hugs him back! After the hug, Tiffy says that Tum is a pretty good rapper. Tum says he rapped on a tv show once, does she want to see? He has the video in his room, Tiffy calls him cheeky and walks away.

That’s the end of Episode 10 Part 2!