The Lovely Writer: Episode 10 Part 1

So after all the tears from last episode, this episode starts off the next morning at Gene’s house with the family having breakfast, and it’s full of tense silence. If you thought having breakfast at the table was bad, try taking out the trash. Gene’s Mom and Nubsib’s Mom are both taking out the trash and when Gene’s Mom tries to talk to Nubisb’s it’s nothing but the cold shoulder. The two moms attend dance class together later but it’s more silence and awkwardness between the two of them.

Jab is sitting at home in his gaming chair when Nueng calls him via video. He asks how things are going and Jab tells him that there are some minor problems. Nueng says that he doubts that the problems are minor. Nueng confesses that he was the one that told Nubsib and Gene that they should tell their parents about their relationship however, he didn’t think that it would end up like this. Nueng just didn’t want the couple to keep on hiding things. Jab says that he understands, he also says that Nueng shouldn’t blame himself because no one could have predicted this outcome (except anyone that’s ever watched a BL! Or read a BL novel…)

Nueng says that Jab should give their parents time after all, Nubsib’s mom loves Gene like a second son. Jab says he can understand that see how that would be problematic feeling wise then sighs that it’s so complicated. They both wonder what it will be like in the future but neither has any idea how things will end up. Nueng says that he has to go but tells Jab that he should smile more because he’s the big brother and Gene’s in a tough spot right now. Nueng tells Jab to take care of Gene then ends the call.

Gene comes downstairs and his Mom asks him where he’s going. Gene tells her nowhere, he just couldn’t sleep last night. His mom says that she has something to show him. A little while later the two are sitting down as the Mom prepares MATCHA! (I LOVE a good matcha!) *note she’s preparing matcha the traditional way, to save time most people tend to use a mechanical whisk or matcha shaker mug*

Gene kneels down and tells his mom that he wants to talk to his dad. He asks her if his dad doesn’t want him to be with Nubsib. Gene’s Mom replies that she doesn’t know the answer. Gene says that if his dad doesn’t want them to be together, then Gene at least wants to hear the reasons why. His Mom says that the dad has his reasons and that if Gene wants his dad to understand him, then he has to try to understand his dad as well. Gene says that his dad isn’t being unreasonable but he wants to talk to his dad about it. His mom tells him to give his father some time, then pours him a cup of Matcha.

Gene’s Mom admits that when she first heard the boys were in a relationship, she was shocked too. She tells him that what she thinks doesn’t really matter. She then hands over the matcha making supplies and suggests he try making some tea (it’s very relaxing to whisk matcha). Gene makes his own tea but he uses two spoonfuls (that’s waay too much for me!) then whisks it. He drinks it but makes an “Ew” faces, saying that he doesn’t want anymore because it doesn’t taste as good as when his mom makes it. His mom says that she won’t always be around to make him tea. She says that one day he will have to make his own tea and if it tastes bad, he will have to find a way to make it taste better on his own.

Gene’s Mom says that though they might not say it very often in the family, they are doing what they can because they love him. They just need a bit more understanding, so everything can be better. She says that she loves both her son and her husband very much. Gene comes over and the two share a heartwarming hug.

Meanwhile at Nubsib’s house his dad is pruning a bonsai tree when his wife comes in asking why he’s acting as if nothing has happened. He reminds her about how when they first met they both fought over the tree and the pot however the tree and pot eventually ended up together. He says that if he knew that tree and pot would’ve both been his and ended up together, he wouldn’t have fought so hard.

Some time later Gene phones Nubsib and asks where he’s been. Nubsib just says sorry and his family.. Gene says that he understands since it’s been hard at his house too. Nubsib asks Gene how he’s holding up. Gene says that his dad still won’t talk to him, then he asks what Nubsib will do if their families won’t let them see each other. Gene asks if Nubsib would stop talking to him then. Nubsib promptly says that of course he would still talk to Gene because Gene is going to be his boyfriend no matter what the family thinks. Nubsib has to hang up as his family is calling for him to come to a family meeting.

Nubsib sits down in the living room and his dad asks Nubsib to tell him the whole story of his relationship with Gene and how it happened. Nubsib reminds his dad that he had always asked why Nubsib is single and Gene’s the reason. Nubsib says that he’s tried relationships with other people but it never works. Nubsib’s mom asks him how he ended up living with Gene (trickery and manipulation..) Nubsib says that Gene didn’t remember him, but Nubsib was the lead actor for the drama based on Gene’s novel. Tum is Nubsib’s manager and happened to be university friends with Gene and asked Gene to take care of Nubsib.

Nubsib’s dad honestly says that he’s not okay with this because the family runs a business. Image and credibility are very important so that they can do business. Nubsib’s dad says that he views both of them as his sons, and he won’t say too much. He’s discussed it with his wife and they won’t force anything. Nubsib’s dad says that even if they did forbid, it most likely wouldn’t stop Nubsib (dad smiles as he says it). He says that Nubsib must take responsibility for it though. Nubsib smiles thanking both of his parents for their acceptance (now we just need to work on Gene’s family..) They even negotiate a deal that if Nubsib can get a deal on land that his dad wants, his dad will talk to Gene’s dad to convince him to let the couple be together. Nubsib’s mom apologizes for her earlier behaviour saying that she was just shocked. She and Nubsib hug.

Gene’s parents are on the balcony of their home when Gene’s dad asks where their son is. Gene’s mom says that he went to bed. Gene’s dad asks if their son ate anything but his wife says no, Gene claimed he wasn’t hungry. His wife asks how he’s holding up, Gene’s dad says that he’s scared. He’s scared Gene that will have to go through what he went through, he’s always been scared of it. His wife tells him that there’s nothing to be scared of. Gene’s dad says that he wants a better life for his son then the one that he had. He doesn’t want anyone to look down on his son, he doesn’t want people to say bad things to his son or hate him.

She tells him that times have changed and that by doing this, Gene will think his dad hates him. She says that if anyone would misunderstand him, then the dad should realize that his son wants his father to understand him the most. She reminds him to think on how he felt back then and what he wanted the most back then. The dad breaks down crying saying that he’s so scared. They hug each other and his wife pats him on the back trying to comfort him.

The next day Gene is in bed when his phone rings. Gene answers and Nubsib comments that Gene answered so fast, that he must miss him. Gene just says no and that his phone was right beside him. Nubsib asks what Gene is up to, or if he’s getting shy. Gene asks what Nubsib means about him getting shy. Nubsib dodges the question asking if Gene has eaten yet. Gene says that he’s not hungry so he hasn’t eaten anything yet. Gene then asks Nubsib how it’s going at the shoot. Nubsib says that it’s the same and that they are almost done filming. Nubsib also says that he got the day off, so he’s already at home.

Gene tells Nubsib to hold on as there was a knock on his bedroom door. Gene tells the person to come in, it’s his father. Gene’s dad sits on the bed, he asks why Gene didn’t come down for breakfast. Gene says again that he wasn’t hungry but his dad asks if he truly wasn’t hungry or did he just not want to see his father. Gene’s dad asks him if he truly loves Nubsib. Gene of course says yes, his father asks him if he knows that love isn’t just about two people. Gene’s dad says that whether it’s their jobs or other obstacles they must face, people will make comments if they see the two of them together.

Gene’s dad says that if Gene tells him that things are more open now than in the past, does he really believe it? Gene’s dad says this is why he’s making sure that Gene loves Nubsib. He says that Nubsib is a smart kid that can solve most problems, but can Gene really handle it? Gene tells his dad that he really wants to be with Nubsib. His dad says that he envies the fact that his son is true to his feelings. Gene’s dad tells him to hold onto that feeling for a long while, because he’s never forgotten that feeling.

Gene wonders about how his dad feels about his mom then. Gene’s dad says that his feelings doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love Gene’s mom. He tells Gene that he has to be strong and hold onto that loving feeling with everything that he’s got. Gene’s dad says that even if Gene does lose that feeling, it’s okay because everyone in their house will be right next to him. Gene leans in to hug his father and says that he’s sorry that he said such mean words to him. His dad says that he’s not angry and that he’s actually glad that Gene isn’t running away from his feelings. Gene’s dad says that Gene was always hard headed, then points out that Nubsib is still on the phone.

Gene picks up the phone and Nubsib tells him that he’s standing outside Gene’s house, so he should come down and see him.

That’s the end of The Lovely Writer: Episode 10 Part 1!