The Shipper: Episode 10 Part 4

That night, Kim fills Soda in on the phone about why P’Kim did what he did. Soda is shocked and says that she can’t imagine doing that for anyone. Kim says that they can now see clearly how much P’Kim loved P’Way. Kim asks why Soda doesn’t seem happy since their ship of P’Way and P’Kim is real. Soda says that she’s trying but she feels bad for Kim. Soda says that she started the idea, but Kim is the one that is hurt because of it. Kim pretends that he’s not hurt at all, saying Soda must be crazy.

Kim says that he’s fine and that he’s relieved that he didn’t break their Shipper rule. It’s pretty clear that he’s hurting though, as if he’s holding back tears. Kim says that it’s great that things turned out this way, could Soda imagine him dating P’Way? Kim says that as Pan, she was nothing compared to Phingphing. Kim says that it’s good that things turned out this way, Soda asks if he’s sure about it. Kim says that he is but the tears have finally escaped his eyes and are rolling down his cheeks. Kim says they can celebrate now since P’Way and P’Kim love each other

. Kim says that he and Soda can go back to being the Shippers that they used to be. Soda believes him and says it’s good because then he can come back on the Shipper team. Kim says that’s good, but he’s tired now so he’ll hang up and go to sleep. After Kim hangs up the phone, he lays down in bed. He says that he must be some kind of sinner because not only is he heartbroken but he’s inside the boyfriend’s body.

Kim leaves the room and bumps into Khett. He asks if he can crash in Khett’s room with him tonight because he doesn’t want to be alone. Kim ends up telling Khett everything. Khett now understands why P’Way told him earlier that P’Kim wasn’t doing everything because of his younger brother. Kim says that everything happens for a reason and Khett agrees with him. Kim says he must be in that body to make the two fall in love with each other and understand each other better. Kim says the reason that’s he in P’Kim’s body must be so that he can experience heartbreak, this makes Khet laugh.

Kim points out that Khett has never genuinely felt bad for Kim when he experiences heartbreak, he always smiles instead. Khett apologizes but even when he says sorry, he’s still smiling. That earns him a smack with a pillow. Khett says that he will hit Kim back with the pillow since that hurt, when Kim dares him to do so however, he can’t. Khett tells Kim to get some sleep. Kim says shyly that the other thing he has learned is that Khett is a lot cuter than he thought Khett was. Khett’s shocked to learn that Kim thinks he’s cute.

Kim smiles and points out that Khett is blushing. Kim says that before he didn’t think that Khett could be relied on. However since things have gotten to this point, Kim says that Khett has always been there for him. Kim says that every time he’s stressed out, Khett is there for him. Kim also points out that Khett always listens to his stupid complaints. Kim then asks if he can help Khett with anything. Khett says that by Kim being in his brother’s body has actually helped him (it did get Pan to notice him!)

Khett says that Kim being in his brother’s body helped him to understand P’Kim better. He also got a chance to do things with Kim that he never got the chance to do for his brother. Khett says that honestly he still wants to do those things with P’Kim. Khett wants his brother to come back and talk to him. Kim asks what he wants to do with P’Kim the most. Khett says that what he really wants to do is to fix an RC airplane with his brother.

Khett says that the brother’s relationship cracked when that toy was broken. Khett says that when he was a kid, he didn’t handle anything with care and constantly broke P’Kim’s toys. Their parents never yelled at Khett but turned to his brother instead which is why P’Kim didn’t like to play with Khett. P’Kim had no choice when it was their parents that bought the toys, so P’Kim saved up his money to buy his own toy and hid it from Khett. Khett of course found the plane and played with it, his brother found him and a fight broke out over the plane. The plane got busted as a result and when P’Kim asked his brother why he did it, their dad blamed P’Kim because he didn’t share his toys.

P’Kim pushed Khett and told him not to go near him ever again. Khett says that he always felt like if he fixed that plane, he’d get a chance to talk to his brother again. Kim says that he thinks he can help with that, then they both head into P’Kim’s room. Kim writes down a note on a post it and sticks it to the wall. Kim says that he will leave notes for P’Kim about what’s happened so that he can stay informed when he returns to his body. Kim leaves notes like “broke up with Kana”, P’Way’s love confession, and that Khett wants to fix the plane with P’Kim and how bad he feels about breaking it. We then see Pan as she says that this way, Khett can fix his broken relationship with his brother.

Pan’s voiceover says that while P’Kim has been away, many things have happened. Some are happy and some are sad. Pan says that now everything is falling back into place though. We see Soda in her room happily reading a BL. We also see P’Way throwing darts in his room. Pan’s voiceover continues saying that P’Kim and her both have someone waiting for them, Pan has her father that still sits by her hospital bed waiting for her to wake up. Pan’s voiceover says that P’Kim just needs to come back and she begs him to come back soon. Kim’s phone rings and it’s Soda telling Kim that he must rush to the hospital because Pan’s body has fallen into a coma. Kim and Khett rush to leave the house. In the hospital it appears they are doing CPR on Pan’s body.

Roll those end credits! That’s the end of The Shipper: Episode 10!