The Shipper: Episode 10 Part 3

P’Way drags Kim into a gym storage room. Kim’s phone immediately starts to ring so P’Way grabs it, seeing that it’s Khett, he declines the call and hands it back to Kim. Khett then calls P’Way’s phone when he can’t get a hold of Kim. P’Way declines that call too and asks Kim what’s wrong with his brother. Kim doesn’t answer so P’Way moves on, saying that he’s ready to hear Kim’s answer now.

Kim starts but P’Way tells him to wait a moment as he just wants to ask Kim one thing first. P’Way says that whatever Kim’s answer is, he asks that it doesn’t change them. P’Way still wants to see Kim everyday, and hang out with him everyday. P’Way also wants to still be able to bet on silly things with Kim and go to the same school like they had planned. P’Way then grabs some nearby darts and says that their bet still stands, if Kim wins they go to Tokyo and if P’Way wins they go to LA. Kim has a brief flashback to P’Kim’s room with the bulletin board full of Tokyo stuff. P’Way throws a dart into the dart board, then tells Kim that he can be anything Kim wants, as long as they stay together.

Kim tells P’Way that he’s not good enough to be with him. Kim tells P’Way that he’s not the person that P’Way thinks he is. Kim tells P’Way that he’s not smart, and may even be a bad student. Kim also says that he’s not kind and doesn’t do good things. (Flashbacks of P’Kim stealing the flash drive, and Kim finding it). Kim says that he does what he does in order to create the perfect image. P’Way asks if Kim is really going to turn him down because of this and Kim confirms it.

Kim says that someone like P’Way should be with someone better than him. Kim says that P’Way should be with someone that can take care of him. P’Way points out that P’Kim did all that in order to take care of him, didn’t he? P’Way says that he already knows that P’Kim isn’t an excellent student and he knows how exhausted P’Kim was, especially with those academic competitions. We get a flashback of P’Way watching P’Kim study.

P’Way knows that P’Kim was originally doing it for his family, and that he wanted to stop but couldn’t because of P’Way. P’Kim was doing it to beat someone that P’Way could never beat. We then get a flashback of P’Way’s dad being abusive, throwing stuff at him because he got into another fight. P’Way’s dad is mad because the school P’Way is in now, is the last one that would accept him. He is also supposed to be a good big brother and take care of his sister but P’Way is jeopardizing his future with his current actions. The dad says that he had already planned out a path for P’Way so what else does he want. Glass cracks and we see that P’Kim threw a rock at the window.

The dad asks if P’Kim is a friend of P’Way’s which P’Way denies. The dad calls P’Kim a trash friend but that doesn’t stop P’Kim from throwing rocks at the window (pretty big rocks too!) This has the intended effect of drawing P’Way’s dad out of the house dragging P’Way with him. The dad says that P’Kim should go cause a scene somewhere else, but P’Kim says that he can’t because he’s already caused one here. P’Kim says that he doesn’t have a problem with P’Way though, he has a problem with the dad (you and me both P’Kim!)

P’Kim says that P’Way isn’t very good at explaining things but he tries very hard not to get into fights. P’Kim says that every time there’s a fight, P’Way tries to walk away but he can’t. P’Kim says that it’s not easy for them to escape something that they’ve been trapped in for so long. P’Kim tells the dad that if he wants P’Way to graduate and to have a bright future, then P’Kim will help. The dad demands to know who P’Kim thinks he is. P’Kim says that he has enough credibility with the school to keep P’Way from being expelled. P’Kim’s only condition is that when P’Way graduates, his dad must let him choose his own path.

The dad says that he plans out everything for P’Way because he’s an older brother. P’Kim says that just because P’Way is an older brother, it doesn’t mean that he has to carry the world. P’Kim says that P’Way has the right to live his own life. P’Kim says that by not giving P’Way a choice, the father is forcing P’Way to do the opposite of what he wants. P’Kim says that P’Way gets into fights because of his dad. The dad is going to hit P’Kim but P’Way grabs him telling him to stop. P’Kim says the only choice for the dad is to let his son get expelled or to let P’Kim take care of him. (P’Kim the hero!)

P’Kim says that if the dad chooses the first option then he gets nothing but if he chooses the second option then his son will graduate and then the dad can let P’Way choose what he wants.

In the present, P’Way tells Kim that he fought for P’Way and studied so hard in order to tutor him. P’Way says that P’Kim never wanted to join any academic competition but always did it anyway. P’Way says that he didn’t understand why until the day that P’Kim used the academic competitions as leverage so that P’Way wouldn’t get expelled. He says that P’Kim knew that eventually P’Way would get expelled and that the only way to prevent it was to have enough power that he could negotiate with the school board to keep P’Way enrolled. P’Way says that Kim can’t call himself selfish when he went through all that for P’Way. P’Way says that the excuse that Kim gave him for rejecting him isn’t something that he will accept. He will accept Kim not liking him and rejecting him for that reason though.

When Kim doesn’t say anything, P’Way says it’s as Kim wishes then. (This is so incredibly heartbreaking, I’m not crying! You’re crying!) P’Way says he’ll go home and be heartbroken, when Kim wants to go home he should take his motorbike because P’Way got it fixed for him. P’Way hands him the key as he says that he knows how much P’Kim loves his motorbike. P’Way goes to leave but Kim tells him to wait. P’Way stops as Kim asks if he can answer P’Way again. Kim says that this person can’t answer P’Way’s question, but that he will get to hear an answer one day, he asks P’Way to wait a bit longer.

Kim asks P’Way if he can wait, P’Way replies that for P’Kim, he would wait forever. P’Way smiles.

That’s the end of The Shipper: Episode 10 Part 3!