The Shipper: Episode 10 Part 2

P’Kim is practicing for his conversation with P’Way when Khett comes into the bathroom claiming that he just wants to brush his teeth. He listens as Kim continues to practice but the lines he uses are similar to when one is breaking up with someone, not a person that is rejecting the other before a relationship starts as Khett is quick to point out. So Kim tries again this time he tries to tell the mirror that P’Way is too good for him, but Khett quickly points out that P’Way has been expelled multiple times. This time Kim tries to say that he wants to just stay friends with P’Way and since Khett doesn’t argue about this line, Kim decides that it must be the one that works.

Khett asks Kim if he is really going to tell P’Way the truth, that P’Kim is a cheater. When Kim admits that he is, Khett tells him that it’s unfair to P’Kim. Kim asks Khett to give him one good reason why a person would cheat then. Khett stands speechless thinking, Kim says that there is no reason for it, then leaves the room. Khett sighs alone in the bathroom and starts to brush his teeth.

Awhile later Kim finds P’Way cleaning a basketball alone in the gym. Kim asks where everyone is and P’Way tells him the others went to go shower. Kim says that he’s here to answer the question that P’Way asked. P’Way tells him to go ahead but Kim can’t look him in the eye. P’Way teases him saying that he should look his elders in the eye when talking to them. Kim looks hopeful but is crushed when P’Way says that he’s two months older so he is a senior. (He thought P’Way finally figured it out.. silly boy!) P’Way says that Kim can call him either Big Brother or Big Boss (god he’s so adorable!) He then realizes how serious this is and tells Kim to just look him in the eyes and say it.

Kim stumbles and struggles with his words until a basketball comes flying from nowhere. They both look around and Khett quickly hides but not before Kim sees him. Kim curses but tells P’Way to not pay attention to Khett. Kim tries again to say what he wants to say but as soon as he tries, Khett throws another basketball to interrupt.

Kim gets frustrated leaves P’Way, to go grab Khett and tells him to quit interrupting. P’Way seeing Khett comes over and says that Khett caused such a mess last time, what does he want now? Khett says that he’s just trying to help P’Way but they all tell each other to butt out. P’Way tells Khett to butt out because it’s none of his business and he’s just a child. Khett angry says that fine, he’s just a child and leaves. (If he’s a child then so is Pan since they are in the same class, so ouch!) P’Way tells Khett to hurry up and say what he wants to say before Khett brings an adult to interrupt.

Kim starts to get it out but an adult does show up which pisses off P’Way as he’s convinced this is the adult that Khett sent to interrupt them. The adult says that he’s a teacher but P’Way doesn’t believe him and things get heated.. when Khett shows up with a staff member. P’Way realizes his mistake and it’s made even worse because the adult is actually the school director!

Later P’Way and Khett are mopping the floors together. P’Way angrily says that Khett got him into trouble again. Khett quickly points out that he actually didn’t do anything. P’Way asks if Khett is sure that he didn’t have anything to do with P’Way being there, then why is he helping to mop the floors? Khett says that he’s just being nice. P’Way asks what Khett wants but Khett just replies that P’Way is a big boy with a small brain. P’Way says that if Khett wasn’t Kim’s brother then he would use the mop as a weapon, Khett suggests that P’Way should hit Kim with it. P’Way replies that he will hit Khett with it and they both laugh.

They continue to mop when Khett says that the real reason he interrupted P’Way and Kim is because he really likes P’Way (as a friend.. but dang they would make a cute couple!) P’Way however thought that Khett was hitting on him so he tells Khett to calm down. Khett says he doesn’t like him like that, he just means that P’Way is the only one that P’Kim opens up to. Khett says that as far as he can remember he’s never seen his brother smile until he met P’Way.

P’Way tells Khett that he has to stop blaming himself for it but Khett says that it’s his fault. Khett says that he never stopped his parents from pressuring P’Kim, though his brother is only two years older, he carries a greater responsibility. Khett says that being a big brother doesn’t mean that P’Kim has to do everything. P’Way looks at Khett differently for a moment. Khett continues saying that since he was born, P’Kim was forced to be a role model.

Khett says that P’Kim was forced to be smart, and to be able to take of him even though P’Kim never wanted to. Khett says that he should tell his parents what he’s telling P’Way now so that P’Kim can breathe. P’Way tells Khett to quit blaming himself since P’Kim wasn’t doing all that just because of him. Khett says that it started because of him though. Khett says that’s all he wanted to say but P’Way doesn’t understand how it’s relevant now. Khett says that he’s trying to tell P’Way not to rush Kim on getting answer, because he might not get the real answer from the real Kim. When P’Way asks what Khett means, Khett teases him by saying he would understand it, if he was smart.

The two tussle a bit before Khett asks that P’Way trust him, as he’s on P’Way’s side. Kim comes out of the office after talking with the school director about the academic competition coming up. Khett tries to take him home but Kim says that he has to talk to P’Way. Khett tells him that he doesn’t have to since P’Way no longer wants to talk. Kim looks at P’Way as he agrees and starts to leave with Khett. However P’Way says that he’s changed his mind and grabs Kim. They both run off, Khett calls P’Way stupid and chases after them.

That’s the end of The Shipper: Episode 10 Part 2!