The Shipper: Episode 10 Part 1

P’Way comes back to his bedroom with the football that P’Way wrote on, asking him to be his boyfriend. He sits down and stares at it as he remembers what happened back at the gym. P’Way gave a very heartfelt love confession and poor Kim realized that P’Way was actually in love with P’Kim and not Pan. P’Way never realized that the soul inhabiting his friend’s body wasn’t P’Kim. In the flashback we see that P’Way went in for the kiss but Kim pulled away. This made P’Way freeze in shock and confusion.

Kim realizing what he just did hurriedly says that he ate bitter beans, but P’Way flat out tells Kim that he doesn’t believe him. Kim trying to continue his lie says that if P’Way doesn’t believe him, then he can smell it for himself and Kim opens his mouth wide. This does make P’Way laugh though. P’Way tells him that if Kim’s not ready then he won’t rush it.. then calls Kim a jackass (affectionately). P’Way also says that Kim doesn’t need to lie because he knows Kim pretty well and can tell when he’s lying. Kim asks P’Way if he truly him knows him that well, P’Way tells Kim that he’s not that complicated.

P’Way says that Kim is just a lonely tight lipped boy that studies all day. P’Way says that Kim wants to be smart, and admired. He also says that Kim keeps many secrets from him, but it doesn’t matter because P’Way knows that deep down, Kim is a lovely person. Back in the present, Kim looks down at the football when he receives a text from P’Way asking Kim if he can answer the question at school on Monday. Kim curses wondering what he’s going to do now.

The next day Soda and Kim are meeting at a cafe. Soda says that this isn’t turning out the way that she thought it would. She says that it’s a yaoi girl’s love that went down in flames. Soda complains that P’Way doesn’t know P’Kim is bad and has no clue that it’s Pan inside the body. Soda says that P’Way is hot but he isn’t very smart. Kim immediately defends his crush telling Soda she can’t call P’Way dumb. Soda then asks what she should call him then. Kim struggles to find an answer to that and settles for saying that P’Way is a bit dense. Kim quickly says that’s all the more reason to protect P’Way.

Kim asks Soda what they should do, should they tell P’Way the truth? Kim then asks if he should turn P’Way down but judging by the faces that Soda is making, none of the options appeal to her. When Soda doesn’t say anything, Kim gets mad saying that she’s always full of opinions so why is she mute now? Soda tells him that she’s thinking on it. Kim says that he will just turn down P’Way but Soda points out that they can’t answer for P’Kim when they don’t know the real answer. Soda says that it feels like an invasion of P’Kim’s privacy. Kim points out that they have done many things, which part wasn’t invading P’Kim’s privacy?

Later at home, P’Kim practices the conversation he’s going to have with P’Way. Khett was walking by the door and after hearing a bit was about to leave when he hears a bit more and decides to ask Kim what he’s up to. Kim ends up telling him everything so Khett tries to comfort saying it’s sad that P’Way loves P’Kim and not her.. but he’s also smiling as he realize he has a better shot now.

Kim says that he doesn’t look very sorry to hear about it. Khett claims that he is sorry to hear it but he’s not surprised since P’Way is pretty dumb. Khett wonders why Kim is still protecting the guy that just broke his heart. Kim says that just because P’Way broke his heart that doesn’t make him a bad person.

Khett asks Kim what he plans on doing then after he goes over the same options that Soda and Kim did at the cafe. Kim says that he will probably turn down P’Way as P’Kim. Khett angrily tells him that he can’t because it’s not Kim’s place to do so. Khett says that P’Kim has the right to say it for himself. Kim tells Khett that he doesn’t understand and that the real P’Kim might not say anything at all and might keep lying to P’Way. Khett wants to know what his brother is lying about. Kim asks Khett not to get too shocked when he shows him, then pulls out the flash drive. Kim sticks it into his laptop and shows Khett the evidence that P’Kim was stealing the exam answers.

That’s the end of The Shipper: Episode 10 Part 1!