The Lovely Writer: Episode 9 Part 4

The dinner party is effectively over and it’s clear that there’s a rift between the two families after Gene’s announcement. Nueng is still supportive and so is Jab but unfortunately the parents are in silent anger mode. Gene and Nubisb have a tough time saying goodbye, Nubsib tells his father that they didn’t do anything wrong. Nubsib’s dad tell him that’s enough for one night and that he’s lucky that his parents didn’t die of shock. Nubsib is forced to leave with his family but he glances back at Gene before walking away.

ene’s parents head back inside the house but Jab comes over to put a comforting hand on Gene’s shoulder and a couple pats before he too heads inside the house.

A little while later Gene goes inside to talk to his dad but his dad won’t talk to him. Gene asks his dad if he truly can’t stand it that he’s with Nubsib. Gene’s dad finally responds telling him to do whatever the hell he wants but that he doesn’t want to speak to Gene. Gene replies that if they don’t talk now, will they ever talk about it? Gene demands to know why it’s a problem since he loves Nubsib and their together.

Gene’s dad tells him to go to his room but he refuses. Gene says that he knows that his parents aren’t okay with him being gay, but it has already happened. Gene tells his dad that he didn’t know it would happen, but it did. Gene then asks his father if he’s homophobic. Gene says it doesn’t matter because he’s already in love with Nubsib. Gene’s dad tells him again to go upstairs but Gene ignores him. Gene says that if he wasn’t sure then he wouldn’t have told them about the relationship.

Gene says that he could keep on lying but that he doesn’t want to do that. Gene says that he has to be truthful to himself and to everyone else. Gene starts to cry as he asks his dad if this is what he deserves, he then says that he doesn’t think that his dad should be angry with him, because he remembers that his dad was in a relationship with a man before he married his wife! (Oh a plot twist! Wasn’t expecting that!) Gene asks if that means his father hates himself, which is when Gene’s dad angrily yells at him to shut up and go upstairs.

Gene goes upstairs this time, Jab then confronts their father saying that the dad was too harsh and that he’s disappointed in his father. This provokes a different fight between them, Jab’s dad demanding to know if he was ever asked, and if he ever said that he was disappointed in his son. He tells Jab that a sleeping partner like him could never understand, then he orders him to leave because he doesn’t want to fight with Jab too.

Jab tells his father that he can’t just order people and that he’s not always right. His Mom tells him to stop it, so Jab also leaves the room in tears. (Dad’s crying too so everyone but Mom is in tears). Dad leaves the room after rejecting comfort from his wife.

Everyone in Gene’s house is trying to deal with their emotions in their own separate parts of the house. Gene’s dad goes into a closet and digs out a note wishing him a happy birthday on his 26th birthday. (I think there was trauma with his male relationship, so he’s not homophobic but trying to protect Gene from pain..)

In their own rooms Gene and Nubsib both pull out their phones but neither one calls the other. Gene’s mom ends up crying when she’s alone so Gene’s house is just full of tears. Nubsib’s house is more quiet and brooding. Gene himself has gone from crying to full on sobbing..

Roll those end credits because that’s the end of The Lovely Writer: Episode 9!