The Lovely Writer: Episode 9 Part 3

Nubsib and Aoey are acting out the love confession scene in Bad Engineer but Director Mai yells cut because Nubsib is having trouble saying “I Love you” like he means it. Director Mai reminds Nubsib that he’s done well so far but he can’t mess up this scene as it’s the peak of the story. The director tells Nubsib that he must be live that his character Kin loves Namcha. Director Mai asks if Nubsib understands love, Nubsib nods, so Director Mai tells him to feel it first, then say the words. However, once the cameras start rolling, Nubsib still can’t get the scene right. Aoey leans over and tells him to think about the person he truly likes, then say the words. Nubsib looks over at Gene and smiles.

They film the love confession scene over again and this time the director seems to be okay with it. They wrap up the scene and Nubsib genuinely thanks Aoey for his acting advice. Gene meanwhile was watching everything from a seat by the director. Poor Gene has a patch on his forehead (it’s something used to combat fevers).

Gene leaves and asks a staff member if they have seen Tum today. The staff member is confused since they usually come together, but then mentions that they haven’t seen him today. The staff members asks if there is a problem but Gene says that he was just asking. After the staff member leaves, Aoey shows up asking Gene if he thinks that it’s hot outside. Aoey then asks if Gene is sick, because he’s worried about him. Gene look at Aoey making an uncomfortable face almost a glare, which makes Aoey why he uses that face whenever he sees Aoey.

Gene turns away from Aoey so Aoey continues to talk, saying that he sent Gene more texts but Gene never responded to them. Aoey then has the gall to ask if Gene is still mad at him. Aoey then claims that he was just teasing Gene, and he didn’t actually spike the drink. gene turns around to face him, confused. Aoey says that he didn’t try to drug Gene, because Gene’s so nice that if he did try and drug him, he wouldn’t feel good about it for the rest of his life. Aoey then apologizes but Gene angrily tells him that tricking people like that is not okay.

Gene tells Aoey that he could have called the police, Aoey apologizes again. Gene tells Aoey that it doesn’t matter if he’s sorry, then tells Aoey not to trick others like that again. Aoey claims that he didn’t mean to and that he didn’t know what he was thinking. Aoey asks Gene if he hates him. Gene says no, if he had hated Aoey, would he have warned him?

Aoey asks Gene if he knows that Gene is the only person that Aoey doesn’t want to hate him. Gene says that he knows, and warns him again not to trick people. Aoey then asks again if Gene is sick. Gene says that he just has a fever and that Aoey shouldn’t worry about him because he already took some medication. Aoey says that he can’t help but worry since Gene is so delicate, he then rudely says that Nubsib must not be taking care of Gene properly. He also tells Gene that he should let Aoey take care of him. When Gene once again tells Aoey no, he asks if Gene is still mad at him. Aoey tells Gene that he doesn’t actually have a crush on Nubsib.

Gene tells Aoey that he’s not mad which is when Aoey decides to confess his feelings to Gene. He tells Gene that he really does like him. Gene is shocked and confused which is apparently the face that Aoey likes best on him. Aoey goes to reach for Gene’s cheek but Gene tells him that he has to go, and he avoids having Aoey touch him. Gene goes to find Nubsib. He finds Nubsib practicing his lines, and tells him that it’s okay because he didn’t take a pill. Nubsib smiles confused asking what pill? (Gene never told him about Aoey spiking the drink). Gene is confused because Nubsib kept saying that he was hot at the time. Nubsib says he was hot last night though.

Gene complains that he was worried about Nubsib, this makes Nubsib very happy to hear that Gene was worried about him. Gene wonders if Nubsib is trying to trick him and warns him that he’ll get punched. Nubsib turns his flirt on and says that he would love to get punched by Gene.

Later at the condo a freshly showered Nubsib sits down beside Gene on the couch. Gene complains about it being all wet which is when Nubsib asks if Gene is wet again (gutter mind Nubsib!) Gene calls Nubsib a cheeky ass but Nubsib points out that Gene wasn’t very clear when he said it. Gene tells him to turn around so he can dry Nubsib’s hair. There’s a little bit of flirting before Gene asks if Nubsib is bored staying inside the condo with him all day. Gene tells him that if he does get bored, then he can always go out with his friends. Nubsib tells Gene that he doesn’t want to go out with friends, he just wants to be with Gene.

They kiss and start to get more intimate when the doorbell rings, completely ruining the mood. Gene asks Nubsib if he’s expecting anyone, but Nubsib says no. Gene quickly tells Nubsib to go put on some clothes and answer the door then. Nubsib says that they will continue the intimacy tonight. Gene leaves and checks the room to find out that it’s Auntie Orn! He runs back to tell Nubsib this but Nubsib doesn’t get the significance until Gene raises his voice and tells him that it’s Nubsib’s mom at the door.

Gene is panicking asking Nubsib what they should do. Nubsib tells him to answer the door, and have his mom sit down on the couch while Nubsib goes to put some clothes on. When Gene doesn’t move, Nubsib tells him to go welcome Aunty Orn first, he also points out that the way Gene is acting right now is even more suspicious. The plan in place they both leave the couch.

Gene answers the door to a very confused Aunty Orn that asks him what he’s doing there. Gene tells her that he lives next door and she thinks that it’s a coincidence. They sit down on the couch and Aunty Orn informs Gene that Nueng told her about Nubsib’s move, so she came to check in on him. She asks if the two were about to go out, but Gene says that he just had some free time so he came to hang out with Nubsib. The two catch up a little bit before Nubsib joins them. Aunty Orn scolds Nubsib for not picking up his phone, as she thought that he might not be home.

Nubsib points out that he didn’t know she would coming so he shouldn’t be blamed. Aunty Orn says that if she had let him know she was coming beforehand, then it wouldn’t be a surprise. She also says that by coming unannounced she would catch him red handed if he was hiding any girls in the condo.. (well.. Gene isn’t exactly Aunty Orn says it’s more surprising to find Gene there. Nubsib repeats what Gene said about Gene having free time so he came to hang out. Aunty Orn quickly scolds Nubsib for just calling him Gene (Gene is older so it should be P’Gene ) this makes Gene smile.

Aunty Orn then asks Nubsib if he’s moved there permanently, Nubsib tells her that it’s much more convenient. Aunty Orn says that it’s lucky that Gene lives next door, she says that Nubsib is attached to Gene just like when they were kids. She tells Nubsib that he should come home for the night. Aunty Orn then says that Nubsib should stay for a few nights and Uncle Tod can drive him to school. Gene interrupts asking Nubsib if he has to be on set tomorrow, but Nubsib says that he doesn’t. Aunty Orn then invites Gene to come stay over too.

Aunty Orn tells them to pack their things and she will inform Gene’s Mom. She says that it’s been a long time since they’ve all seen each other. Aunty Orn leaves the room to go make the phone call to Gene’s Mom. Gene and Nubsib hold hands as Nubsib is happy but Gene is worried about it. A little while later the two go into a stairwell and Gene asks Nubsib if he wants to tell their parents about their relationship.

Nubsib is a bit surprised by Gene suggesting it, but tells Gene that if he’s not ready to tell them, he can wait. Nubsib tells him that there’s no need to rush it, he wants to make sure that Gene is ready. Gene says that he doesn’t want to hide anymore. Nubsib tells Gene not to worry because he’ll always be by his side. Aunty Orn yells at them that dinner is ready while wondering where they disappeared to.

Later both families enjoy dinner together. Both families tease Jab a little. It’s Gene’s Dad that notices the couple exchanging food on their plates. He asks them how they’re doing, since he heard from Aunty Orn that they are living in the same condo. Gene’s dad wonders why Gene didn’t tell him that.

Nubsib’s brother Nueng, tries to redirect the conversation but fails. Gene’s Dad asks how the two ended up living together. Gene says that it’s a small world and that Nubsib is an actor for the drama based on his novel and that’s how they met. Gene’s dad asks if that’s the BL novel that Gene wrote. Nubsib’s Mom says that it’s very popular, as she went to the mall to see a bunch of teens surround two boys on stage that were hugging and kissing (probably a press conference selling a ship for a drama). Aunty Orn says that the fans screamed so loud she thought her ears would pop.

The conversations shifts a bit to fandoms and the current BL trend. Gene’s dad however is the only adult not talking about it in a positive way, he says that it’s just a fad that will soon pass (NO, BL will continue to grow and be great.) Jab agrees with me as he says that there are so many couples that are shipped, he finds it hard to keep track (I feel that pain..) That’s when Nueng says that if Nubsib becomes famous, he’ll be rich as the fans like to spend money on their favourite actors.

That’s when Nubsib’s dad asks him if he has to do all that. Gene’s dad says that of course Nubsib does, since that’s what helps to sell the BL series. Gene’s mom tells them that it’s great that the two boys can work together and help each other out, after all, work is work. Nubsib’s Dad warns Nubsib not to do anything that will mess up his image or that of their company. The moms then reminisce about when the boys were younger and inseparable. Aunty Orn says that when Gene went to live in a dorm, Nubsib cried for days.

That’s when Jab opens up his big mouth to say that the fans of the BL series are already shipping Gene and Nubsib as a secret couple. The mood gets very serious very quickly. Gene’s Mom tries to mitigate it by saying that since the boys practically grew up together, it would be weird for them to be in relationship together. (I bet they would ship him if he was a girl though…) The two moms try to make a joke about the boys hooking up, but Gene’s dad tells them to quit joking around.

Gene shocks everyone by asking what would happen if they actually were a couple? There’s dead silence for a few minutes before Nubsib’s dad tells him to quit joking around as he’s sick of that subject. Nubsib however quickly backs his lover telling the families that Gene IS serious and they are actually together. Nubsib says that if they really want to know why they are living in the same condo, it’s because Nubsib has loved Gene and will always love Gene. (Awww!) Gene confirms to the table that it’s true.

Jab tells everyone that he’s going to go get some water, but his Dad points out that he probably knew about the relationship already. Jab smiles awkwardly and sits back down. Nueng’s father asks him the same thing though of course they both knew, Nueng is the only one that says it though. The whole table goes quiet and Nubsib reaches out to hold Gene’s hand.

That’s the end of The Lovely Writer: Episode 9 Part 3!