The Lovely Writer: Episode 9 Part 2

Aoey looks all depressed at the bar and even holds back a few sobs but since he tried to drug Gene.. I have zero sympathy for him. He eventually turns on his cell phone to stare at a picture of Nubsib and Gene at the press event. He then flips through a few more pictures of Gene on his phone, so maybe he was telling the truth for once about liking Gene. (You don’t drug someone that you like though!) It’s also clear that he envies Gene his close relationship with his family, he looks at a few more pictures then leaves.

Tiffy is on the phone keeps trying to contact Aoey on the phone, but he doesn’t answer. Tiffy texts him to ask if he made it back to his room yet. As she waits for a response from Aoey, she thinks back on Tum’s confession. After a quick flashback of that scene, Tiffy decides to check the internet on what appears to be a reddit like thread. The original post asks people for help because the woman fell in love with a gay man, then there’s a lot of responses. After checking them, Tiffy sighs and puts her phone away. Aoey still hasn’t contacted her, so she takes off her coat and leaves the room.

Meanwhile Gene is anxiously watching Nubsib in the condo after learning from Aoey that the drink intended for Gene but Nubsib drank was spiked with viagra. Nubsib turns the AC up a few notches and tries to cool down. Nubsib downs a tall glass of water then asks Gene if it’s hot in the condo. Gene recommends that Nubsib go take a shower if he’s feeling hot. Nubsib gets up to go take a shower only to have Gene blurt out that he should take a cold shower. Nubsib points out that he prefers warm showers so Gene quickly lies about cold showers being better for your health.

Nubsib says that he’ll be live Gene, then goes for a shower. While Nubsib is in the shower, Gene quickly grabs his laptop to check stuff online without Nubsib knowing. However Gene is so focused that Nubsib comes out of the shower and startles him. Gene asks why his shower was so short, but Nubsib says he took the normal amount of time, he then tells Gene to go take a shower.

When Gene leaves, Nubsib waits a moment before checking the laptop and whatever he sees there makes him smile. (I think Gene was concerned about Nubsib being drugged, so he looked it up).

In the bedroom Gene waits nervously while Nubsib comes in and changes the AC settings there as well. Gene asks Nubsib if he’s still feeling hot, and Nubsib admits that he does. Gene suggests that they go to the hospital, so Nubsib asks if he’s okay. Gene tells Nubsib that he’s fine, but asks Nubsib if he’s allergic to alcohol (just tell him what Aoey did!) Nubsib says that he’s never been allergic to it, then he sits on the bed beside Gene. Nubsib says that he doesn’t know what’s wrong with him but he’s hot and tingly all over.

Nubsib gets really close to Gene and asks what he should do. Gene says that he’ll go get Nubsib some water and starts to leave when Nubsib pulls him back to the bed. There’s some very hot kisses that is about to lead to more until Gene pulls away and tells Nubsib that he has to calm down and think straight. Nubsib ends up chasing Gene around the bed a few times before they both land on the couch. Gene tells Nubsib to take a few deep breaths but when that doesn’t help, he pushes Nubsib onto the bed.

Then there’s a lot more kissing, this time initiated by Gene. Gene then asks if it helps Nubsib feel better. Nubsib tells Gene that he doesn’t have to force himself to do this. Gene says that he’s not forcing himself, he just thought that Nubsib should know how he feels. So Nubsib asks Gene how he feels, and Gene says that he likes Nubsib. Nubsib pretends not to hear so that Gene has to say it a few times before Nubsib is satisfied. Nubsib then confesses that he loves Gene too and there’s more kissing. (This is awesome! So many kisses!)

Gene helps Nubsib take off his shirt, and Nubsib switches positions with Gene so that he’s now on top. Nubsib tells Gene that if he’s not ready for it, he’s willing to wait. Gene tells him to shut up and just do it already as he pulls Nubsib in closer for another kiss, but just before the kiss, Nubsib warns Gene that he won’t let him change his mind anymore. Then lots more kissing. Things start to heat up as Gene’s shirt comes off and the kisses start to roam a bit. The camera then moves to the laptop screen to show what Gene was looking at earlier. Gene was looking up the first time with another man.

Gene wakes up first the next morning, he’s about to get up when Nubsib pulls him back, he says that they should sleep a bit longer as it’s still early. Gene asks if Nubsib has University classes today but Nubsib gently reminds him that it’s Sunday, so he can spend the whole day with Gene. Gene says that he needs to go use the bathroom, so Nubsib has to let him go. Nubsib however, gets out of bed and scoops Gene up. Nubsib says that he knows that it still hurts, so he’ll carry Gene to the bathroom.

Gene complains and demands that Nubsib put him down. Once they leave the bedroom, Nubsib gives in and sets Gene down on his feet carefully. Nubsib wonders what he did wrong, and Gene says that he didn’t like being carried like that. Nubsib doesn’t understand as he just wants to take care of Gene, since Gene did something for him last night. Nubsib goes on to say that he knows that it wasn’t easy for Gene last night and it probably still hurts. Nubsib thanks Gene for last night and Gene thanks Nubsib for understanding him.

Nubsib then leans in for another kiss but Gene tells him to wait until after he’s brushed his teeth, which makes Nubsib laugh. Gene tells him not to laugh, because he doesn’t feel very confident about it. Nubsib then hands him an unused toothbrush. Gene tells Nubsib that he needs to brush his teeth as well. So that’s what they do, only Nubsib is trying to suppress his laughter as he brushes.

That’s the end of The Lovely Writer: Episode 9 Part 2!