The Lovely Writer: Episode 9 Part 1

Gene was making food when his phone notifications went off. He comes over to the table to check them out. The first two were from Nubsib reminding him to eat, then there were messages from Aoey. Aoey sent him a picture of a person that looked like Nubsib sitting next to him at a bar, but then sends a text saying that it wasn’t Nubsib.

Gene quickly texts Aoey back saying that he didn’t think that it was Nubsib but Aoey responds with a laughing face sticker. Aoey then asks for Gene to meet up with him, so that he can tell Gene about him and Nubsib. (TRAP! run Gene run!) Gene thinks about it and is so deep in thought that when the microwave beeps, he jumps startled. Gene then goes back to thinking.

Gene does go to the bar to meet with Aoey. Gene enters the bar and sees Aoey sitting on a barstool facing away from him. Gene quickly pulls out his phone, texts something then puts his phone away before going over to Aoey. Aoey in super villain type fashion says that he was expecting Gene to show up. Aoey then asks Gene if he wants something to eat, he even offers to pay for it. Gene says no, he should pay for his own food, then Gene will take him home (like a designated driver).

Aoey wonders what Gene’s rush is, they should stay and chat awhile. Gene says that they can talk in the car. Aoey then orders more stuff, telling the server to make it extra special. Gene pulls out his cell phone to type something but Aoey grabs his arm, telling him that they should finish their conversation first.

Gene pulls his arm away from Aoey but does put the phone back in his pocket. He tells Aoey to hurry up and talk so that he can go home. Aoey asks Gene if he really likes Nubsib. Then Aoey repeats the question before turning it into a statement that Gene does like Nubsib. Aoey tells Gene that he can tell Nubsib also likes him. Gene asks Aoey just how much did he drink? Aoey asks if Gene is worried about him, before answering that he drank quite a lot as the man he sent a picture of , was buying him drinks and he didn’t want to say no.

Gene asks where the man went, then asks if Aoey is going to the channel’s celebration party. Aoey smiles sadly saying that he doesn’t know, he also doesn’t really care either. Aoey says that the only thing he cares about is Gene. Gene asks Aoey if he’s really gay then, Aoey laughs wondering if Gene thought that it was all acting. Aoey then asks Gene if he thinks that Aoey is messing with him. Aoey laughs admitting that he’s not attracted by women, then says that he’s more attractive than most women anyway. Aoey then laughs again saying that the face Gene makes is really cute, Aoey then drains a glass of alcohol while Gene watches.

Aoey then orders yet another glass from server, Gene tells him to stop as he’s had enough. Aoey tells him not to worry as he doesn’t get drunk that easily, he’s just a bit tipsy now. Aoey comments that he has already finished his drink but Gene hasn’t even touched the drink that Aoey bought him. Aoey tries to goad Gene into drinking it, saying that if he doesn’t drink it, he will hurt Aoey’s feelings. Gene makes the uncomfortable face that Aoey has deemed cute. Gene reminds Aoey that he said he was the cute one. Aoey quickly responds that if Gene wasn’t cute, how would Nubsib fall for him? (Talent, brains, sense of humour.. just saying he’s more than cute).

Aoey admits that he’s jealous of Gene since everyone seems to like him, while no one cares about Aoey. Gene tells him that it’s not true as he has many fans. Gene is about to say his family still cares about him but Aoey interrupts to say that his family doesn’t care about him. Aoey again confesses of being jealous of Gene but says that even though he wants to hate Gene, he can’t because Gene is too nice.

Aoey then says that Gene came up to meet with him since he knew that Aoey was drinking alone, so Gene must care about him. Gene says no, then Aoey gets really close like he’s going to kiss Gene. Gene does his best to push Aoey away, telling him to sit back down. Aoey struggles though and tells Gene that he should give up on Nubsib and like him instead. Aoey also says that if Gene is worried about “that” then he shouldn’t because Aoey is also very good in bed. Aoey tries to get handsy with Gene but Gene successfully pushes him away.

Gene tells Aoey to stop teasing him as he wants to go home and clearly Aoey is too drunk to talk to him. Aoey grabs Gene’s hand asking him not to go home and to stay with him tonight instead. (Get your hands off Nubsbib’s boyfriend you jerk!) Aoey then goes for a kiss again, and I think Gene just froze out of panic after the first attack. Luckily Nubsib shows up and puts his hand in between Aoey and Gene’s faces.

So Gene and Aoey both end up kissing Nubsib’s hand. Nubsib then takes Gene’s hand to lead him away from Aoey. Aoey tells them to wait, as Gene didn’t finish the drink that Aoey ordered for him, Aoey says that’s mean. (I would have thrown it in his face..) Gene was going to be nice and drink the drink so that he can leave, but Nubsib stops him and drinks it instead. They both leave after that. Mhok shows up asking Aoey what he’s up to now. Aoey tries to leave saying that he’s going home. Mhok follows him saying that he wasn’t going to ask but he doesn’t want to see Aoey become that kind of person. The two fight over what just happened as Mhok truly wants Aoey to be happy but Aoey is content to be a jerk.

Aoey says he doesn’t get anything out of being a nice person then has the gall to ask Mhok when does a person like him get to be happy? Aoey claims that he never gets to do what his heart desires even now. Mhok tries to tell Aoey that what he’s doing will cause problems for other people but Aoey only cares about his own feelings and complains that no one ever cares about his feelings. Mhok tries to reason with him but Aoey tells him that he should quit sticking his nose into Aoey’s business and that they should quit and leave it there. Aoey goes to leave but Mhok grabs him by the wrist.

Aoey goes to slap him but Mhok just grabs the other wrist and holds him tightly while Aoey struggles. Aoey yells at Mhok to quit acting like his parents which is when Mhok finally lets go. Aoey wonders why Mhok keeps meddling in his business and trying to teach him a lesson. Mhok tries to say that he just wants Aoey to be a good person, but Aoey beats Mhok to it, then asks Mhok if he’s really that bad (you did try to sexually assault Gene.. so yeah you’re pretty scummy).

Alley tells Mhok that he’s sorry but that he can’t be any better than this. Aoey says that he honestly tried and that Mhok must have noticed that. Mhok says that he tried to, he tried to get Aoey to notice him. He says that Aoey’s not that stupid, so he should realize that Mhok likes him. Mhok tells Aoey that while he complains about no one caring or noticing him, Mhok does both. Aoey admits that he’s known this for a long time, so Mhok quickly points out that Aoey should realize why he does the things he does.

Mhok confesses to Aoey that he really likes him, only to have Aoey tell him to get the hell out of his life. (You deserve better Mhok!) Aoey begs Mhok to stop because he doesn’t feel the same way. He also tells Mhok that if he doesn’t stop, then Aoey will end up hating him the same way he hates his parents and he doesn’t want to hate Mhok. Aoey then walks away from a very heartbroken Mhok.

Nubsib and Gene arrive back at the condo. Gene grabs a glass of water while Nubsib waits angrily. After Gene has recovered a bit, Nubsib says that he doesn’t want it to be like that, he asks Gene if he knows what he did wrong. Gene says that he knows that he was wrong to get involved with Aoey. Nubsib tells Gene that’s not what he did wrong, what he did wrong was making Nubsib worry about him. Gene says that he only meant to stop by for a little bit, he didn’t realize that it would take so long. Gene apologizes to Nubsib.

Nubsib asks if Gene knows that other than being worried about him, Nubsib is also very protective of him. Nubsib suggests that they both make a promise. Gene wonders at that so Nubsib says that he promises to let Gene always know where he’s going and asks Gene to do the same (this is a great safety thing for friends too!) Gene smiles and they both pinky swear it. Gene then asks Nubsib about Aoey as he doesn’t understand how Aoey can like Nubsib, yet try to trick Gene. Nubsib replies that Aoey doesn’t actually like him.

Gene asks Nubsib how he can know that. Nubsib tells him that Aoey isn’t close with him but there is something that they both like. Nubsib says Aoey doesn’t like him, but that they both like Gene. Gene doesn’t understand but Nubsib doesn’t clarify. He tells Gene that he will get someone to pick up Gene’s car at the hotel, and that Gene should stay still. Nubsib then kisses him on the forehead. Nubsib goes into the living room to make the phone call to get Gene’s car.

While Nubsib is in the other room, Gene’s phone pings with notifications. It’s texts from Aoey telling him that Aoey had spiked the drink meant for Gene with Viagra.. he wishes Gene good luck (that is disgusting rapist behaviour.. Aoey can go rot in a pit). Gene looks towards Nubsib worried.

That’s the end of The Lovely Writer: Episode 9 Part 1!