The Shipper: Episode 9 Part 4

P’Way admits that he doesn’t know what’s going on here, but that after Kim’s accident he could tell that things were different. P’Way says that after that night when they had BBQ, he started to see Kim differently. P’Way admits that it was also because of Khett telling him that Kim wasn’t the same person that he used to know.

Khett meanwhile is trying to play a console game while constantly checking the clock. He gets up to go to the fridge to find a row of banana milk (Pan’s favourite) in there and closes it, annoyed.

P’Way continues to say that he has to thank Khett for making him get it. Pan asks what he means, P’Way clarifies that Khett made him understand that when you fall in love, you see can through the people you love. He also understands now what it feels like to lose the person you love. P’Way says that when Kim was sleeping in the hospital, he was hit hard by that feeling, it makes him doubt if his feelings began after that BBQ and may have had feelings long before that, and then he calls her Kim which is the final nail in the coffin. (He loves the body and soul of Kim, not her.) Pan’s smile disappears as she starts to understand.

P’Way thinks his feelings may have began at their very first conversation. He says that back then whenever he was in trouble, teachers would hold up Kim as an example of how to behave, and hearing Kim’s name would make him sick. We get a flashback of P’Kim and P’Way racing on their motorbikes only to have them both run out of gas. While P’Way fiddles with his bike, P’Kim who had run out of gas first, sits on his bike and crab walks it to continue the race.. (it’s like Days of Thunder and the wheelchair race..)

They both eventually stop because it’s extremely tough to move a bike like that. However they then fight over which one was tired first. P’Kim finishes his bottle of water first and still looks thirsty so P’Way offers P’Kim his water bottle as he has plenty but P’Kim turns it down. P’Way says that he called some friends to bring him gas, how about P’Kim? P’Kim calls P’Way’s friends gangsters but P’Way replies that at least he HAD someone to call, what about P’Kim?

P’Way tells P’Kim that it’s not surprising that he doesn’t have any friends, since he acts like a jerk. P’Way’s friends show up and they talk about how they haven’t seen P’Way since he moved. P’Way says that he can’t get expelled again or his life is over. The group continues to catch up while P’Kim watches. P’Way’s friends ride off after a bit and P’Way refuels his ride and leaves too. P’Kim sits there alone on the curb for a bit before looking at his phone, but he doesn’t call anyone. P’Way comes back and hands P’Kim a gas can so he can fuel his ride.

In the next flashback we see that P’Way deliberately kept people away from the desk next to him as he was saving it for P’Kim. P’Kim doesn’t know this so he teases P’Way that he must not have friends in this class. P’Way points out the sticker at the edge of the desk saying that it’s a seat for a girl and that P’Kim can’t go breaking the rules. P’Kim takes out a black marker, changes the symbol to male and then says that he isn’t breaking the rules now.

Back in the present we see Kim’s body instead of Pan’s as P’Way reminds him of the question he asked about seeing who P’Kim is inside and P’Way responds again that of course he does. P’Way says that he sees the same person that’s always been beside him and he knows that he loves P’Kim. P’Way goes in close for a kiss but we get a montage of images of them together instead of an actual kiss!

Roll those end credits because that’s the end of The Shipper: Episode 9!