The Shipper: Episode 9 Part 3

P’Way is busy fixing the faucet and Kim comments that he’s doing a lot better than the two of them. Khett replies that Kim doesn’t know for sure that P’way can fix the faucet since it’s not easy, which is when P’Way announces to them that’s he’s finished fixing it. This pleases Kim and surprises Khett.

P’Way says that it’s so easy, why did it take them so long, is it because they suck? (Nah, Khett could have done it, but someone kept making him jealous.. so sabotage was involved). Khett asks if P’Way’s sure that it’s fixed, what if it breaks again? P’Way invites him to check it out for himself, and sure enough P’Way did fix it. Khett then tries to break it again without being obvious but P’Way did a really good job so it doesn’t work. P’Way and Kim are about to go on their date but Khett quickly tells P’Way that he has more things for him to fix!

Khett then gets P’Way to take a look at Kim’s air conditioner to see if he can fix it. Kim says that’s crazy but Khett insists that since P’Way is so skillful that it shouldn’t be a problem for him. P’Way admits that he’s never fixed an air conditioner before, but before Khett can gloat, P’Way says that it appears that the evaporator is broken. After P’Way fixes that too, he tries to go on his date with Kim.. only to have Khett ask him to fix a lightbulb that he has no idea how it broke.. we see a flashback of Khett breaking it with a broom. When P’Way discovers that the light is not just out but completely broken, he tells Khett that they need to talk.

Kim tells P’Way that he needs to talk to Khett first and drags him away but not before Khett smirks at P’Way. When they are alone on the balcony, Kim asks Khett why he’s doing this. Kim asks if he’s doing it just to mess with him, since Khett had always messed up the fan fictions before. Kim asks just what is he to Khett anyway? So Khett is stumbling over his words trying to confess when Kim says that he thought Khett was his friend.. ouch!

Kim yells that Khett knows that he came back for him and that Kim likes P’Way. Kim asks Khett again why he’s doing this to him, does Khett really see him as a friend? Khett says that it’s because they are friends that he’s doing it, since he doesn’t want to see Kim get hurt. Khett says that if Kim goes out with P’Way and P’Way doesn’t know that he’s actually Pan, then he will get hurt. Kim asks Khett if that’s the really the reason. Khett tells Kim that he had already told P’Way that the Kim he sees now isn’t the same Kim that he used to know.

Khett admits that he’s not sure that P’Way got the message. We then see Pan as she hugs Khett thanking him for his concern. Khett hugs her back, while his heart is breaking but he hides it pretty well. Kim stops hugging Khett and tells him that he will talk things out with P’Way. Khett asks Kim if he realizes that P’Way didn’t really ask him to play football but Kim doesn’t understand.

Later P’Way and Kim are playing football and Kim is bored. P’Way eventually asks when Kim is going to see the ball. Kim picks up the ball then and spins it around to find “be my boyfriend?” Written on it. P’Way waits expectantly for an answer but Kim asks him a question first, he asks if P’Way knows who is really in this body. P’Way says that he does (he doesn’t) and says that’s what gives him the courage to ask. P’Way also says that knowing who Kim is, makes him feel that way, so here he is. We then see Pan smiling broadly at the confession.

That’s the end of The Shipper: Episode 9 Part 3!