The Shipper: Episode 9 Part 2

Khett says that he doesn’t understand but that he’s trying to. Khett repeats what Kim has told him that if the Angel of Death was there, then she could answer some questions, but she’s not there. Just after Kim confirms that she’s not there a wind blows, indicating her arrival. Kim tells Khett that she’s coming, Khett asks where the Angel of Death is, Kim looks around but doesn’t see her until he looks back at Khett to find The Angel of Death hugging Khett with a big smile on her face!

Kim is shocked and since Khett can’t see her, he asks Kim what’s wrong. Kim tells him that the Angel of Death is there, which prompts Khett to look around as he can’t see her, he asks where she is. The Angel of Death is a bit touchy with Khett and it’s clear that she approves of Khett’s physique. This makes it a lot harder for Kim to answer Khett’s question though about where she is, as he’s watching her antics.

Khett says that he doesn’t physically feel unwell, and yet he’s uncomfortable anyway. That’s because the Angel of Death is not only touching him, but kissing him on the cheek too. Kim says that the Angel of Death is farther away then she actually is, so she gets revenge by kissing Khett some more. Khett raises his hand to his cheek to find red stuff, he asks if it’s blood. Kim says that of course it’s not blood (it’s the Angel’s lipstick!) and tells him not to think too much.

Khett asks him if he’s sure, but Kim insists it’s nothing to worry about. Khett says that they should ask The Angel of Death about P’Kim and the body switching then. That’s when the Angel realizes that Kim told Khett about it and gasps. The Angel pops up beside Kim complaining that he told Khett too. Kim defends himself saying that Khett found out about the body switch on his own.

The Angel wants to know how Khett could have figured it out but Kim redirects her to the current problem. He tells her that he was back in his original body and now he’s stuck as P’Kim. The Angel doesn’t understand why he was in his original body and now he’s back in P’Kim’s. Kim tells the Angel of Death that he has a reason which she immediately demands to know. Kim says that both bodies are in working order but whenever he’s occupying one, the other body stays unconscious. At first he thought it was because Pan’s body was badly damaged but the doctor’s say it’s fine, and P’Kim’s body is also fine. Therefore, the problem is not the body but P’Kim’s soul and it’s location.

The Angel of Death complains that Kim just creates more problems for her, since she now has to get Kim back into Pan’s body but now she also has to find P’Kim’s soul. Kim reminds the Angel that it’s her fault to begin with that the souls aren’t where they are supposed to be. The Angel mutters about it being so much work, but if she had just had a little more encouragement.. she looks at Khett suggestively. Khett might not be able to hear her but it seems like he can feel the comment since he panics a little. Kim shoots her down though saying she already got a lot from Khett already.

The Angel pops up beside Khett trying to get more kisses in but Kim hits her head with his hand telling her to shoo. Khett asked what happened but Kim says that he’s just shooing a bug away. Kim also tells him that the Angel of Death said that there was nothing to worry about, so he should go to bed. Kim goes to his own room but still can’t the air conditioning to work so he opens his bedroom door to a startled half naked Khett that was just drying his hair, Kim asks to crash in his room. Khett drops the towel in shock but agrees.

Kim preps the bed and then is confused when Khett hesitates to sleep beside him. Khett tries to tell Kim it’s because of Pan’s soul being inside his brother’s body but in the end he can’t. Later in bed, Khett asks Kim what his father says about Pan being unconscious again. Kim says that Soda had told him that his dad worried but that Soda had promised to take care of Pan. Khett says that’s great then he thanks Kim for coming back for him. Kim says that it’s something that he has to do, because it’s for Khett.

We see Pan instead of Kim when she tells Khett that he’s important to her too. Khett asks if she really means it, when she says that she does. Pan tells him that he’s done a lot for her, so how could she just stand there and do nothing? I think Khett was about to confess his feelings but we’ll never know because Pan got a notification on her phone. It’s P’Way and he’s offering to take her out tomorrow. (Poor Khett.. so close and yet so far).

The next day, Kim is trying to pick out what to wear for meeting P’Way. Khett asks if he’s really going to go, since it’s supposed to rain today. Kim tells him not to worry as he has his umbrella. Khett tries a few other tactics to get Kim not to go out, including saying that it was bad fortune for someone with her astrological sign. Kim says should he follow his fortune or P’Kim’s, then says that he’ll just combine the signs fortunes so it should be fine. Khett was going to try yet another tactic but the doorbell rang and Kim excitedly ran down the stairs to greet P’Way.

Kim practically bursts out the door asking if P’Way is ready to go. P’Way comments on how fast Kim got to the door. The couple walks away while Khett watches from the other side of the glass door. They don’t make it very far though when Kim’s phone rings. Kim answers and it’s Khett telling him that the facet broke. Kim asks how it happened, and we see that Khett took a bar to it to knock off the knob as Khett claims that he has no idea how it broke.

Khett asks Kim if he can come back and fix it as he’s all wet. Kim says fine, then asks P’Way to wait inside while he fixes it. While Kim is trying to fix it, Khett says it’s such a shame that the faucet would break when someone was about to have a perfect day. Kim completely misses the not so thinly veiled sarcasm in the statement and agrees with it. Kim then asks if Khett can just fix it himself, but Khett says no, that’s why he called Kim.

There’s a bit of banter between the two of them before Kim asks Khett to bring the manual over so he can read it. Khett asks if Kim really knows how to fix it, and Kim admits that he doesn’t but he wants to help. This makes Khett smile as he continues to watch Kim attempt to fix the faucet. Kim ends up turning the water back on to find out that he actually hasn’t fixed it yet, which means that he gets all wet. Khett goes to get him a towel.

Kim asks Khett to come help him so that he can focus on his date with P’Way. Khett agrees to help and asks for some tape, when handing the tape over, they both feel a love tingle. Kim moves away saying that it’s not right, especially since he finally got asked out by P’Way. Khett says that it’s just P’Way. Kim takes offence saying that Khett can’t even compare to P’Way. Khett asks if he’s being insulted. Khett says that all P’Way does is fight anyway, he emphasizes his point by kicking the cupboard knocking down the placement product drink. They both catch it before it falls, and there is some heavy heartbeats coming from them. Kim says that they are almost finished fixing the faucet so they should hurry up. Khett promptly applies too much pressure, breaking it again.

Kim wonders when they will be done trying to fix the faucet by themselves (stop mentioning P’Way and it might go better). Khett offers false sympathy saying that the poor girl might get her date with P’Way cancelled. That’s when Kim has the bright idea to call P’Way to come and fix the faucet. Khett wonder if P’Way can even fix anything, when P’Way says that he can, he’s standing by the fridge. (How long has he been there?)

That’s the end of The Shipper Episode 9 Part 2!