The Shipper: Episode 9 Part 1

P’Off and his gang surround P’Way and Khett. The group fights and Khett warns P’Off that he had better tap out and leave. P’Off says that he’ll never give in to the likes of them. (Oddly they blurred the knife this time..) The fight goes on and P’Off is focused on beating up on P’Way while his two minions gang up on Khett. P’Off starts to brag that the others should tap out now, he then goes to kick them.. but Kim beats him and his goons to the ground.

Kim says that he heard about P’Off wanting to deal with him, then they had better deal with him. P’Off points his knife at Kim but Kim says that he’s not the only person with a weapon. Kim digs into his hospital shirt pocket to pull out his own knife but fumbles it and it drops uselessly to the ground. P’Off takes the opportunity to slash at P’Kim. This reenergizes the other two into fighting the gang members, in fact P’Way gets downright vicious to P’Off. He tells P’Off that he will kill him unless P’Off ends the feud here. P’Off being strangled by P’Way agrees and taps out.

However P’Off can’t be trusted so as soon as P’Way goes to check on Kim, P’Off attacks. P’Way tells P’Off that he made the wrong choice then starts to crush him, Kim tells P’Way to stop and approaches him with Khett. P’Way does stop but tells P’Off to never come near them again.

P’Way is getting patched up by a nurse when he asks about his friends. The nurse says that they are getting patched up next door but that there is nothing to worry about. P’Way is leaving the hospital room when he runs into Phingphing.

Meanwhile in the other room Kim is being bandaged by the nurse while Khett watches over him from the corner. Khett looks the least banged up out all of them. Once the nurse leave, Khett asks why Kim came back. Kim wonders if Khett is mad at him, Khett resplies that of course he’s mad at him because he had told Pan that he would take care of it. Khett asks Kim why he didn’t think it through and use his brain.

Khett helps Kim tie up his hospital shirt, saying that what Kim did was really unnecessary. Kim asks if this is really what Khett is like when he’s angry. Khett says that it is but Kim points out that Khett is helping him get dressed. Khett immediately claims that he’s just being nice. Khett asks why Pan did it, did she really worry about P’Way that much? Kim says no, he was worried about Khett (FINALLY some progress). Kim says that Khett’s hands are important to him, so Pan wanted to not only help P’Way but also protect something that was so important to Khett.

Kim tells Khett not to worry though because he won’t be in that body for long, one kiss and he’ll be back to being Pan, Soda is guarding Pan’s body. They go to Pan’s hospital room and Kim kisses Pan’s body, he then says TA DA! But he’s still in P’Kim’s body. (never assume you can go back once you make a choice).

Kim tries again two more times complete with the TA DA.. and it still doesn’t work. Even Soda cringes a bit after the third time. Kim wonders why he’s still in P’Kim’s body while Khett is more concerned about what they should do now. Kim admits that he has no idea, and Soda just simply shakes her head to indicate she doesn’t know either.

Phingphing apologizes to P’Way saying that she didn’t know that it would go that far (no, you just didn’t expect P’Way to get hurt, you were fine with P’Kim getting hurt though). When P’Way doesn’t say anything, she asks if he’s mad at her. P’Way finally turns to her and tells her that he wants to be mad at her, but he knows her well enough to know why she did it. P’Way tells her again that it’s not Kim’s or anyone else’s fault, but if she needs to hurt someone to ease her pain then she should hurt him. He tells her that he’s the one that hurt her, so Phingphing raises her hand to slap him, and P’Way says that she could hit him as much as she wants, as long as she admits that they are over. Phingphing starts to cry.

However Phingphing still hasn’t slapped him yet, instead she asks when it started. P’Way answers honestly that he doesn’t know when it all started or even how. P’Way says that as soon as he realized it though, he knew the first thing he had to do was tell her, because he didn’t want to hurt her anymore. P’Way tells her that he’s really very sorry. Phingphing never does slap him, and instead leaves the hospital. Her friends are waiting outside and seem to be actually genuinely supportive this time as they tell her that she can tell them anything.

Phingphing asks them if they would tweet about it if she told them (she knew what they had been doing). Her friends both apologize to her and they go in for a group hug. (Side note quit blocking the accessibility ramp! Go hug elsewhere!)

Later that night, Khett brings Kim home. Kim asks Khett if he’s still mad at him but Khett replies that he honestly doesn’t know what to feel anymore. Khett says that the only thing he knows now, is that he can’t figure out what’s going on. Khett says that Pan being in his brother’s body is hard to believe even though it’s real. Kim says that honestly he can’t figure it out either, but everything happens for a reason. Kim says that they just don’t what the reason is yet. Khett asks Kim if there is anyone that they can ask about it. So Kim admits that there is one person that could give them an answer, The Angel of Death.

That’s the end of The Shipper: Episode 9 Part 1!