The Lovely Writer: Episode 8 Part 4

A reporter introduces himself to the camera then goes up to interview the cast of Bad Engineer. He asks Nubsib to hold the mic as carefully as if he was holding the person’s heart. Gene tries not to look obvious while he steals looks at Nubsib. The reporter asks Nubsib how he feels with the series about to air soon.

Nubsib says that he’s excited that so many people came to the event, he’s also excited that a lot of fans of the novel showed up as well. The reporter tells them that they are very cute newcomers to BL. He then says that he has some questions from the viewers at home. One of them asks if they felt pressured doing a BL for the first time. Nubsib says he felt pressured being new to BL and having a famous writer like Gene, that already has many fans and novels, made them put their all into the series.

The reporter than asks if the Nubsib-Aey ship is real but Aey just smiles suggestively saying that they should wait and watch the series (it’s common in Thai BL for fan service where actors pretend the ship is real while the show is airing. It’s an ACT but some people will believe it to be true and insist that the actors are gay for each other)

Poor Mhok only gets to say when the series is airing and on what channel as he’s not the couple (CP) that people are interested in.. so he’s technically like a third wheel. The reporter says that once the series airs, he’ll invite the actors to do reaction videos with him.

After that interview wraps up, an audience member asks if they can take pictures with Gene and Nubsib. Gene isn’t quite sure how to respond but Nubsib quickly grabs him for the pictures. That half of the audience squeals as Nubsib holds Gene close and tells him to smile wide or the photos won’t be cute. Gene promptly tells him that he doesn’t want to be cute.

The other half of the audience then asks if they can take pictures of Nubsib and Aey. The first group tells them to wait as they are still taking pictures of Gene with Nubsib. The second half of the audience says that they have been taking pictures for awhile now, and should allow others to take pictures. As the crowd is two seconds away from riot over different ships getting their picture taken, Gene uncomfortable says that he’s going to go to the washroom.

That effectively ends any potential of a fight since once Gene leaves, so does the crowd that was shipping him with Nubsib. So Nubsib and Aey get their pictures taken but Nubsib looks around for Gene and it’s pretty clear that he would rather be anywhere else than with Aey but the shippers don’t seem to notice and squeal about how cute he looks with Aey. Hin sees Gene walking away upset and asks who he’s running from him. Gene promptly tells him that he was running away from the fans as they wouldn’t stop taking pictures of him and Nubsib.

Hin says that it’s to be expected as he’s more famous now. Gene says that he doesn’t want to be famous, he just wants to live a quiet and simple life. Hin however thinks that it’s great, he says that it made him really proud to see Gene on stage. Hin asks where Gene was headed when Gene says the bathroom. Hin says he has to get going to check up on three other writers that are behind in turning in their manuscript, Hin then runs off.

Gene goes to the bathroom then washes his hands, while doing so, Aey ambushes him. Gene says that Aey startled him and Aey asks if he’s in there alone (no, he brought the circus with him.. *sarcasm, heavy sarcasm*) Gene says there were too many people at the other washroom, so he came to this one. Gene tries to leave but Aey tells him to wait a moment. Aey says that they haven’t spoken for some time, but he’s seen Gene’s photos all over Twitter.. they’re cute.

Aey then asks Gene if he’s already in a relationship with Nubsib. Gene pretends ignorance so Aey tries a different tactic asking him if he likes Nubsib. (Aey is pretty threatening in this scene and creepy) Aey says that Gene likes Nubsib even though he already knew that Aey liked him (who Nubsib likes is HIS choice not Gene’s… grow up Aey!)

Gene says that he understands Aey is upset, but what he said isn’t right. Aey asks if Gene is trying to teach him. Gene says that’s not what he was trying to do, he was just stating the facts because normal people would figure it out. Aey tries to turn around by saying that Gene is assuming he couldn’t figure it out (he’s just trying to pick a fight). Aey says that he used to think that Gene was naive and sweet but now he consider Gene to be a snake (says the creepy creep of the show).

Aey says that it’s better this way as Gene doesn’t look so docile now. Gene tells Aey to have some manners and Aey asks why, does it make Gene angry? (I want to slap Aey so hard…) Aey is about to threaten Gene more when Nubsib shows up. Nubsib asks if Aey forgot what they talked about before, if so then he should stop fooling around. Aey says that he’s not fooling around, he’s being quite serious. Nubsib gets all up into Aey’s personal space but can’t do anything as other people show up in the bathroom, hitting a pause button on the drama for the moment.

Once the people leave, Nubsib tells Aey that he won’t be saying it for a 3rd or 4th time. He then tells Gene that they should go as Tum is looking for Gene, Nubsib holds out his hand to Gene, after Gene looks at Aey, he takes Nubsib’s hand and the two leave the bathroom and Aey behind. Aey stays in the bathroom and fixes his hair for a few moments before leaving.

Nubsib and Gene walk together hand in hand for a few minutes before Gene pulls his hand away. The two stand apart and Nubsib warns Gene that from now on, he should stay away from Aey. Gene wonders why, did they get into a fight? Nubsib says that it’s nothing, just something stupid. Gene asks if it’s about him and Nubsib says yes. Gene says that Aey is probably mad at him, Nubsib very firmly says no though. Gene tells him that Aey spoke badly to him but he doesn’t know why Aey is so mad. Nubsib points out that’s the exact reason he told Gene to stay away from Aey.

Gene repeats what Nubsib said about staying away from Aey but Nubsib says that he wasn’t done talking yet. Gene says that he should know since it involves him, when Nubsib still refuses to tell him, Gene decides to go ask Aey for himself. Nubsib shouts NO! Stopping Gene in his tracks. Gene asks why Nubsib doesn’t want him near Aey, is he afraid that Gene will cuss at him? Nubsib says that he doesn’t care about that, he’s worried about Gene (Aey is super toxic, I wouldn’t want someone I love near him either).

Gene points out that Nubsib doesn’t like being called his younger brother and yet he treats Gene like a child when he’s a grown adult. Nubsib says that he’s worried about Gene, it’s not about being older or being an adult, Nubsib is just worried for him. Gene insists that Nubsib give him a reason for his worry then. Gene asks if Aey is going to kill him, or what else might he do? (I wouldn’t put it past Aey to be honest). However the couple’s fight is broken up when Tum shows up.

Gene is still really angry so he says that he’s not angry and that he’s going home to sleep. Tum worries since he invited Gene to the channel’s dinner event. Gene apologizes to Tum for not going but tells Tum to take Nubsib there. Nubsib tries to get out of it but Gene insists that he has to go. Gene tells Nubsib that he had already given them his word that he will go, therefore he has to go. Gene says that if Nubsib doesn’t go then it would be very bad for him especially since it’s an event done by the channel. Nubsib promises to talk to Gene at the condo after the dinner event. Gene says fine and walks away.

After Gene leaves, Tum asks Nubsib what they are fighting about now, but Nubsib doesn’t say and just walks off. Later Gene is at the condo making food when someone sends him a picture of Nubsib’s back. A moment later they send a map location. It’s not until Gene checks his phone that we see that the texts are from Aey.

Gene taps on the first picture as it looks like Nubsib is at a bar. Aoey sends a text message asking for Gene to meet with him as they have a few things to clear up. Gene thinks about it for a few moments.

Roll those end credits because that’s the end of Episode 8!