The Lovely Writer: Episode 8 Part 3

There’s a press conference for the series Bad Engineer based off of Gene’s BL novel. The host gets the audience pumped up before inviting the cast onto the stage.

Director Mai is the first on stage, followed by Gene, Nubsib, Aey, then Mhok. Once they all take their seats the cast begin to introduce themselves starting with Director Mai. Next is Gene and he mentions his pen name Wizard as well as his own name when he introduces himself as the writer of Bad Engineer. Then Nubsib introduces himself and says that he plays the character Kinn in the series. Aey is next and he plays Namcha in the series. Mhok is last and he plays Tawan in the series. The host says that Nubsib and Aey have great chemistry on screen, he says that it’s off the charts.

The conversation then goes back to Mai as the host asks what inspired him him to choose the novel. While those two natter on in the background, Gene and Nubsib share a look that doesn’t go unnoticed by Aey. Tiffy is in the audience where Tum comes to stand next to her to watch the conference. Tiffy says that she’s so proud of them, she’s even happier that they made it through without a fight which erases the curse of every BL manager getting into fights with each other.

Tiffy thanks Tum for all his help, saying that she wouldn’t have made it through without him. Tiffy tells Tum to stay this cute forever and not to dump her. However that’s when Tum decides to finally confess to her that he likes her. However because of the cheering audience, Tiffy didn’t hear him, so Tums says it again a lot louder. Tiffy is completely confused and not sure how this came about so Tum grabs her by the wrist and takes her out of the crowd.

The host asks the cast to do a live scene and Mai agrees to direct one if it’s okay with the actors (they don’t actually have a choice.. nice try). The scene they are performing is the same one that Nubsib did during his audition, only he’s grabbing Aey now instead of Gene. The scene is definitely intense and Gene is having trouble watching it.

Tum gets Tiffy alone in a hallway and explains that when they started doing stuff and helping each other out his feelings for her changed. He says that before he met her, he thought she would be like all the other managers he’s met. The managers that would do anything to get ahead, but she wasn’t like that. Tum tells Tiffy that she’s pretty and nice, she’s always teaching him things.

He says that she’s always beside him even when no one else is around. He’s sure that she’s the one. Tiffy angrily tells him that this is not the time to pull tricks. Tum insists that every word he said was true, doesn’t she feel anything after he confessed? Tiffy pulls away from him and starts to leave. Tum calls out asking if she ever liked him. Tiffy tells him to think it through because she doesn’t find it funny if he’s joking. Then she leaves.

That’s the end of The Lovely Writer: Episode 8 Part 3!