The Lovely Writer: Episode 8 Part 2

Gene returns alone to the condo, he sits on the floor hugging a pillow clearly missing Nubsib. He picks up a book, flips through a few pages then puts it down again. Gene hugs the pillow some more before taking out his cell phone and hovering over the button to phone Nubsib. In the end he doesn’t call and waits for Nubsib to phone saying that he’s safely home.

When Nubsib finally phones to tell Gene that he’s arrived safe, Gene asks him to open his camera so he can see the dorm. Nubsib says that he can’t and when Gene questions him on it, he tells Gene that he will have to come see it for himself. Gene asks why Nubsib can’t just show him now and Nubsib replies that if he shows Gene now, then Gene won’t want to come over.

Gene then asks what time Nubsib is filming tomorrow so Nubsib tells him 2pm and asks if Gene will be coming. Gene admits that he has a meeting with his editor tomorrow so he won’t be able to make it. Nubsib says that if Gene can make it, then can Gene give him a ride over? Gene wonders about the expensive car Nubsib has. Nubsib laughs and Gene wonders what is so funny. They then spend a very long time chatting about various things.

The next day Gene meets with his Editor. Bau asks if he’s eaten yet but Gene says no, he’ll be meeting Hin in a bit and they’ll grab something to eat then. Bau says that she’ll make it a quick meeting then as she has a few red pen marks on his novel. Bau asks why Gene took out the NC scenes, Gene says that the story feels pretty romantic and those scenes would just drag down the story. Bau insists that the readers want it though and it’s a kind of fan service for them. She tells him that it’s a long way from the last chapter and that Gene finally got better at writing those scenes so he shouldn’t waste it.

Gene says that he’ll try to add some into the next chapter then. Bau tells him to get the same person that helped him write his last scene to help him again. Gene immediately says that there was no one. Bau tells him that the way he is acting though proves that there is someone teaching him, she can confirm it. Bau then gives Gene a huge bag full of BL books for him to read before she leaves.

A little while later Gene is at the cafe waiting for Hin. Hin tries to sneak up on Gene and says boo but Gene barely reacts. Hin sits down at the table with him saying that he missed Gene and wondering if Gene will take him to see Nubsib. Gene asks Hin if he truly misses him or Nubsib. Hin says that he misses both of them though. Hin then asks if Gene just talked Bau. Gene admits that he did and that it’s the same old thing with her wanting more NC scenes. Gene wonders why they have to sell those kind of scenes especially with people getting mad about it these days (there’s been a demand for change in BL regarding consent, and it’s gaining traction)

Hin says that he thinks that sex is a natural thing though and that if Gene writes some hot and steamy scenes then they will definitely be able to sell more copies (sex and NC are two different things though just to be clear) Gene complains that the last time Bau made him write those kind of scenes, it didn’t even tell a story. Hin tells him that Bau is like the representative of the publishing house, she knows what the readers want and the more they want it, the more she tries to sell it to them. Gene says that every time he writes those scenes he feels terrible though.

Gene says that he wants people to like his novel for the plot not just because he can write some hot and steamy NC scenes. Hin says that he thinks Gene should take all of his needs and weigh in everything to balance it out. Hin says that Gene doesn’t have to stoop writing NC scenes, he just has to make sure that it’s relevant to the plot. Hin thinks that the readers will understand it. Hin tells Gene that if you write a book about sex and don’t have any sex actually in it, then it’s a bit weird. Gene says he understands and that Hin is right.

Gene says that Hin seems to have grown up and his thoughts have definitely progressed. He asks Hin if he’s still writing his own novel. Hin says that he is but that he’s stuck on the language, almost like he has writer’s block. Gene tells Hin to have more faith in himself however, if he needs help then he can always ask Gene. Gene says that he sees Hin as a brother to him. A woman comes up to the table and asks Gene for his autograph on her book. Gene takes a look at it and it’s a magazine cover, so Gene asks if she has the wrong book. She tells him no, and asks that he sign his name next to Nubsib’s signature.

The woman says that she often carries Gene’s novel with her, but didn’t have it with her today but she always carries the magazine. She says that she will bring the novel next time for Gene to sign. Before she leaves, Hin asks her how she got Nubsib’s signature, she tells him that she just accidentally bumped into him and when she told him that she wanted his signature to be next to Gene’s.. Nubsib signed it right away.

Once she leaves Hin teases Gene asking him to sign an imaginary book, but says that he doesn’t have Nubsib’s signature. Gene tells him to stop it. Hin says that Gene is getting so famous that he can’t tease Gene anymore.

Later Gene is having coffee on his condo’s balcony when he hears Nubsib ask him if drinking that will make him full. Gene surprised looks around to see that Nubsib is on a neighbouring balcony. Nubsib tells Gene to be careful. Gene asks why Nubsib is over there and Nubsib says that he bought the neighbouring condo from the owner.

Gene asks if Nubsib is crazy and a waste of money. Nubsib tells him not to worry about his money, it’s the best investment he’s ever made. Nubsib clarifies that he actually bought the condo next to Gene’s last year but when he heard that Gene’s novel was being turned into a series.. (which is when he got cast and manipulated his way into Gene’s condo.) Nubsib asks Gene not to be mad with him as he just wanted to be closer to Gene.

Gene says that he’s not mad but asks Nubsib if he realizes why Gene had him move out. Nubsib says that he does and that even though he lives next door, he won’t cross the line. Nubsib says that he will only come and go from Gene’s apartment when Gene allows him to and that he’s sorry for everything that happened. Gene is glad that Nubsib understands then when Nubsib asks for permission to kiss Gene on the cheek, Gene says yes. Nubsib leans over the barrier between balconies and gives Gene a kiss.

After the kiss, Nubsib strokes Gene’s cheek then asks him if he’s getting any sleep as his eyes look really tired. Gene admits that he gets some sleep but they both agree to have a nap (in their separate condos). Gene wishes Nubsib sweet dreams and heads inside his condo to rest.

Sometime later, Gene is telling Nubsib that next time, he will pay for the meal. Nubsib refuses as he says that he has to be the one to take care of Gene. Gene says that he’s old and has a job so he can take care of his own expenses. Nubsib retorts that he’s just glad that he got to take Gene out on a date. Gene denies that it was a date though and puffs out his cheeks. Nubsib points out how Gene puffs out his cheeks and says that it’s really cute. Nubsib asks Gene if he’s shy but Gene denies it while puffing out his cheeks again which causes Nubsib to tease him. They enter the lobby of the Condo to see Nueng standing there.

Nueng asks if they went out for lunch since he tried calling Nubsib but couldn’t get him to answer his phone. Nubsib asks if something is wrong. Nueng says no, their mom was just worried about Nubsib since he moved into the condo. Nueng then asks why the two are together, did they get back into contact with each other and why didn’t he know about it? Gene admits that his room is in the same condo complex. Nueng then wonders about it but sees a very suggestive look from Nubsib which is when he understands. He tells Nubsib that he finally did it, and reminds him to tell Gene’s parents about it (so his brother knew and supports his crush on Gene!)

Nubsib tells his brother not to worry because one day, he will take Gene home himself. Gene tells Nueng that he can take himself home and promises to visit Aunty Orn and Uncle Wat. Nueng says that they should go up to the room then so they can talk more. Gene asks him if he’s going to stay the night then, but Nueng says that he just wants something to eat and he’s sure they bought a lot. Gene says that they were going to make Tteokbokki which is fine by Nueng. Nubsib says that if his brother said he was going to stay, it would be hard to get rid of him but he’ll put up with Nueng for a little while longer. Gene and Nueng both tell Nubsib to mind his manners.

Nueng tells Nubsib that it’s just him and he’s not going to get in the way of Nubsib and Gene, he’s just going to eat, sit awhile then leave. Gene says that there is nothing to get in the way of, and no one is asking him to leave. He asks Nueng to please come and eat with them. Awhile later and they are sitting down at the table to eat. Nubsib peels a shrimp (I think) then gives the meat to Gene, Gene tells him to peel one for Nueng as well but Nubsib sulks saying that Nueng has two hands and can peel his own.

Nubsib continues to be sulky and puts some unpeeled ones onto his brother’s plate. Gene scolds him for not peeling them but Nubsib still doesn’t see why he should peel them for Nueng. Gene ends up grabbing Nueng’s plate and adding some more food to it. Then Nubsib complains that Gene didn’t give him more food or offer to do so. Gene’s throws back Nubsib’s own words saying that Nubsib has two hands so why should he do it?

Nubsib claims that Gene has double standards and just when Gene is about to fight him on it, Nueng clears his throat loudly and says that they should just eat on their own. Nueng says it’s like they are trying to get on his nerves. He tells them that if they are going to have moments then they should just pretend he’s not there. (they were picking fights so that Nueng would leave).

After dinner, Nueng is on the phone with his Mom telling her that Nubsib is doing fine and that they just had dinner. Gene walks in just as Nueng is finishing. After Nueng hangs up, he asks Gene if he and Nubsib are a couple yet. Gene says not yet which prompts Nueng to tell him to hurry up and give in to Nubsib as he’s been waiting a long time. Nueng tells Gene that when they figure it out, they should tell Nubsib’s parents. Nueng says that their Mom loves Gene so she’ll definitely be okay with it.

Nueng also tells Gene not to overthink it because even though their Dad is big on family pride, he’s not that old fashioned. He tells Gene that their parents are all adults. Nueng also said their father wouldn’t have allowed Nubsib to do a BL series if he wasn’t open minded. Nueng also encourages him to tell his own parents since it’s gotten this far. Gene insists that they aren’t a couple but Nueng just says that he knows his brother and that they aren’t a couple yet. He tells Gene that he’s not getting away from Nubsib.

Sometime later, Gene is spaced out in front of his computer. Nubsib comes up to him and calls out his name a few times but with no response, so Nubsib takes the time to freshen his breath with a few squirts from a bottle. Nubsib tells Gene that he’s been looking all over for him but still no response from Gene. Nubsib even waves his hand in front of Gene’s face with still no response. Nubsib then offers the squirt bottle to Gene saying that he just ate so he should use some.

Gene looks down at it, then shakes his head. Gene goes back to looking at his computer screen. Nubsib puts his hand on Gene’s knee and asks if something is wrong. Gene tells him no, he was just thinking about something (probably still processing what Nueng said).

Nubsib guess it’s about Nueng wanting them to tell their parents about their relationship. Gene looks at him worried, then says something that wasn’t subbed in English! (Bad subber!). Nubsib says yes.. then Gene asks if Nubsib has feelings about it. Nubsib says that he feels that they should have told them already. Nubsib doesn’t just want to tell their parents though, he wants everyone to know. Nubsib tells Gene not to overthink it, and if he’s not ready then Nubsib says that he will wait until he is.

Nubsib says that he just has to worry about whether or not Gene has the same feelings for him. Gene says that’s true since they aren’t even a couple yet. Nubsib smiles as Gene asks for the mouth freshness spray. He spritzes his mouth and gets close to Nubsib. Nubsib closes his eyes thinking he’s going to be kissed but Gene is a big tease and just blows his fresh breath onto Nubsib’s face before walking away.

That’s the end of the Lovely Writer: Episode 8 Part 2!