The Lovely Writer: Episode 8 Part 1

Nubsib answers his phone while unpacking his car. It turns out to be Tum asking if he and Gene have made up already. Tum also wants to know if Gene is still angry. Tum tells Nubsib to ask Gene to turn his cellphone back on and talk to him, unless Gene is still angry then he wonders if Gene might be angry at him too. Nubsib says that Gene isn’t mad at Tum so he doesn’t have to worry. Tum doesn’t believe him since he’s the one that brought Nubsib to Gene’s Condo. Tum guesses that when Nubsib was helping Gene pick out gifts, that Nubsib knew already that Gene was going home so why didn’t he stop him? Unless Nubsib wanted Gene to go home on purpose. Nubsib says that he doesn’t have to explain anything to Tum, he just needs to know that Nubsib loves Gene.

Tum tells Nubsib that he should be ashamed of himself and for what he did, Gene should be mad at him. Tum says that he is going to tell Gene that he was also tricked. Tum says he should have realized it sooner since Nubsib never sleeps at the modeling agency but when Tam wanted to use his room, suddenly Nubsib wanted it. As for the casting, Nubsib must’ve already known that it was for Gene’s novel. Nubsib tells Tum to stop worrying as there is nothing left to worry about. Tum says fine and tells Nubsib to look after Gene before hanging up.

Gene comes out to ask what Nubsib is up to. Nubsib says that he just came out for a shirt. Gene tells him that it’s dark out and dangerous so next time Nubsib should let him know before he goes out. Nubsib smiles as he asks Gene if he’s worried about him. Gene just makes a quick frown before Nubsib asks him when he woke up. Gene says that he heard the front gate open then asks if Nubsib is the one that tucked him into bed (who else would it be?) Nubsib smiles more as he confirms it, then says that he carried Gene there as it’s chilly there and hugging him would make Gene warmer (flirt mode activated!)

Gene makes a gagging face at Nubsib’s corny comment. Nubsib then asks if Gene is hungry, after thinking a moment, Gene admits that he is. Nubsib wonders what Gene wants to eat, which leads to some more thinking before Gene says that there is a small market nearby if that’s okay with Nubsib. Nubsib is up for anything if Gene is so of course it’s fine by him.

Gene looks at the car then asks if it’s Nubsib’s and if it’s the same one he used when he came to pick up a drunk Gene at the hotel. Nubsib gulps a little before admitting it, as Gene puts more pieces into place. Gene gets in the car then tells Nubsib to hurry up, unless he’s waiting for it to rain first. Nubsib gets in the car and the two drive off to the market.

Gene asks Nubsib what he wants to order but Nubsib says that Gene can order for him. Gene goes ahead and orders the food but tells woman that the second order is for his brother. Nubsib makes a stink face and Gene asks why he’s making such face. Nubsib points out that Gene called Nubsib his brother, Gene says that it’s technically correct. Nubsib complains that he already told Gene that he doesn’t want to just be his brother. Gene asks if Nubsib doesn’t want to be called his brother then what does he want to be called.

Nubsib says that Gene shouldn’t have to ask because of course he wants Gene to call him his boyfriend. Gene points out that they are 4-5 years apart in age so brother is the correct term. Nubsib says firmly that he doesn’t care if it’s the correct term, if Gene uses it again then Nubsib will punish him.

Gene wonders what Nubsib means by punishment and Nubsib clarifies that if Gene uses that term again, Nubsib will kiss him. Gene says that Nubsib wouldn’t dare but Nubsib smiles and says “try me”. Gene can’t resist and calls him Brother Nubsib a few times. Nubsib tries to put his hand over Gene’s mouth but the two just end up fighting. The woman comes over with their food asking what they are fighting about. Gene promptly says that his brother is arguing with him and being naughty.

The woman says that it’s normal for siblings to fight, she says that sometimes they both have to give in to each other. The woman goes on to say that Gene should let his younger brother win the argument. Suddenly she realizes that Gene’s younger brother looks pretty familiar. She asks if Nubsib is an actor, then realizes who he is and asks to have a picture taken with him so she can decorate her shop with it. She hands her phone over to Gene so he can take the photo.

Gene tells her to relax and not be so tense but the woman says that she’ll do her best. Gene ends up taking a few photos for her before handing back her cell phone. The woman reminds them that they sometimes have to give in to each other. Nubsib tells her it’s okay, his boyfriend always gets like this, he gets fussy when he’s mad. The woman then tells Gene not to play so hard to get since his boyfriend is so handsome and an actor.

She tells Gene that he’s lucky to have a boyfriend like Nubsib. The woman then claims that she doesn’t want to butt in (too late) and pinches both of their cheeks before walking away. Gene apparently agrees with me because he comments that she butted in anyway. Gene then tells Nubsib to stop telling people that Gene is his boyfriend, they’re not a couple and people might misunderstand (but the kissing and the feelings!) Nubsib says that it’s okay to call Gene his boyfriend because eventually, he will be.

Gene asks Nubsib how he can be so sure of that and Nubsib reminds Gene that he had already told Nubsib that he liked him. Nubsib says that Gene just has to admit it, then they can be together. Nubsib then pinches Gene’s cheek and tells him that he’s the only one that gets to pinch Gene’s cheeks. Gene raises his hand like he’s about to Nubsib but then just lowers it and eats his food.

Later that night the two get into bed and Nubsib tries to get hands with Gene but Gene warns him that if he gets too close, Gene might kick him off the bed. Nubsib asks if they can cuddle but Gene tells him that if he gets any closer, Gene will rat him out to Aunty Orn. Gene turns over to face Nubsib, he says that he spent the afternoon thinking about when they were kids. Gene asks Nubsib if he remembers when they were mad at each other as kids fighting over who Aunty Orn loved more. Nubsib doesn’t remember that though, which surprises Gene.

Nubsib says he only remembers Gene saying that he wanted to get married and move in. Gene denies that ever happened. Nubsib asks Gene if he’s sure that he doesn’t remember it. Gene insists that he doesn’t remember it, because it never happened. Nubsib however insists that Gene said that when he grew up, he wanted to marry Nubsib.

Gene says that he was already in the 5th grade when they met, so he wasn’t that naive. He tells Nubsib not to say such silly things. there’s a bit of silence as Gene went back to laying on his back with arms crossed over him, so Nubsib turns over on his back and does the same. A few moments pass then Gene turns back over onto his side to start to talk to Nubsib but then he pauses. Nubsib turn over to face Gene in inquiry. Gene finally says that he’s glad that Nubsib came back.

Nubsib says that after Gene moved away, his parents sent him and Nueng off to America to study. Nubsib says that he was very lonely, there were new friends, new places and new people. Gene asks Nubsib if he ever got together with anyone. Nubsib admits that he did but it didn’t feel right and he didn’t know why. Nubsib confesses that even though he was surrounded by people, he still felt lonely. He says that one day, his mom sent him a picture of Gene and Jab at Aunty Run’s birthday party and Nubsib was so excited to see Gene again.

Nubsib says that Gene was very cute wearing his university uniform. Nubsib says that’s when all his childhood memories came back to him, and his feelings for Gene. After that Nubsib asked Jab about Gene and decided to ask his Dad to move back. Gene takes a moment to say Jab’s name with the same tone as a curse word as he realizes that his brother was in on it. Nubsib continues that when he saw Gene again, he realized that the lonely feeling he had was because Gene wasn’t with him as the feeling only started when Gene left.

Nubsib strokes Gene’s cheek and asks if he realizes just how much Nubsib missed him. It’s Gene’s turn to stroke Nubsib’s cheek as they cuddle, then Nubsib asks Gene if he can kiss him. Gene agrees (SMOOCHES!! *cough* I’m fine..) There’s a long few moments of kissing.

After the kissing, Gene puts his head on Nubsib’s chest and it’s just general cuddling until they both fall asleep.

In the morning, Nubsib is up before Gene so he prepares breakfast. Nubsib smiles at his work and a bigger smile when he sees a very sleepy Gene walk into the room. Gene notices all the food and says that there is just the two of them but Nubsib bought enough food to feed a whole town. Nubsib just laughs.

Gene then tells Nubsib that he should go home which changes the mood to from fun to sad. Gene quickly says that he didn’t mean it that way (he’s not breaking upon with Nubsib) just that Nubsib has to be on set, attend class and it’s a long drive. Nubsib quickly says that it’s not a bother and if Gene is here, then that’s where he’ll be. Since it’s actually a bother for Nubsib, Gene decides that he will go back home since Nubsib will follow him. Gene points out that when they get back, he’s not letting Nubsib stay in the condo anymore. Nubsib sulks and asks why Gene is pushing him away. Gene explains that he’s not but Nubsib has to understand that what he did was wrong.

Gene says that he’s giving them a chance to start over and return their personal spaces to each other. He asks if Nubsib understands, and Nubsib nods. Gene reminds Nubsib that he said he was going to wait until Gene believed him. Nubsib asks if Gene realizes that Nubsib doesn’t want to be far from him. Gene tells Nubsib that he has to be a good boy if he wants to be believed. Nubsib’s good mood returns and he says that when that day comes then Gene must hug him very tight and say that he loves Nubsib. The two then begin to eat.

Later that night Nubsib finishes putting his stuff from the Condo into his car. Gene tells him to call when he arrives home safely and to text if anything comes up. Nubsib says that if Gene continues this way then he’ll change his mind and won’t leave the condo. Gene tells him to leave then but a moment later thinks of something and knocks on the car’s window. Nubsib rolls down the window and asks if Gene has changed his mind about making him leave the condo.

Gene says no, then asks for the keycard to the condo back from Nubsib. Nubsib admits to hoping that Gene would have forgotten about that but Gene says there’s no way he would. After Gene gets his keycard back, Nubsib teases him about having such a good memory. Gene says that of course he has a good memory, then tells Nubsib to hurry up and go. After Nubsib drives away, Gene stands there for a few moments processing that Nubsib has left.

That’s the end of The Lovely Writer Episode 8 Part 1!