The Shipper: Episode 8 Part 4

Just as P’Off and P’Way are about to fight, Phingphing comes out of nowhere pushing down the hand with the knife. Phingphing tells P’Off to stop it as it isn’t what they agreed to. P’Off tells her that things are now out of her control and that he had already given her a chance to get P’Way under control.

P’Off says that since Phingphing failed, it’s his business now. Phingphing threatens to call the police. P’Off laughs and tells her to go ahead since the one in trouble won’t be him, but P’Way instead (P’Off is already expelled and P’Way is on probation). P’Off then pushes Phingphing out of his way. The fight starts but P’Way being outnumbered and having to dodge the knife.. is losing. Phingphing makes a run for it.

Pan has gone to the hospital but hangs outside P’Kim’s room as Khett is on the phone with his mom telling her that P’Kim still hasn’t woken up yet. His mom must have said she was worried about him because Khett says that he knows and that he’s worried too. Pan decides not to go in though and texts Soda that she’s going to church. Soda asks if that’s where P’Kim is, so Pan says no. Pan texts that she remembered that she can summon the Angel of Death by telling God the truth. Pan says that maybe the Angel will know something that can help P’Kim.

Pan is on her way out when Phingphing runs to the front desk to demand the room number of P’Kim. The front desk however starts asking questions because they can’t just give out that info. Phingphing gets frustrated with the hospital staff. Pan asks her what’s going on.

P’Off crouches down on the ground next to P’Way asking him if he’s scared. P’Way picks himself up showing that he’s not defeated. He has to dodge the knife and P’Off makes fun of him for it. P’Way manages to knee P’Off in the chest (I hope that hurts a lot!) P’Way says that he was just waiting for the right moment to attack.

Phingphing tells Pan that if she knows where P’Kim is then she has to say as P’Way is in trouble. Pan tells Phingphing to wait for her then heads to P’Kim’s room. A voiceover in Pan’s voice says that she may not have all the answers but she can help the person that has always helped her. Pan quickly calls Soda telling her that she’s going back into P’Kim’s body. Pan is about to go into P’Kim’s room when she receives a text from her Uncle reminding her to come home for dinner like she promised. Then Pan has a flashback to the promise that she made to not leave her Uncle again.

Pan feeling guilty calls her Uncle to tell him that she will have to give him a rain check on the dinner, she promises it’s the last time though (clearly your promises aren’t worth much since you’re breaking them). She promises to come home and eat with him soon though, and asks her Uncle to wait for her. Her poor Uncle is holding a bag of groceries and looks pretty hurt.

Pan enters P’Kim’s room and tells his unconscious body that she knows that it’s wrong but she needs his body to help P’Way. She’s about to kiss P’Kim’s body when Khett pulls her away. He asks Pan about what she’s doing and Pan has a hard time explaining.

Meanwhile P’Way has at least one knife wound on his upper arm, and getting the tar beat out of him. He’s on the ground again when P’Off crouches down asking him if that’s all he’s got. P’Off says that he’ll give P’Way the choice of which bones he wants broken, his arms, legs or hands.

Pan tells Khett that P’Way is in trouble and only P’Kim can help him. Khett asks if by doing this will it actually bring P’Kim back? Pan answers truthfully says no, it just that.. Khett demands to know what “just that” actually means when Pan tells him to mind his own business. Khett points out that P’Kim is HIS brother so it’s his business. Pan finally says that she needs to swap into P’Kim’s body in order to help P’Way.

Pan admits that she was Kim all those times and that’s why she knows so much about him and P’Way. She says that she has to do the switch in order to help P’Way now. Khett asks if she is really going to go into P’Kim’s body over this, does she even know how to fight? Pan says that it’s better than doing nothing. Pan says who else beside P’Kim can help P’Way. Khett says that there is one other person, him.

Pan says that Khett has never fought them before and he needs to protect his hands. She reminds him that he told her they were very important, has that changed? Khett says that his hands are still important but he has something that is more important to him. Khett tells her to stay there and he will go. (Dang no smooches.. that was totally a kissing moment!)

P’Off stomps on P’Way’s legs and there’s a cracking sound, he goes to hit P’Way again but Khett grabs his arm. Then beats up P’Off and his minions. P’Off calls Khett a loser and tells him not to get involved. Khett says that just because he chooses not to fight, it doesn’t make him a loser.

Khett helps P’Way to his feet so there must not be that much damage to his legs. Khett says that if just a knife can take P’Way down, it’s very disappointing. P’Way claims that he just took a wrong step, which causes Khett to smile. P’Way asks Khett why he’s helping him but Khett says that he’s not helping P’Way (he’s helping Pan).

Khett says that they should finish this fight and P’Way agrees.

Roll those end credits because that’s the end of The Shipper: Episode 8!