The Shipper: Episode 8 Part 3

Pan and Soda return to school the next day. They see that Khett is in the classroom so they assume that P’Kim has woken up and everything is fine. Pan says that she thinks the body swap was to make more her more enlightened and smarter, so she won’t fall for any of his tricks. As soon as Pan sits down in her chair though, Khett turns around and says that he came to ask her about P’Kim.

Pan tries to leave but Khett grabs her saying that she can’t leave now. Khett then draws the teacher’s attention to Pan by raising his hand and letting the teacher know that she’s back. The teacher then leads the class in a round of applause for Pan returning to school. Khett then says that since she’s been gone for quite some time, he volunteers to tutor her. Pan then tries to get the teacher to give permission to use the bathroom but Khett raises his hand immediately and says that Pan is lying.

The teacher reminds Pan that lying is a sin. So Pan then tries to leave so she can confess her sin, Khett raises his hand to say he’ll go too. It’s a bit of a battle as they both try to get their own way with the teacher. Eventually the teacher sides with Khett saying that they should both go. Khett smiles. Khett and Pan leave the classroom while Soda comments that Pan isn’t any smarter.

Phingphing’s friends are being punished for being late by teacher Angkana. Somza gets a text from Phingphing demanding to know if they have found out where P’Kim lives yet. Somza isn’t in too much trouble but Nunn decided to wear shorts instead of a skirt and is in bigger trouble. Somza texts Phingphing back saying that Nunn is pretty smart and will be able to steal the information. Somza texts asking where Phingphing is, so Phingphing tells her that she’s at P’Way’s place.

P’Way walks into the room and guesses that Wanda his sister let Phingphing in. Phingphing confirms it, saying that his sister loves her. P’Way asks why she’s not in school but Phingphing points out that he’s not there either, she asks him where’s he been. P’Way says that he’s been staying at a friend’s. Phingphing asks him if he has any other friends besides P’Kim.

P’Way is folding some of his clothes when Phingphing asks him if they can give their relationship another shot. P’Way just finishes packing his bag and zips it up. Phingphing then texts P’Off saying that she’s keeping P’Way busy for him so he had better find P’Kim.

Khett and Pan come down the staircase, Khett asks her if she’s not going to say it. Pan pretends that she doesn’t know what he’s talking about and asks him how he and P’Kim are related. Khett asks Pan if she’s really going to play it like this. Pan claims that she’s not playing at anything then asks him how he will be her tutor when he doesn’t even study himself. Khett wonders how she knows that, but Pan says that he never paid attention in class anyway. She overplays her hand though saying that if he stopped chasing her and spent more time on hair styling skills, he would be able to cut hair like a pro by now.

Khett asks her how she knows about that since only his brother knew that he worked at a barber shop. Pan immediately pretends to have headache that is until Khett points out that his brother uses the same trick. Pan then switches to pretending she has a stomach ache. Khett asks how does she know that P’Kim doesn’t use the same trick. Pan then switches to saying she hasn’t eaten anything and that she’s going to faint. However she starts to fall before standing up again when she realizes that Khett won’t catch her. She asks him why, but Khett just asks if she isn’t going to faint anymore.

Pan then pretends to fain while kneeling next to the lockers. A little while later she’s in the infirmary and thinking it’s safe turns around, only to find Khett sitting there waiting. She tells him that he can go to class as she’s going to rest now, so he can’t ask her any more questions. Khett firmly tells her that he knows that she’s not going to go to sleep. Pan sits up so she can ask him if he’s having fun nitpicking at her. Khett says that’s not what he’s doing, he’s asking these questions because his brother still hasn’t woken up yet.

This takes Pan completely by surprise, Khett tells her that he just wants her to know what’s happening. Khett says that when she’s ready to talk, she can come meet him at the hospital. However, Somza and Nun hear Khett say P’Kim’s location and immediately text it to Phingphing (because nothing is lower than attacking someone in the hospital).

Phingphing of course then forwards that information to P’Off. P’Way tells Phingphing that no matter what she says they won’t be able to go back to the way things were (if he only knew..) P’Way is about to leave for the hospital when Phingphing grabs him in back hug. She tells him not to go. P’Way wonders why she’s doing this, since she’s never been like this before. Phingphing says that when it’s about him then she can be as pig headed as she wants to be, he told her that before.

P’Way says that things are different now since they aren’t together anymore. P’Way points out that she has never been that pig headed before even about him. P’Way is suspicious and tells her that he knows Phingphing understands things, but he doesn’t understand why she’s acting like this. He tries to leave for the hospital again but Phingphing grabs him, in the struggle to hold him though she drops her phone. P’Way picks it up to see the messages from P’Off. The latest message says to delay P’Way as much as possible.

Having caught Phingphing red handed he finds it hard to believe. He tells Phingphing that he’s very disappointed with her and tries to leave. She grabs him again, this time telling him how much she loves him (so you hurt his love/friend? That’s now how real love works). P’Way gets her grubby mitts off of him, then tells her honestly that it’s not P’Kim’s fault, Phingphing is messing with the wrong guy. P’Way finally manages to leave the room and Phingphing behind.

P’Way catches up to P’Off and his gang shortly after they enter the hospital. P’Way tells them that they should take this outside. P’Off calls Phingphing useless as she couldn’t even keep P’Way out of the way. P’Way once again says that anything P’Off wants from P’Kim he can get from him instead. They all go outside. P’Off says that he’s not one to change his plans easily but if he wants to get at P’Kim then clearly he has to go through P’Way first.

P’Off has even brought a knife to the fight making it 3 against one with the advantage of a deadly weapon. P’Way calls him a bastard for using a weapon but P’Off says that a jackass like P’Way deserves a deadly weapon.

That’s the end of The Shipper Episode 8 Part 3!