The Shipper: Episode 8 Part 2

Khett asks them about what happened with his brother, Soda and Pan panic and Soda starts to tell him. Pan interrupts her by saying that she was unconscious at the time so she doesn’t know or remember anything. Pan says that the last thing she remembers is being on the back of P’Kim’s bike. She says that she doesn’t know what happened next, did he go back to school? It takes Soda a few moments to say that P’Kim went back to school. Pan says that if it wasn’t for Soda telling her stuff, then she wouldn’t know anything about what was going on.

Khett reminds them both that P’Kim collapsed in Pan’s hospital room. Khett goes so far as to tell them that he heard his brother had fainted right in front of them. The girls then both pretend to have a headache but they’re really bad liars about it. They both then pretend to have stomach aches.. all to avoid the questions. Soda even pushes Pan out of the bed saying that she’s tired since she just woke up then hides under the bed sheet. Pan tells Soda that she stole her role.

Pan then pretends the nurses are there calling her for physical therapy (she’s talking to empty air) then says that she would love to talk to Khett but she’s busy at the moment, then she runs out the door. Khett pulls back the bed sheet to try and talk to Soda but she just pulls the sheet back over her head. Pan hides behind a corner in the hallway monitoring the door, Khett doesn’t see her and ends up going the wrong way to search for her.

Soda comes out of the room next saying that Khett is gone. Soda wants to know why Pan didn’t tell Khett about what had happened. Pan asks her friend if she’s crazy because if she told him then he would know that she had been Kim this whole time. Pan asks Soda how she should act now but Soda just tells her to act normal. Pan asks if she can leave the hospital and go home as she doesn’t want to be there in case Khett comes back to question her some more.

Soda asks if Pan was rehearsing for a broadway show, talking to imaginary nurses. Pan says very seriously that she wasn’t pretending and actually saw the nurses. Pan’s eyes widen in fear before Pan admits that she was joking. Pan tells Soda to let her Uncle know that she’s ready to leave. The two are quite happy on their way out when they see Khett on his cell phone talking to his mother. He tells his Mom that the doctor said things were fine with P’Kim. His Mom must’ve questioned Khett because he says that he knows that P’Kim has never been like this before but the doctors can’t find anything wrong.

Khett happens to look up and notice them but Pan and Soda quickly look away from him. Apparently his Mom is talking about coming over there, which Khett doesn’t understand because who would mind her shop then? The elevator shows up, so Pan and Soda leave without saying anything to Khett.

Pan’s Dad tells them to wait at the front entrance while he goes and brings the car around. After he leaves, Soda asks if it’s really okay to keep Khett in the dark since it does concern his brother after all. Pan asks Soda what would they be able to tell Khett anyway since they are every bit as in the dark about it as he is. Soda admits that’s true then asks if Pan can contact the Angel of Death and ask her what’s going on. Pan says that the Angel of Death comes and goes when she pleases.

Pan admits that there is one way but she can’t do it at home or her uncle will think she’s weird. She asks Soda if her mom is still in Somalia and it turns out that she is. The two share smile.

Pan texts her Uncle from Soda’s room thanking him for letting her stay the night over there. Her Uncle texts back that it’s not a problem, just to let him know if she needs anything. However she’s only allowed to stay the one night. Soda asks Pan if the Angel of Death is scary, and Pan say no, she’s more like a friend that drags you to a party. Soda holds up a little fan in front of Pan because apparently where there’s wind, there’s the Angel of Death.. but it doesn’t work. Soda then holds up a hair dryer in front of Pan but again nothing happens.

Soda grabs another hair dryer that’s stronger.. but it still doesn’t work. Soda is going to grab yet another hair dryer when Pan say that’s enough. Pan says her teeth and gums are dry then asks why Soda has so many hair dryers, is she running a hair dryer shop? Pan says that they probably won’t be able to summon the Angel of Death, they’ll just have to wait for her to show up. Soda asks when that might be, but Pan doesn’t know. Pan thinks that maybe everything is fine, maybe P’Kim has woken up so there is no more work left to do.

P’Kim did not wake up and is still in the hospital. P’Way and Khett are by his bedside though. Khett asks P’Way to take care of his brother while he goes to do something else. He tells P’Way that if he needs to go home to get changed or anything then he just has to let Khett know.

Khett notices that P’Way is depressed and that comments that he must not be in the mood to make jokes. Khett says that normally he would have made a joke about what Khett had just said. P’Way then makes a joke about it. Khett tells P’Way not to stress out because P’Kim will be fine. P’Way finds it funny that it’s Khett now comforting him.

Khett says again that P’Way shouldn’t stress out because P’Kim wouldn’t want him to. P’Way tells him to stop acting like he knows P’Kim better than him. Khett points out that he’s his brother while P’Way argues that he’s P’Kim’s best friend. They both then laugh at the argument before Khett says that it seems like P’Way is in a better mood, so he can leave now. P’Way reminds Khett not to say anything about P’Kim because matters with P’Off still bother him, he’s not sure if P’Off is still after P’Kim. Khett says that this is hospital, but P‘Way says that it won’t matter to P’Off and his gang.

Phingphing and her crew are meeting up with P’Off and his crew. She reminds P’Off that he said he would deal with P’Kim so why is he just out there chilling. P’Off tells her that if she wants this over quickly then she just has to find out where P’Kim is. P’Off also says that if she wants this to be over then she also has to prevent P’Way from sticking his nose into the matter. P’Off says that he doesn’t know how Phingphing will be able to him. He offers her the advice to use being P’Way’s ex to her advantage.

That’s the end of The Shipper Episode 8 Part 2!