The Shipper: Episode 8 Part 1

Pan looks confused as she is now in her own body. Soda is glad to have her finally awake but they both wonder why P’Kim’s body is unconscious on the floor. A nurse comes in to give Pan a sponge bath then runs out sending off alarms in the ward. Soda thinks it’s because Pan finally woke up but more likely it’s because of the unconscious body of P’Kim on the floor.

Sure enough the nurse comes back with a doctor to put P’Kim into a wheelchair and remove him from the room. Soda says that emergency cases always take priority. Then Soda wonders if Pan is awake now, does that make disprove their theory about the body swap? Pan wonders why she stayed in P’Kim’s body for so long and what it could mean.

At school the rumour mill is already aware that P’Way skipped class to help out P’Kim and there’s a photo that looks highly suggestive. The rumour mill says that P’Way broke up with Phingphing in order to hook up with P’Kim.

A lot of people agree that Phingphing deserved to be dumped and that P’Way and P’Kim are totally shipped by most. Phingphing is back in the bathroom kicking things in her frustration. Her minions tell her that it must be true, they also tell her to calm down. Phingphing throws her phone forcefully to the ground saying that she tried really hard to convince herself that it wasn’t true. Phingphing asks them if P’Off still wants payback against P’Kim (oh honey.. that’s just low).

P’Way and Khett are in P’Kim’s hospital room. P’Way asks the doctor what’s wrong with P’Kim. The doctor isn’t sure because he’s examined P’Kim carefully and can’t find anything wrong. The doctor says that as far as he can tell, P’Kim is just sleeping. Khett asks if it’s normal to just collapse and go to sleep. The doctor admits that he can’t really tell what’s going on, so they will just have to monitor P’Kim for now. The doctor says that if P’Kim wakes up with no strange symptoms then he can go home.

P’Way is annoyed at being unable to help P’Kim. Khett thanks the doctor before the doctor leaves. P’Way then gets mad at Khett for not questioning the doctor more, doesn’t he find this situation to be weird? Khett tells P’Way to calm down (a lot of that going around these parts) then asks P’Way to take care for his brother for him as he’ll be right back. P’Way demands to know where he’s going. Khett tells him that he’s going to go talk with Pan. P’Way still thinks she’s unconscious, so Khett has to tell him that Pan woke up.

Pan is in her own room with her father. Her dad tells her that the doctor said her condition was incredible and that she’s allowed to go home. Her father wants to her to stay in the doctor’s care for a few days to make sure everything’s okay. Pan’s happy to go home as she doesn’t want to stay in the hospital anymore (or have him stay there, since her soul was elsewhere anyway). Her dad says he has no idea how or why she came perfectly fine the way she did, but when someone is gone then comes back to talk to them, that’s priceless.

Her dad says that it’s something he’s always wanted to see but never got to before. Pan says that her Mom didn’t want to leave him. He says that he’s not so sure of that, but he knows that Pan’s mom would never want to leave her behind. Her dad says that he would never break his promise to Pan’s mom which was always to take care of Pan (her Dad is very sweet). He says that every night, Pan’s mom came into his dreams and pulled his ear, he says it was never that long before.

Her dad asks her to promise that she will never leave him like that again. Pan says that she’s sorry that she can’t call him Dad. She tells him that she knows how much he loves her mom and her. Her dad said that it’s okay and not a big deal. He says that her wellbeing is the most important thing, she can call him anything she wants to. He again asks her to promise that she won’t leave him again. Pan promises and even pinky swears it. Her dad gets a phone call and has to leave.

Pan eavesdrops on the conversation from the other side of her patient room door. It has something to do with money, and the nurse hands her dad a hospital bill. The dad asks if he can pay in instalments, and the nurse says that he can then leads him over to the administration section. Soda comes back into the room to tell Pan that the doctor thinks that P’Kim is just sleeping. Soda thinks that he will wake up soon (if he hadn’t woken up in Pan’s body why would he wake up in his own?)

Soda thinks that P’Kim might just be in shock since he’s finally in his own body. Pan hopes that Soda is right. Soda wants to know what they should do now, does life just go back to normal? Soda wonders if everything that Pan did as Kim was for nothing. Pan says maybe it was about finding out more information on P’Kim and to stop shipping him. So then Soda asks about all things Pan did as Kim with P’Way then. Pan finally admits that she has no idea what the universe wants.

Pan says it’s probably all the Angel of Death’s fault and doesn’t actually mean anything at all. Soda admits that it’s probably the case. Khett walks into the room to ask Pan how she’s doing. Pan says she fine which is when Khett says that his brother is still unconscious. Soda says that they already know about that as they found out from the nurses. Khett asks Pan about what’s going on between her and his brother.

That’s the end of The Shipper: Episode 8 Part 1!