The Lovely Writer: Episode 7 Part 4

Nubsib wakes up in bed, he looks at the other side of the bed to find out that he’s alone. He goes downstairs which is where Gene is lying down asleep on the couch, still holding his laptop.

Nubsib sits on the couch then gently tries to take the MacBook away from Gene. Gene’s hands tighten on it for a minute before Nubsib is able to ease them away.

Nubsib then leans down to call Gene’s name to try and wake him up. Gene moves his head which gives Nubsib an unconscious accidental kiss. This makes Nubsib smile, Nubsib then plays with Gene’s nose, and grabs him by the cheeks.. Gene sleeps through it all. Nubsib picks Gene up and carries him just like a sleepy child to bed.

Once Nubsib tucks Gene into bed, he slides into bed next to Gene. Gene sleepily rolls over so that he’s facing Nubsib. Nubsib looks lovingly at Gene then begins to gently stroke his cheek and hair. Nubsib asks the sleepy Gene if he knows that since he left, Nubsib has been very lonely. Nubsib says now that they are back together, Gene shouldn’t disappear on him again. Nubsib then brings Gene’s hand over so that he can kiss it.

Sometime later, Gene is typing up a version of his memory of being in the car looking back without seeing the person he loves there and how empty it made him feel into the novel. He then types about how being together again has made those old hurtful feelings fade away. He types that even though the way that they were brought together again wasn’t right, it reminded him of what he had lost so long ago and now it was back in his arms.

Roll those end credits! That’s the end of The Lovely Writer: Episode 7!