The Lovely Writer: Episode 7 Part 3

Gene is staring at his laptop remembering back when Nubsib gave him a bottled drink when they were sorting out the groceries at the condo. The dog continues to bark so Gene goes to check it out. He pets the pup for a few moments before Nubsib walks up (he’s the reason the dog was barking).

Nubsib comes up to Gene and gives him a big hug, telling Gene how much he missed him. They stand there for quite some time with Nubsib just hugging Gene. A little while later Gene asks Nubsib how he knows about this place. Nubsib tells him that Auntie Run told him about it, then he asks if Gene is still mad at him.

Nubsib follows Gene back to the house but Gene doesn’t want to talk to him. Nubsib pleads for Gene to at least listen to him first. Gene says he doesn’t want to talk and just wants to be left alone. Nubsib confesses to Gene that he likes him. Gene does a very obvious fake laugh saying that it must be a joke, does it make Nubsib happy now? Nubsib repeats that he likes Gene. Nubsib says taht the day that Gene left was the day that Nubsib realized his feelings for Gene.

Gene asks if that was the day that Nubsib didn’t even bother to show up to see him off. When Nubsib confirms it, that’s when Gene tells him to shut up. Nubsib says that day he waited for Gene in the same spot where they had first met. Nubsib says that he had hoped that Gene would change his mind, and show up like he always did. Nubsib tells Gene that he waited until it was dark out, but Gene never came.

We get a brief flashback of little Nubsib waiting in the shrubs for Gene then finally going home. When Nubsib gets home his mom asks where he’s been and why he didn’t send off Gene. Nubsib doesn’t answer his mom though and just sadly walks to his room. He sits on the bed and starts to cry. Nubsib picks up the pink dragon (he finally got it from Gene), calls out Gene’s name then hugs the pink dragon while the tears flow down his cheeks. (I’m not crying.. You’re crying!)

Back in the present, Nubsib tells Gene that he missed him. Nubsib corrects himself saying that he didn’t just miss Gene, he wanted Gene to come back. Nubsib tells Gene that he wanted to be Gene’s only one, the only one to hug him and to have Gene love only him. Nubsib asks Gene if he believes him but all Gene can do is Nubsib likes him. Nubsib says yes and then Gene asks if Nubsib truly liked him since back then. Gene then accuses Nubsib of trying to trick him again since they were just kids back then, he asks Nubsib how anyone can like someone when they are that young.

Nubsib says that it’s true that he’s liked Gene since back then, he just didn’t understand it then, but he’s confident now. Nubsib reminds Gene that he had said before if Gene didn’t believe him about his feelings he could show it, in many different ways. Gene then points out the other lies Nubsib told, about not having a car or a place to stay. Nubsib says that he wanted to stay with Gene and if he hadn’t lied about his situation, then Gene wouldn’t have let him stay.

Gene points out that if Nubsib had told him that he was Auntie Orn’s son then he could have stayed at Gene’s place for years. Nubsib points out that if he had said that, then how would Gene have seen him then? Nubsib says that Gene should know very well that Nubsib doesn’t want him as an older brother. Nubsib tells Gene that he’s not going to force him to believe it, but when he does that’s when Gene can tell Nubsib that he likes him back.

Gene says that fine, he’ll let Nubsib prove it then. Gene says that if this were a novel then it would have been very romantic, but in real life what Nubsib did was wrong, he knows that right? Gene says that if Nubsib lies him to again then Gene will punch him. Gene also tells Nubsib not to act all perfect around him either, if he wants to say something, he should just say it. Nubsib smiles, then Gene tells him that he should just say what he’s thinking right now. Nubsib thinks it over but stays quiet.

Gene says that if Nubsib can’t even say what he’s thinking then how is he supposed to trust him? Nubsib finally admits that he wanted to kiss Gene. Nubsib leans in as if about to kiss Gene but Gene dodges. Then Nubsib admits that he wants to have sex with Gene which earns him a smack on the arm from Gene. Nubsib reminds Gene that he just told Nubsib to say what he’s thinking. That’s when Gene admits that maybe he doesn’t have to say everything. Nubsib tries to go for a kiss but Gene covers Nubsib’s mouth with his hand.

Gene says that he just petted a dog so in a way.. Nubsib just kissed a dog. Nubsib says that they should just kiss the dog together then..

it’s SMOOCHES!! Very long passionate kissing. Gene pushes Nubsib away eventually saying that Nubsib caught him off guard. Gene heads towards the house with Nubsib following along but Gene closes the door in his face. However, it’s not locked or anything so Nubsib just opens the door and follows.

That’s the end of Episode 7 Part 3 of the Lovely Writer!