The Lovely Writer: Episode 7 Part 2

Little Nubsib comes out form hiding calling out for the other kids only to find himself abandoned by them. Nubsib wanders around searching for them and finds the older kids playing on a PlayStation 1 *PS1* (ah that brings back memories…) Nubsib slowly opens the door to see them having fun, so he leaves. Gene however heard someone in the hallway and says so. His brother Jab doesn’t believe him though, thinking that Gene’s ears are playing tricks on him.

Gene is concerned that it might be Nubsib and that he has realized that they have ditched him. The other two don’t really care and consider it teasing Nubsib since he’s too young to play with them anyway. The other two say that they are all grown up so it’s not okay for them to still be playing hide and seek (Jerks). Gene however feels really guilty about ditching Nubsib so he goes to find him.

Gene finds Nubsib hiding in his favourite spot in the bushes. Gene taps Nubsib on the shoulder telling him that he’s now “it”. Nubsib doesn’t respond though so Gene offers him a chocolate Pocky stick. Nubsib is too mad at him to show much interest in it though. Gene asks if Nubsib wants to play in his room tonight since he has a lot of toys. Gene realizing that Nubsib is still mad at him so he says that he will count to 10 and then if Nubsib is still mad at him, Gene will stop trying to make him feel better. Gene counts to 10 and before he finishes.. Nubsib gives him an innocent kiss on the cheek.

That night the two of them are in Gene’s room but it’s Gene playing with some very familiar looking stuffed dragons. Nubsib tries to get his attention by calling his name, when that fails, Nubsib grabs the pink dragon from him. Nubsib tells Gene that he wants to play too. They end up fighting over the pink dragon until part of the toy breaks. Gene complains about Nubsib then says that if Nubsib is going to be like that, then he won’t play with him anymore. Nubsib insists that he just wanted to play with Gene.

Gene’s mom comes up to ask what’s going on since the two of them are so loud that she can’t get any work done. Gene tells her that Nubsib grabbed the toy, while Nubsib says that he just wanted to play with Gene. Gene says that he wasn’t against Nubsib playing with him, but Nubsib didn’t ask politely. Gene’s Mom leans over putting her hand up to block Gene from seeing and whispers to Nubsib to not worry, she’ll get the toy for him. She says that they just have to wait for Gene to lower his guard.

The mom eventually leaves after telling Gene to be nice and share. Later that night the two boys go to sleep and Nubsib apologizes to Gene. At first it doesn’t seem like Gene hears him as his back is still turned away from Nubsib. Nubsib starts to go to sleep, when Gene turns around and hugs him. Nubsib wasn’t asleep yet so he reaches out for in Gene and the two fall asleep together. Gene’s Dad opens the door a moment later, checking on the boys.

The Dad goes downstairs and seems a bit off so his wife asks if something is wrong. Gene’s dad says that it’s nothing. He asks her what the children were fighting about since they were quite loud. His Wife says that they were just being kids fighting over the toys. Gene’s Dad asks her if she thinks that Gene and Nubsib are perhaps a bit too close. She tells him that it’s normal, then tells him to stop overthinking it.

Two years later.. Gene is packing up his room when Nubsib asks him why. Gene hesitates until Nubsib tells him to just spit it out. Gene says that he has to move away and go to school somewhere else, he also has to stay in a dorm. Gene says that he’ll try to come home often, before telling Nubsib not to make such a sad face. Gene offers to let Nubsib stay in his room tonight but Nubsib is mad at him for leaving. Gene does the count to 10 thing but when he reaches 10.. Nubsib has left the room.

Gene says that he’s sorry to the now gone Nubsib. Nubsib has gone to hide in his favourite hiding spot, while his Mom looks for him. Gene stands in front of his own house waiting for Nubsib while his parents finish packing the car, they’re already late. Unfortunately Gene can’t wait any longer and he has to get in the car with the rest of the family. Jab puts his hand on his brother’s shoulder to offer a bit of comfort as it’s clear that Gene is depressed about Nubsib not showing up.

The flashback ends and adult Gene wakes up to the sound of a dog barking outside. Gene checks his phone and there are a number of missed calls from Nubsib. The dogs continue to bark, so Gene leaves his phone on the bed to go see why they are being so noisy.

That’s the end of Episode 7 Part 2 of the Lovely Writer!