Monthly Roundup! – January 2022

So yeah January was a big month as I was finally able to get my 3rd Covid vaccination. I also had to get a bit more active as there were a few months there were I just didn’t have energy.

Having my 3rd dose of the vaccine meant that I felt comfortable enough to head back to the swimming pool. It’s a been awhile since I went for a swim so I only did 52 laps today. The family however has decided to invest in an indoor recumbent stationary bike. This will be nice as it will help me prepare for the spring/summer/fall months when I can actually cycle outside. The other added benefit to having equipment at home is that I don’t have to go out in the cold to the gym.

The weight has been fluctuating a little especially after pizza night. Sometimes I forget to weigh myself until after I’ve filled my tummy so there’s a bit of a variance there as well. I have switched out 3% milk for Oat milk. I recently decided to try Oat milk out of curiosity and it actually tastes yummy. I can’t stand soy, almond, and cashew milk. I can tolerate coconut milk but Oat is by far the milk alternative I’ve had.

I found I prefer Vanilla Oat Milk by Earth’s Own the best. It has some protein and more importantly for me is that includes some extra iron. I’ve also found myself loving Vega Sport Vanilla protein powder so I’ve been drinking that when I work out.

The website also reached another milestone in January which was that people had viewed it over 10,000 times. It’s hard to stay healthy these days, not just physically but mentally as well since the pandemic continues to drag on. Remember to vaccinate (if able), wear a mask, wash your hands and social distance.

Just a reminder: while fitness and food tracking apps are useful tools.. they are just tools and are not meant to rule over your life like the One Ring.